September 2019 USA Horoscope Predictions Neptune’s Dark Side Coming Out to Play!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree
September 1st ~ 8th ~

2nd ~ Happy Labor Day 😊 

2nd ~ Jupiter square Venus
Venus in the USA 9th house, Jupiter in the 1st.
Look for religion & charitable institutions to suffer. Taxation & money adversely affected.

4th ~ Venus opposite Neptune
Venus is in the USA 9th house & Neptune occupies the USA 3rd house
Things that are hidden come up to the light. Look for financial frauds to come to light. Scandals also will be brought into the light for all to see.

6th ~ Venus trine Pluto
Venus is in the USA 9th house, Pluto is in the USA 2nd house.
Stock Market will go up & this is a good day to start relationships it’s as if things come together magically.

7th ~ Mercury ~ Neptune opposite
Mercury is in the USA 9th house & Neptune is in the USA 3rd house.
This day will be utterly confusing! So much information is coming out so fast that it’s hard to know fact from fraud. Look for cases of scandal or slander, wickedness, corruption to take place. Failure of legislative measures. Fake news takes the spotlight & not in a good way!

8th ~ Mars trine Saturn
Mars USA 9th house, Saturn USA 1st house
This gives the power of sustained effort. Will increase some power to the government. Army, Navy, police, also the executive side of national life will have increased strength & power.

 September 9th ~ 15th
10th ~ Sun opposite Neptune (5 days till the Full Moon)
Sun USA 9th house, Neptune USA 3rd house
Disorder & confusion. I’m seeing power perhaps reputation, life, of someone… prominent person or stateman, possibly Royalty may possibly be in danger, also there is something related to a downfall or collapse taking place. Social scandals come to light.

 14th ~ Full Moon in Pisces 
Full Moon in the USA 3rd house
I’m seeing misfortune with railroads, post offices, news media.
Very wet, flooding, storms, Also, the need to escape, watch for those inclined with mental health issues may surface at this time. Remember, things surrounding the full moon are known to start a week ahead of the full moon.  

September 16th ~ 22nd 
18th ~ Saturn goes direct
Saturn’s been retrograde since April, this was the time to focus on any loose ends & any plans you wanted to get on paper to bring forth now with Saturn going direct you will have Saturn’s blessings to implement them, leaving the past behind!

19th ~ Mars ~ Pluto Trine
Mars in the USA 9th house, Pluto in the 2nd.
This is a good time to formulate objectives regarding any long-range efforts. This energy the USA is now blessed with does allow one to keep up sustained effort for a very long time. The USA can bring about great success!

21st ~ Jupiter square Neptune
This will happen for the last time this year, Jupiter square Neptune causes lots of flooding, which we have seen across the globe! Look for more of the same at this time. The square also produces confusion & misunderstandings related to religious & political affairs. Look for troubles with peace & order. Also, a new mystical religious will come forth which will upset orthodoxies. Double-dealing will also occur between the nations or could be between political parties. & Jupiter loves to expand making issues bigger than at times needs to be.

23rd ~ 30th Happy Fall!
The Sun will enter Libra Monday the 23rd, the first day of fall! It’s a good time to ensure your life is in balance.

Tip: If you have old flannel bedding think about recycling! Of course! Reusable dryer sheets. Take the cloth & cut into 4” by 6” strips would be ideal. Grab your favorite essential oil add a few drops, mix 1 cup white vinegar & put into an amber glass spray bottle. Lightly spray a strip you’ve cut before you dry your clothes. Fresh & perfect money-saving idea! & reusable too!

26th ~ Mercury square Pluto
Mercury is in the USA 10th house, & Pluto in the 2nd house
Disputes, cases of slander, in politics as well as in the law courts. Accidents in traveling will occur. Stock market declines possibly due to some kind of communication breakdown.

 28th ~ New Moon in Libra
The New Moon will be in the USA 10th house! Venus in the sign of Libra is also in the 10th house!
This will be a very good day for the President! Beneficial relationships!

30th ~ Venus square Pluto
Venus in the USA 10th house & Pluto in the USA 2nd house
Stock market declines! No love for money & shareholders on this day 
Watch your pocketbook on this day also!

With fall in the air & cooler weather coming in, it makes me want to eat even more than I do now!
So I thought hmmm…. perhaps many of you are the same way?
I wanted to share a 
Tip: If your wanting to lose weight make sure the moon is in the 3rd or 4thquarter & has to be in the barren sign of Virgo 😊

Happy Fall

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Remember Neptune is retrograde from June 21st to November 27th, 2019. 
The planet Neptune rules our fantasy, our creative side. Dreamworld. Neptune also has a darker side that comes out to play, which produces deceptions, denial, & delusions. Look for issues in yourself & surroundings, one’s refusal for taking care of business, financial & relationships, closing your eyes, ignoring portentous issues that need one’s attention. 
Neptune is not of this earth. It is known to loom in the background, in the shadows, like a termite destroying wood only to discover the damage after the fact.
Neptune is one of the strongest planets related to cancer, sometimes hidden, until too late.  
Tip: If you have a natal Neptune or transiting Neptune in your 6th house of health, always, always. seek more than one opinion on health-related issues, always! Also, if Neptune (Pisces) in on your 6th house cusp. 



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