September 2020 Global Predictions by Bree ~ Beloved Pet Luca Cane Corso

Hello everyone! I hope this finds everyone healthy & prosperous!

I wanted to share with all that has transpired in my life within the last month.

My husband & I are so extremely incredibly sad & heartbroken over our beloved friend & companion Luca.

Luca was our pet dog, our 3rd child. He was a Cane Corso, from the Italian Mastiff Breed family.

We had Luca for 6  years, 6 beautiful, fun-filled years until he was taken from us by a FEDEX driver who was on our private road & was going too fast. The driver admitted to going to fast after the fact we ourselves seen him driving too fast. We are fully aware the blame game will not bring our Luca back so I’m not going there.

We are so, so heartbroken. Our home is not a home anymore it’s empty. I cry a lot, & am unable to sleep at night. I’m sure as time moves on my husband & I will heal. But the healing process seems out of reach for us at this point.

Luca below, a sweet, sweet friend he will be missed so very much.















Luca was at 1st raised by my son & his wife had him since he was a baby & he was raised with our grandkids until he was about a year in half then came to live with us because the kids could not take him where they moved, so we took Luca & he passed at almost 6 years old. He was the best dog & I’m not just saying that…I’m telling the truth. He had personality & charm, & always listened to us even if he really didn’t understand he acted as he did. Smart very smart. He hated the USPS truck always knew when it was coming from a mile away….he really didn’t mind the FEDEX truck…not sure why.
He always laid by our glass sliders in our master bedroom waiting for his friends (other dogs) to come outside to play, always…it was there on a private road that he was playing with them & that damn FedEx driver going to fast hit him & killed him,  we lost our world that day, & are not back to the people we use to be. 
We live on an acreage with a river running thru it which Luca never seemed too interested to ever venture into Thank God…what a mess that’d have been! Not that he’s not been sprayed by skunks…UGH! Talk about stinking, but he’d take his baths with no issues ever!  He hated another animal eating his food… raccoons would come up on our deck to eat his food & he’d catch them when he’d check on his food outside off the kitchen deck…oh that made him so mad…he’d pounce his two front paws down hard demanding to be let out to get them! I always made a sound like I was opening up the sliders to let him out 1st before actually really letting him out so they had the chance to run off. We had some really good times with Luca, so hard to face the fact he is gone. So surreal.
He will be missed forever & forever in our hearts. From what has transpired within the last month  I am going to take a much-needed break from posting each month on what I see transpiring in our world. I hope you understand, my family needs to heal at this time.
I hope to be back online soon.
Stay safe everyone as I’m sure you all are fully aware it’s only going to get more chaotic as we move into the fall of 2020.
Many blessings, Bree





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3 Responses

  1. Sonya Wong says:

    Sorry to hear about your Luca. What a beautiful boy.

  2. Cherie says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I found you blog trying to find answers as to what the heck is going on with this year that my most loved pets are dying sudden deaths, only to see that yours has as well.

    Saying goodbye is one of the most difficult things to do, and my heart is with you.

  3. Shawn M Carnell says:

    Oh Bree, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you, your husband and your family. What a heavy time this is for you and I know these words don’t really help at all. My family is still healing and ugh, I am so sad for you. But, I can only hope the Love and happy memories Luca brought you will help your heart heal and that takes time. Take Care of yourself.

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