Something is Pressing on my Bed BEFORE I Fall Asleep & My Bed is Shaking!

 I wanted to share this with everyone out there as it is happening to thousands of people as well as to me & yet no answers until now 🙂 

I’ve been seeking answers to this issue! I’ve googled & found forums & nothing explained what’s been happening to me, not even the very people who seek answers got the answers nor relief they need. Oh, they did get answers like sleep paralyzes, to mental illnesses. Sleep paralyzes I can see if one was asleep or half asleep or coming out of a sleep. But that is not my case nor many other peoples cases at all! So that’s out!

So is drinking, mental illnesses, & drugs of any kind for me, along with practicing black magic as I am not into that! I’m as sane and competent as can be & use my mind for bringing forth light & love! So with that said here is my story.  

This has never happened to me before except for one year ago & even then it stopped as I was not giving it any attention, & it only happened a couple of times, & so I thought when it began this time, I’d do the same, ignore it! Not working this time though!

When I go to bed I enjoy reading to wind down (& I take no sleeping pills, I’m all about natural remedies going into & onto my body period) then after about 45 mins to an hour I’ll turn out the light to settle in & while my hopes are, to begin with a peaceful journey to sleep that has not been the case lately!

This is starting as soon as I turn the light out & lay my head down, I’m going thru pre-menopause so getting to sleep has been a battle for the last couple years! So I’m fully awake!

What’s happening? Well…..I am feeling pressing on my bed at first, like something/one, is pressing down on my mattress coming toward me, now it has moved to pressing on my person, & even pressing on my pillow as if giving me a head massage & (this next part is way out there but it is happening) while camping in our RV, I sleep on the pull out couch (husband who I adore snores too loud) the bed very violently started shaking one night with me in it!! Listen, I know how this sounds, & I was not even going to write this but I feel I can help others going thru this so I might as well tell it & by that meaning tell it all! Hide nothing!

Now as this was happening that night in our RV, I was so terrified I could not move! I believe (as I will explain later) my spirit guide was intervening, my youngest grandson came out of the bunkhouse to go to the potty, & as he was closing the bathroom door, (I know this is in the movies, but this is how it happened, I’m not making this up!) I tried with all my might to say “No” please do not shut the door! As I needed that bathroom light to give me the courage to sit up & get the heck out of that bed!

All the while as he was going potty the bed kept shaking. Finally, he came out with door wide open & light on staring at me & noticed my eyes are wide awake! He said Nana I can’t sleep, can I sleep with you? (Spirit guide intervening) I set up at that point grateful that I had a light! I stopped to think a moment about what just happened to me, & then thought “Maybe, just maybe that was not real & I’m going insane”  or, possibly a train just went by or it was the wind. I told my grandson yes you can come sleep with Nana. I turned on the light next to me he shut off the bathroom light.

He settled into bed in his sleeping bag & I in mine, I then turned the light off. It was no more than half a second that the bed started shaking as violently as it did with only myself in it! I’m lying there getting ready to ask my grandson if he’s feeling this but before I could get my words out he said: “Nana what is that”?

I said (wanting him to explain in full detail what he was referring to) what is what?

He said (& I could tell from his voice he was scared) the bed it’s shaking what is that? I was relieved that I was not going insane let me tell you! I quickly told him it was raccoons trying to get in & that we were safe not to worry our RV could keep all animals out! After I got that out of my mouth it stopped shaking, but the pressing on my side was going on as well as pressing on my person & during that shaking, we blew a fuse as the air quit working. As soon as I noticed it getting hot the air came back on it was weird.

The next morning, we told Papa what had happened. He was aware of what was happening to me at home, & that night he & I both slept on the pull-out couch.

As soon as the lights went out it began shaking but not as it did with me & my grandson. My husband explained it as a pounding & some shaking on the bed enough to make him a true believer that we (grandson & I) was not making it up! This bed had a mind of its own!

Now the next morning we searched the area for trains, winds, ect, nothing noted in that area, talking with other campers nothing noted.

I do feel this has not happened in my own bed at home because it is too heavy of a bed to shake, but the pressing down on my mattress & my person is happening.

My cats (I have two) are nowhere in the area when this is happening, so no it’s not them. Nor my 100-pound dog which is not allowed on my bed. He’s too big & is a Cane Corso he’s huge!

So I did some more digging & I came across Lynn Koiner’s who explains it quite well & it is happening in my chart now!

Here is some of what she states:

especially if you are having Uranus or Pluto transits at the same time.

(I am)

And she says

I have personally observed that, during a Neptune transit, the etheric web thins so there is a very tenuous veil between the physical world and the astral world. Disconnectedness can be frightening, even when you understand what is going on. Clematis gently pulls one back into the physical and simply feel normal again. There is always a specific Spirit Guide in our lives at the time of a major Neptune transit. We are not alone!

Read it all Here:

She is correct even though I know now that it is my etheric web thinning it does not make this any easier! Also, I am attaching a PDF file that I found most helpful explaining the etheric web please see here: “Etheric Web”

I have to say I am so happy that I stumbled onto her website! Lynn K. is a lifesaver to me, I’ve been practicing Astrology since a young age but never have I put those transits together as having the meaning of thinning my etheric web! I am now in the process of strengthing it and it is working 🙂 I also have smudge my home (& my bed very well 🙂 I’ve cleared my crystals as well & I use the Owl to watch over me at night, I pray as I always have to Father & Mother God, as well as Archangel Michael, which I want to include here, I have done many things trying to make whatever was pressing on bed/ me, to stop, by saying “In Jesus Name” get the hell away from me, to asking Archangel Michael for protection, to praying hard!  And getting quite mean with it to calming down & asking what it wanted to no avail,  to encasing myself with a white light, none of it worked! Now by doing all of it ie…strengthening my aura & using the above, I’m on my way to a peaceful slumber. 

My hope is to help others going thru this! You are not crazy, nor insane, nor is your imagination working overtime,  (always go to your doctor to ensure you are healthy though if anything like this is happening to you first & foremost) it very well may be your etheric web is thinning! Also, please see “Cleansing with Sage”

I also want to include I can not come up with any reasons as to why my husband & grandson would feel the bed shaking as I did, but I can say it is simmering down now that I know what I know 🙂 

Please do leave all of us a comment if this is happening to you & what your thoughts are! & share with others this just may help them!

Many blessings, Bree

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