Solar Eclipse in Virgo September 1st 2016! Fear? Back to the Basics!

Fear maybe in the air now with Saturn & Neptune square which is an undeniable influence on our solar eclipse September 1st, 2016! Saturn & Neptune square has caused a major & paranoia upset in our world for the past year.  The Solar Eclipse on September 1st only intensifies this aspect! With the new moon comes new beginnings…how-ever, we have Mercury going retrograde from August 30th-September 22nd! It’s better to hold off on those new beginnings if you can until after September 22nd when Mercury goes direct! And with the Neptune/Saturn square that has been with us for a year now causing insecurities & anxiety issues for no apparent reason! It’s like our grasp of reality seems to be slipping away, making us feel disoriented & confused!  This Saturn/Neptune square will definitely cause your mood & views of the world to change…regardless of your material circumstances! With this apparent fear that will be freezing us in place & making us not want to get out & get busy with life as it has been the past year,  will make you again, have insecurity issues, not to mention a lack of belied in oneself that causes a mayor effect on your job & one’s domestic life coming in stronger now as our Solar Eclipse gets closer, On a global effect… there  maybe more terrorism, & fear based on propaganda, this will affect you now more than before, it may interfere with you regarding relationships & any plans you may have for your future! Get ready as you are starting to feel it now… here comes our Solar Eclipse majorly intensifying all of this! All the above will be felt pretty heavily! I know I’m feeling it with-out any cause or apparent reason! It makes you lose credibility in yourself, which is no way to start off the Solar Eclipse, New Beginnings! Much less Mercury going retrograde on us 🙁

So, in essence of this it would be a most excellent idea to start our new beginnings by going back to simple…the basics! Be practical, but remain defensive! Intense period for all!! Any  positive influence of the September 2016, Solar Eclipse will not go into its full effect until this bleak solar eclipse is totally wiped-out in the early part of next year! Meaning, we should start to feel the effects of what we were to feel with the New Beginnings close to the beginning of next year when all the planets that are making not so desirable aspects are at peace. Saturn trine Uranus on Dec, 24th, 2016 will be a sweet spot for this!

I do have some upbeat stuff here in the September 2016 Solar Eclipse…but it’s really null compared to the doomy we’ve got going on! Again, it’s back to the basics, stay simple, do live… but with knowing this is an intense period! It’ll get sweeter around December 24th, 2016 when Saturn will trine Uranus! The last one was in 2003!

On September 2nd, 2016, I did want to mention we will have a stressful alignment that involves the Sun, Neptune, & Saturn! This lovely aspect will be the one that causes delays, (as if Mercury Retro is not enough)! confusion, & some intriguing scandals! What will be the driver of this force? Neptune of course! Neptune will be at home in his sign of Pisces! This is a 3-way alignment will have 3 parts! And all 3 just as crazy as the first! Lets start with Saturn’s square to the Sun…be prepared for slow downs & obstacles even more so due to Mercury retro! Neptune which is opposition to the Sun, brain fog anyone…very difficult to see the correct path one is to take at this time! And as I’ve stated above Saturn squaring Neptune! Yet another sign that indicates a conflict between what is real & whats not! Beware! There is hidden danger in the air! As I’ve stated in many of my you-tube videos…try to stay calm & most certainly under the radar! I do want to remind you of one absolutely awesome change that will happen on September 9th, 2016….Jupiter changes signs from Virgo into Libra! For a whole year! While it’s still square to Saturn, just by Jupiter in the sign of Libra makes those two play in the sand-box so much nicer! Bring it on 🙂

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