Solar Eclipse October 25th, 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions ~ Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon November 7th/8th~ Midterm Elections Chaos Incoming

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Our world is changing & what was can no longer be…..EVER….it’s not coming back! What we once knew as our world our reality has slowly but most defiantly are being rewritten & the final finale has yet to come! Buckle up!

The new & full moons (Solar & Lunar as well) give us a peek into what will transpire in our lives and our world. I mainly focus on the luminaries only while writing my blog. 

New Moon September 25th 

New Moon in the USA 10th h. Opposite Jupiter (retrograde) in the USA 4th h ~ Uranus (5th h.) square Saturn (2nd h) September 30th. 

 The 10th house in Mundane Astrology is the house belonging to Government, President, Kings, Royalty, ruling powers, aristocracy, nobility & society.

When there is a Lunar or Solar Eclipse in the 10th h. It is known to bring defeat to the government/president. (Do note on October 2nd, 2024 there will be a Solar Eclipse in the 10th h. Conjunct the South Node in Libra, opposite the North Node (4th h.) In Aries. I will tell more as that time comes near.) 

Of course, this new moon will not be as potent as a Solar E. so the effects will not be as powerful. But nonetheless, housing will suffer prices decline even further. Much trouble for the government/president, as well as disasters. Women & children suffer. Stock market decline. I also see disasters- either related to China, Japan, Syria, Argentina, possibly earthquakes…some kind of disaster.

Full Moon 16° Aries  October 9th, 2022

Full Moon USA 4th h. 16° Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries, opposite Venus USA 10th h. Saturn & Uranus square ~ Pluto Direct October 8th 

4th house in Mundane represents:

 Agriculture, crops, weather, land interest, mines, public buildings, & the opposition party to the government, the common people is also stated to be in this house as well as the 1st h.

I’m seeing major trouble for crops/agriculture, extreme shortages & not just food. (I believe the shortages are purposely done by design, planned…what better way to keep the bankers afloat…..rising prices…inflation…shortages all designed to save banks.)  Housing declines crumbles, even though Jupiter is in the 4th house, Jupiter is retrograde all that the 4th house stands for Jupiter retro will hold back some of his promises. Mining will suffer. The 4th house is opposite the midheaven, and the biden/government administration will suffer more than what has been. Stock market declining. Anything speculation/risk-taking will suffer. (Jupiter enters the 3rd house of anything communications, and transportation, I’m including the USA’s neighboring nations & the relationship the USA has with them) Venus involved brings financial fluctuations related to stocks, and shares. Look for (well we’ve been witnessing it already but nonetheless) high national spending; I sense something surrounding a large failure that may happen, possible run on a bank, relations with foreign countries will suffer. 

Saturn (USA 2nd h.) Uranus (USA 5th h.) 

Stock market decline, anything speculation/risk-taking will suffer. Housing declining. When Saturn & Uranus are square in Mundane astrology, it also brings major trouble to the biden administration/government. National politics are under fire. Government could lose ground. (It’s coming in closer than we are aware of!)  Changes in the cabinet taking place. Important reforms, great changes are advocated, which can be successfully resisted by the people or can be achieved with difficulty & after a very long resistance by the people. I’m thinking the Covid fraud (shot mandate) has been successfully resisted by the people!! My body my choice!! 

When Saturn & Uranus are square you see as we have seen, a whole lot of delays, opposition, & difficulty, as well as stock market declining.  

Solar Eclipse October 25th, 2022, 2° Scorpio Conjunct Venus ~ USA 11th h.

Mars will go retrograde on October 30th, 2022 ~ January 12th, 2023 ~ 

Let’s talk Mars retro 1st! 

When Mars goes retro what ever country starts war, initiates, will lose!

The same effect happens with lawsuits, whoever initiates a lawsuit is guaranteed to lose,  so you may want to instigate your opponent to file first in court!

Mars retro makes people feel like they have low energy,  also Mars retro at times issues will go under the radar instead of open conflicts, it’ll be like a subtle kind of manipulation. YIKES!! Be careful out there! Also, depending on what Mars aspects when it stations, one can be combative, hot-headed, become impulsive, and rashness…. It depends on how your natal planets/progressions are being aspected when Mars is station to go retro! My hope for myself is that I do not get a sinus infection, nor headaches/migraines (which I get quite a bit anyway) Mars will station 1° past my natal Mars in my 1st house, I am not looking forward to this at all! With that said, I know it’s coming so I am taking all the precautions available to me to ensure a painless Mars retro for myself! 

