Super Full Moon in the Sign of Scorpio Intensity April 26th/27th 2021

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Scorpio Super Full Moon is cold, wet, this full moon is useful when intensity is needed. Scorpio is a very psychic sign.  You may also be interested in. (June 10th, 2021 Solar Eclipse Aries through Pisces)  

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This Full Moon is known as the Full Pink Moon

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

The Pink Moon got it’s name from the herb moss pink, also known as the wild ground phiox. It’s one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.

There is a Super Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th/27th, 2021. Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac and quite an extreme one. One of the most used words to explain Scorpio is extreme. Just like a scorpion, Scorpios can show a hard outside, when they are far more delicate on the inside.
The ruler of Scorpio is Mars, Pluto is the co-ruler, the planet of intense and also fire, which is normally a lot more intense compared to various other qualities. Pluto, the planet of depth, & power is also a sub-ruler of Scorpio. In Astrology there are constantly opposing signs, so since the moon is in Scorpio, we have the sunlight in Taurus.

So, there is a pull in between the strength of the scorpion and also the press of the bull. Taurus is about the push, the movement and also moving life onward. It takes care of usefulness, strength, and also remaining true to yourself. Sometimes, it could seem aggressive, money-grubbing, and also insensitive. Those are both opposing each other.

Scorpio’s powers come with various methods, it is around our perception to regard them either favorable or negative. The upside of Scorpio is concerning interest, transformation, and also love. The downside reflects fascination, manipulation, control, and jealousy. (June 10th, 2021 Solar Eclipse Aries through Pisces)  

The sign of Scorpio is dark (all of us have dark somewhere in our horoscope) during this full moon it is a great time to release any grudges you may have against someone.

Know your rising sign you will discover it fits you better than your sun sign ~ 

Aries ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 8th house~

Aries, this full Moon will be a super-powerful magical time for you. You will have an opportunity to discover your psychic abilities. The 8th h relates to other people’s money ~ your business money, your significant others money, government money, bank loans, other people’s money. And it is one of the two houses (12th h being included) of a mystical bent.

Using your power of communication, as well as your intuition Aries you have decided where to put the money you have to best use. If you quarreled with another over how to use the money, it’s time to release the tension now Aries, there is power in forgiveness.

Taurus ~ The  Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 7th h,

The 7th h relates to your significant other, business partners.

The magic of letting go is given to you now Taurus, with this super full moon I see it opening your psychic intuition enabling you to communicate using a softer tone to someone who just has not lived up to your expectations. Rather that’s a significant other or someone you do business with, it’s time to move on & forgive. Life is waiting for you 🙂

Gemini ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 6th h,

Communication is at the forefront for you Gemini. The 6th h, is the house of health, & work service you provide to others, or they to you, as well as pets. This will be a magical time for you as you step up your work service to others. Letting go of any past disagreements, related to your work area, forgive & move on Gemini, get those creative juices flowing related to a healthier lifestyle.

Cancer ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 5th h.

The 5th house is the house of procreation, your children, especially your 1st born, hobbies begin here, & love affairs, risk-taking, speculations. I see children moving out Cancer, & the way you communicate with them will be on a spiritual level, encouraging them to be true to themselves. Saying goodbyes is never really easy, but with this magical full moon it will ease your pain so that you can turn it into something positive, one door shuts, opening another door perhaps to a hobby you’ve always wanted to begin will start soon.

Leo ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 4th h

The 4th house is associated with endings. It is the house you came from as well as the home you make for yourself. Leo, I see your magical, psychic being coming out! The 4th h is also much related to spiritual, psychic matters. It is also related to a parent. You’ve made a decision to move a parent in with you or perhaps somewhere where they will have help with their daily living. Ending the turmoil, you felt before the full moon. Your intuition, as well as your communication, is well on cue, continue seeking out magical ways to bring more of your intuition into the open.

