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Cleansing With Sage

Most of us, even if we are filled with positivity, will have moments when we feel overwhelmed and consumed with negative energy. This is just the way the universe works. At times we are...


Saturn Planet of Fear On a Global Level & Personal

In astrology, Saturn is known as a heavy planet which is also associated with our fears and our insecurities. This is the ‘Taskmaster of the Planets’ and it is also known as ‘Old Father...


Uranus In Taurus – The Great Awakener

Uranus is a planet that is sometimes misunderstood in astrology but ignore it at your peril! Uranus is known as the Planet of Revolution and usually brings with it innovation and change. This means...


Chiron in Astrology~What’s That Mean!

In astrology, Chiron is a symbol of the things that we do for other people which perhaps we cannot do in our own lives. In mythology, Chiron was the Wounded Healer but he could...

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