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Please Note:  Check your spam/junk/social/promotional folders-so my emails back to you are not missed! Scroll down lots of options to choose from! All readings are sent to you on an MP3 ( very detailed readings), to the email you have on file with Pay-Pal unless you instruct me to deliver them to another email address.  For each reading, I will need your birthday month/day/year. Also, time of birth including, AM or PM. City & State & Country of birth. And I will need your questions! This will be on the form I send to you! After you pay for my services, I will be notified & send you a form to fill out! Please send the form back via my email! Please read my testimonials! There are NO refunds on readings! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me before you purchase, I will be more than happy to answer!  Email me:! I look forward to working with you 🙂 Blessings, Bree ~ ( $75 ~ Scroll down & see my 2 questions offer $75!) 

Your BluePrint You Wrote for this Lifetime Waits for You~Disscover it Now! This includes Your Natal Promise 🙂

The secret to your success in life! Your destiny! Discover why you are here! No more guessing & wandering around in a fog! What is it I’m to be doing? It has been hidden from us all to discover on our own! It’s real & it’s powerful hiding in your “Blue Print” discover it & honestly you will thrive!  this will be delivered to you on an mp3 by  Bree Very Detailed! Very Powerful!  

$125-Pay-Pal! Once Payment is made please email me @ :

$125! Pay-Pal

In-Depth Three Question Reading Astrology~Will Cover the Next 3 Months of your Life! (Note: this can also be a Tarot Reading, you choose). $150.00 Paypal~Very Detailed Reading!

Here, I will go in-Depth answering your 3 questions using Astrology, or Tarot, (choose one) Very Powerful! Many of my clients find this reading extremely beneficial due to its precise timing of events, 45 mins (sometimes longer) on MP4! Please read my testimonials! This will be sent to your email on an MP4, save to your computer so you may access it at any time! This Reading will cover the next 3 months of your life! Can combine both Tarot & Astrology Chart reading also if you wish.


COMBO NATAL+ 6 month transits Also, I use your Progressed Astrology Chart for this Reading, Know what is coming in & when it’s coming! All my Readings are very Detailed!

In this reading we also check on your personal developments over the next 6 months & what to expect, where you are heading, what is coming in for you & the timing of all! You may ask 4\5, questions with this Reading! Very Accurate, Powerful!

MP4 with me Bree delivered to the email you have on file with Pay-Pal! Will need your birth-X/am/pm/ City/State/Country of birth. $250-Pay-Pal!  Use the drop-down menu & order as many as you like $250 for each individual! 

Combo 6 Months Drop Down Menu

Comparison Chart (Synastry Interpretation) Is She/He the Right One for Me? How will this Story End? Happy? Divorced? Will He/She Cheat?


Detailed! How will you & your partner affect each other down the road after the Honeymoon period ends? Is your relationship harmonious & workable, or Challenging & Karmic? An audio reading (MP3) delivered via your email on file with Pay-Pal. Will need your birth-X/am/pm/ City/State/Country of birth of both individuals to complete!  



Two question Reading!  Astrology Chart with transits or Tarot Reading $75! You choose! I’m very accurate in all my readings!! Please read my testimonials! 

With this, you will be able to ask two questions that you need answers to now! I will send to you in an email.  $75 Paypal. Once you pay I will be notified & will request your birth info! I will send to you in an email. All my readings are done with love, care & great accuracy! Please read my testimonials!! 

 PayPal $75 Paypal the safest way to pay! 




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