September 2018 USA Predictions! Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Aries in the USA 4th house!

Mars is turning direct on August 27! So, for those of you that have been feeling run down and tired lately, you will begin slowly to start getting your mojo back! Also, a double goodie is Mars is in Capricorn, meaning “Move Mountains”! Mars is happy in Capricorn! Get those plans out that you’ve been delaying dust them off and get ready to push them forward! For last months prediction please see “August 2018 Predictions for the USA” 

Sign changes this month~

September 5th~ Mercury moves into the sign of Virgo, Mercury is happy in the sign of Virgo so do expect some great impact were communication is concerned.

September 6th~Saturn is direct whatever you have been working on hard Saturn will reward!

September 9th~ New Moon in the sign of Virgo, in the USA 9th house

Also, Venus will move into the sign of Scorpio, Venus is not compatible with Scorpio due to values, relationships, and money will be shadowed by Scorpios intense desire to manipulate and possess.

September 10th~Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius.

September 21st~Mercury enters the sign of Libra

September 24th/ 25th~ Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Aries

September 30th~Pluto turns direct


September 3rd~9th

7th~ Sun opposite Neptune ~ I’m predicting social scandals will come to light.

I’m seeing this also as a perfect time to work on anything spiritual or creative.

8th~ Venus-Mars square~ 29°. 29° is critical! And with Venus getting ready to go into the sign of Scorpio, and Mars into Aquarius, I am seeing some very manipulative strides in the USA house of finance. With that said, make no decisions related to finances! And on a more personal level, make no decisions related to love either!

9th~ New Moon in the sign of Virgo, in the USA’s 9th house. I am seeing gains made in ninth house matters.

September 10th~16th~

10th~ Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius! In the USA second house.

12th~ Venus opposite Uranus. This will be unfortunate with anything related to money, social groups, entertainment, speculation, the reason I’m not seeing this to be too unfortunate is as Uranus is retrograde. But I am seeing some manipulative, sneaky, underhanded, ways that will come to light soon.

13th~ Mercury opposes Neptune. I’m seeing slander, scandal, blackmail, mysterious crimes, remarkable frauds, and delusions. On a more personal level, this is not a good time to sign anything!

September 17th~23rd~

September 18th~ Mars square Uranus! Uranus is in the fifth house, Mars is in the second house of the USA chart, this is not good for children, entertainment, education, speculation, keep a very watchful eye during this time, as it is a very dangerous time.

23rd~ Mercury enters the sign of Libra trine Mars. This happens in the USA 10th  house and the second house. This will give honor & prestige to the President. Also, I’m seeing a new way of communication coming to light. Railroads will prosper. A new invention coming to light.

September 22nd~ First day of Fall!! My favorite time of year!

September 24th~30th~

24th~ Harvest Full Moon in the sign of Aries in the USA 4th house! The 4th house is a very important house as it is an Agular house, things that happen here WILL MATTER!!

This harvest full moon will be bigger, and brighter, and orange!

Full Moon square Saturn & this will be intense! Saturn is in the USA 1st house, which is also in an angular house! We have Chiron on the fourth house cusp conjunct the full moon both in the sign of Aries. The sun is in the 10th house of the USA chart.

Anything related to the 4th house will have complications related to agriculture, land, buildings, all of this is coming into play now. Our President will be facing some very uncanny trying times once again, hostile criticism. I’m seeing trade being the main culprit, as it is intertwined with agriculture, crops, which are in the fourth house matters. I’m seeing this related to MSM & their fake news, it’ll be chaotic that’s for sure as early voting beings in October 2018, for the mid-term elections.

Weather will be crazy at best once again, floods in many areas will continue, fires as well, earthquakes as well as tornados. We will have it all!

I’m seeing the housing market starting to decline in areas of the USA, which has already started in CA, “Homes Prices Falling”  as we all know it starts in CA & hits the mid-west a year later.   Fire coming to buildings as well as timbers. I’m also seeing disgrace with public officials.  

For those of you who have read on my blog “Uranus in Taurus What’s it mean for 2018-2026” then you are aware we have to break a lot of egg shells to make the omelet! Taurus rules money, & the PTB are not going to give it up so easily, they are deceptive, and do not have the USA’s best interest at heart. Uranus is the planet of revolution, change, & sudden! in the years 2019, and 2020 is where we’re going to see the great changes coming into existence! It’s not going to be fun, it will be challenging as we get closer, as we already know from what has been happening.  But it must happen for the new to come in.

 Oh, & one last piece of advice “Dig for the Truth” it’s out there waiting for you to discover it! Please stop listening to MSM, they are dividing us on purpose. They are being paid by their billionaire bosses to say what they say, ask yourselves, why are they so hateful toward our President? Answer: Because the President wants to stop their gravy train TPTB have enjoyed for soooo long, President Trump is the Uranus we’ve been praying for! “Dig for the Truth” stop hating & fighting each other if this continues it will not end well, & if you dig for the truth you will find it!

30th~ Pluto goes direct! Pluto’s energy is in close relationship to the Hindu Shiva. Which is known as the creator & destroyer. Pluto begins his work by breaking down systems, structures, then he rebuilds a new one in its place. Which began back in 2008 when Pluto moved into Capricorn. Pluto is in the USA second house of money. Things will be different & for the better!

Many blessings, Bree

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