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Please Note: I have opened up my schedule to begin taking consultations once again, if you are interested please make your selection below! All readings are sent to you on an MP4 Visual (UNLESS STATED BELOW) with Bree using your horoscope chart live on video showing you what she sees. ( very detailed readings), to the email, you have on file with Pay-Pal unless you instruct me to deliver them to another email address. Scroll down for options to choose from! Questions? Email me:! Please scroll down if wanting to hire Bree for speaking engagements. I do NOT entertain in-home parties. 

Two question Reading!  Astrology (Horoscope chart) with transits or Tarot Reading $100! You choose! Predictive! Please read my testimonials!

Ask two questions that you need answers to! I will send what I see for you to your email address. This will be written up by Bree & send to your email. (THIS WILL NOT BE ON AN MP4)  $100 Paypal. Once you pay I will be notified & will request your birth info! Please read my testimonials!! 

$100 Paypal 

COMBO NATAL+ 1 Year transits Also, I use your Progressed Astrology Chart for this Reading, Know what is coming in & when it’s coming! All my Readings are very Detailed!

In this reading, we also check on your personal developments for 1 year & what to expect, where you are heading, what is coming in for you & the timing of all! You may ask 3, questions with this Reading that you are needing answers to! Very Accurate, Powerful! Predictive! 

An MP4 with me Bree delivered to the email you have on file with Pay-Pal! Will need your birth-X/am/pm/ City/State/Country of birth. $250-Pay-Pal! If you are wanting this in an email instead of an MP4 please be sure to let me know! 

Combo 1 year by Bree

Solar Return Chart 1 year $100

Solar Return Chart is one day for one year. Here I look into your solar return chart which shows the theme for you for one year. Very predictive of what is coming in for you for the year! This is NOT your computer printout far from it! I will use your SR chart as a visual on an MP4 explaining the theme of important happenings for you! This is an extremely predictive tool! No questions with this consultation.

$100 Paypal



Speaker at Events ~ Please contact me directly to discuss!

Email ~





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