Solar Eclipses in the 11th h. Brings trouble to passing legislation. Losses related to bye-elections for the party in power. Death of members. Strong obstructions & hindrances. USA will suffer from unpopularity abroad. The USA may also lose an ally, 

When there is a Solar Eclipse in a fixed sign as in Scorpio, it tends to be longer lasting in its effects as well as it is known to act suddenly & without warning & destructively bringing great disasters. 

There will be trouble with finance, something surrounding money I’m seeing huge issues with this, demanding it to be solved, revamped.

This Solar Eclipse in Scorpio could also bring in sickness, possibly an epidemic, deaths, and possibly the death of someone who is famous.

Scorpio Solar Eclipse is a watery sign, look for major flooding, damage lots of water, as well deaths from drowning, many accidents we will hear related to sea, and/or rivers, also any occupations that are connected to liquids, or water will be an issue. Again, there very well may be some kind of epidemic, and extremely high death rates will be reported. Since this is a Solar Eclipse the deaths will be surrounded the elite people, eminent person. If it was a Lunar Eclipse it would surround the common people. 

The October 25th, 2022 Solar Eclipse copied & paste from Wikipedia: 

The solar eclipse of October 25, 2022, is a partial Solar Eclipse that will be visible from Europe, the Urals and Western Siberia, Central Asia and Western Asia, and from the northeast of Africa. The maximal phase of the partial eclipse will be recorded on West Siberian Plain in Russia near Nizhnevartovsk.

Also note, with the Solar Eclipse in the 2nd decanate of Scorpio it signifies “Mischief to some Peace Loving King” 

On the heels of the Solar Eclipse on October 25th, we have on October 23rd, Saturn is station to go direct & Jupiter will slip back into the sign of Pisces on October 28th, 2022, and Mars turning retro, look for a turbulent time regarding the stock market! Investors beware! On a good note, it could indicate some good buying opportunities too! 

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Midterm Elections Chaos November 7/8th, 2022

Look for confusion, scheming, plotting, some delays, hindrances & a whole lot of unexpected complicated situations. The biden administration/government is NOT Fortunate whatsoever! Be extremely careful during this time!! Loss of mid-term elections!! 

 Lunar Eclipses will affect the Common People!

visible from Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America. Copy & paste via Wikipedia

 ~ USA 5th h. Conjunct Uranus & North Node, square Saturn in USA 2nd h. opposite Mercury. Venus, South Node, 11th h.  Mars retrograde let’s not forget!

The 5th house in Mundane astrology relates to places of fun, theaters, women & children, speculation/risk-taking, education, schools, and birth rates. Places of entertainment. I’m seeing deaths from Heart Disease 🙁 

Be extremely mindful of schools & children. Uranus is involved, and this has a high potential to cause explosions of some sort, in theaters, places of fun, schools. 

Eclipses in earth sign such as Taurus brings with it harm to crops, as well as products, fruits of the earth. Droughts in some places as well.  We will also witness the business world depressed, some kind of disturbance. Anything agriculture will suffer as well as trade. Major problems with anything money…financial problems, this will, in turn, cause great animosity for the biden administration/government. There will be accidents that are related to railroad, aviation, trucks. Strikes taking place OR could possibly be threatened. 

Stock market taking a huge dive! Look for issues surrounding women & children that cause suffering. Be VERY CAREFUL during this time, be vigilant know your surroundings! 

Jupiter will go into the sign of Taurus (May 16th, 2023), Gold is related to Taurus! At the end of 2022, you may want to consider buying Gold, also banking stocks, confectionary…whatever sign Jupiter is in it does seem to prosper!! I am not a financial kind of gal…so do your own homework!

Looking ahead to 2023 ~  I see the biggest housing collapse incoming…we’ve seen nothing yet related to the housing market & in 2023 there will be a significant downturn in the stock market.  Property, Gold, Silver, maybe the safe havens?!!  The dollar will devalue in 2023. Look for blockchain technology to become prominent in 2023, affecting us all……..  something we may want to gain more knowledge in now rather than later! Possibly investing in?!! 

Heads Ups!! July/August 2023 ~ this is when I’m seeing a significant economic crisis!! 

Warm wishes, Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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