Seven Weeping Sisters & Their Relationship in Astrology


Alcyone In the Pleiades

When it comes to astrology, we are often so focused on planets and their positions that we forget to look at the stars.

This is a mistake, however, as the stars, especially fixed stars are very important when it comes to looking at astrology charts, and if we don’t include them then we are often discounting a lot of extra information that can help us.

Fixed stars are stars that are considered not to move, so to the naked eye, they stay in the same spot in the sky. In reality, all stars are moving, but so slowly that we can’t really detect it, which is why the night sky looks similar year after year. The positions of fixed stars are very important, however, and where they are in your natal chart can have a big impact on your life.

The positions of the stars in relation to planets like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all have an impact on many aspects of your personality as well as major events that you are likely to see manifest.

Of all the fixed stars in the night sky, the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Weeping Sisters, are perhaps some of the most famous and influential. In Greek mythology, the Seven Sisters are the daughters of Atlas and were chased by Orion who fell in love with them. To save them from Orion the Hunter, Jupiter put them in the sky which is where they stayed. We can see the Pleiades in the Taurus constellation as they make up part of the shoulder section of the bull.

Of the seven stars that make up the Pleiades, the most significant is Alcyone, who was pursued by Poseidon, and who is usually represented by the sign of the lamp or the virgin. The Seven Sisters are known to be associated with jealousy and envy, and Alcyone, in particular, is associated with loss, competition, sadness, and completion.

Alcyone is also associated strongly with factors like love and reputation and she is also strongly linked to the eyes and to blindness or any kind of accident affecting the face or eyes. As a whole star cluster, the Pleiades are known to take on aspects of the Moon and Mars and the energy associated with these, so restlessness, turbulence, wanton ambitions, optimism, and success. When it comes to Alcyone alone, however, she has the nature of Jupiter and is also known to influence revelations of secrets and the unveiling of things that were hidden.

The Pleiades can often be seen as a negative aspect and their influence can herald blindness or accidents to the face, especially at a time like an eclipse or when the Sun and Moon are strongly influenced.

The way that Alcyone conjuncts with other aspects also needs to be looked at when we look at the Seven Sisters as a whole, as Alcyone is the Hen of the group and thus her influence is highly important. The position of Alcyone in a natal chart, therefore, is extremely significant in terms of how it can influence an individual’s character and life events. 

Ascendant conjuncts Alcyone: This is associated with blindness, injuries to the face and in particular the eye area, wounds and stab marks, fevers, acts of violence, the military, and violent death.

Midheaven conjuncts Alcyone: There is a strong link here to military leaders, even throughout history, such as past emperors. This is also associated with the downfall of a leader, often ending in a violent death or fall from power.

Descendent conjuncts Alcyone: This is a positive aspect and rules creativity in the arts as well as achievement.

Sun conjunct Alcyone: This is linked to throat and eye problems, falls from grace, murder, stabbing, violent acts like blows, punches, shootings, and beheadings.

Moon conjuncts Alcyone: This aspect is associated with problems with the eyes which may be issues with sight or blindness or other problems like being color-blind. Other issues include wounds like stab wounds or violent acts.

Mercury conjuncts Alcyone: Linked to disappointment and loss, particularly of close relationships or money and possessions.

Venus conjuncts Alcyone: Another aspect linked to a fall from grace or being disgraced, usually as a result of a female relationship. Passion and immoral actions are also associated with a Venus-Alcyone conjunct.

Mars conjuncts Alcyone: This conjunct rules injuries to the face, eyes, and head as well as a violent death. There is also a link to fires and loss of possessions or people as the result of a fire.

Jupiter conjuncts Alcyone: This is closely associated with loss and legal troubles as well as imprisonment and arrest.

Saturn conjuncts Alcyone: Issues at play with this aspect include sickness and chronic injuries as well as loss of family members through illness.

Uranus conjuncts Alcyone: This conjunct is linked to loss through a fire as well as disfigurement and troubles that are linked to female figures.

Neptune conjuncts Alcyone: The link here is usually about military activities and aspects like honor and service. It also links to a violent death as well as loss due to illness.

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