Virgo ~ The Scorpio Full Moon is in your 3rd h

The 3rd h, is the house of communication Virgo.  This full moon will serve you well as it’s a magical full moon. Look for your communication to be in sync with your psychic powers. A misunderstanding will come to light & be put to bed once & for all. This will have to do with 3rd h matters, siblings, neighbors, relatives, short-distance travel.

Libra ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 2nd h

The 2nd h is related to how you make your money, your possessions, assets, & how you value YOU! You received money & now you have ended the issues with how best to use it. What a magical time for you Libra, balancing out the scales & ensuring all had a part in the decision making of how this money is best spent. If there were any left-over anger issues it’s a great time to release & let go, what was done has past & will do you no good to let it remain a part of you.

Scorpio ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 1st h & in your sign 😊

This Full Moon is a magical moon for you Scorpio! You have had hidden forces that now have come up for review & its time to put them to bed for the better of all.

The 1st house is all about you! And with the added magical forces you have at your disposal it’s time to end what you do not like about yourself. I see you stepping up your communication with an added twist of magic releasing forces within you that you have kept hidden away until now.

Be kind Scorpio to those who have angered you, forgive & forget. One tool I have found to be quite useful is the power of the pen! Writing down what issues angered you & you will notice once you start that magical process all the anger seems to dissipate, as if it never happened. When you are finished take a match & burn the paper releasing it back to the earth.

Sagittarius ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 12th h

The 12th house is one of the most magical houses as is the 8th. It rules the subconscious mind, that which is hidden, confinement, secret enemies.

With this full moon, something that was hidden from you comes to the forefront to be dealt with! I see someone hidden which was causing you turmoil coming out into the open to be release once & for all! Use your higher thoughts Sag, to release forgiveness & let it flow out of you, you will find the world to be a better place now that you have decided to take the higher realm, releasing & letting go!

Capricorn ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 11th h

The 11th h, is the house of our hopes & dreams, the people we hang with, the social groups, & it is also the house of business.

I see you loosening up Capi, embracing a more magical intuitive side of yourself. Letting go of groups, or people who no longer serve you in a world that was stood still for you as if you were crystallized in place, unable to embrace a more spiritual side of life, opening up to the life of magical happenings. Now its time to put to bed your notion of the more ridged side of life, & open up to the possibilities of meeting different groups of people than that which you once knew, magic wants to come in & show you a lighter side, magical side of life does truly exist, let it Capi.

Aquarius ~ Your Scorpio Full Moon is in your 10th h

The 10th h is your career house, how the world sees you, your social standing in the world

The 10th h is an angular house & its effects will be felt more public. A full moon is a time of endings, a time to let go. But with this full moon making an aspect to your transiting Neptune & Mercury, Aquarius, I see this as a time you decide to open up your own business, putting to bed your relationship with a place of business (Career) that has kept you, hostage, long enough. You have decided to take the plunge & work for yourself!

There is nothing to fear & a whole lot to gain! You have the magic of your own psychic ability to know this is the right move for you! Some of you I do see staying put & will be promoted thus letting go of what once was to embrace new possibilities!

Pisces ~ The Scorpio Full Moon will be in your 9th h

The 9th h, is the house of higher education, long-distance travel, relatives, higher courts, book publishing.  Pisces, your imagination will be heightened to a level of creative magical forces with this full moon! I see you have that book ready to publish leaving behind a long process of creating it! Some of you will be redoing your trips, perhaps scheduling them out into the future, releasing anger of the current circumstances that once held you hostage. You will find the travels much more magical Pisces once you truly release any anger that has derailed your trip.

So you see this Full Moon is a magical full moon~ it is a time of releasing emotions that no longer serve your growth! Writing down what needs to be released & burning it letting it go back into the earth is a powerful way to get rid of all the negative energies that have kept you, hostage!  Always give gratitude for what you have, it lets the universes/God, know you are happy & in turn will give you more of what makes you happy! 

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