Scorpio Tarot Reading for Month December 2016! Only You have the Answers Scorpio!

Scorpio Tarot Reading~Dec~1st~12th

The Star~Dec~1st~12th

Scorpio, I am getting the feeling you are on the hunt to regain some sense of meaning, some sense of inspiration, you’re hoping your future will be better than your past. Many of you are feeling the lack of love right now you’re wanting to meet someone new, you’re wanting a romantic relationship. I see this manifesting for a few of you Scorpio! This is the month of December, many of you are going to be going on a spontaneous buying spree you will have unexpected financial breaks! Scorpio, play the lottery I am being told by spirit SOME of you will be lucky! & many of you will not…you are forewarned. You have a tendency Scorpio, to surround yourself with many people who like you, at this time those people will be offering insights into the possibilities of expanding your business, or perhaps getting a promotion where you are working at now. I’m seeing real estate, I’m seeing some of you are concerned about a property, I am seeing you selling or possibly lease~with the option to buy.

 Now as I’m being told by spirit, there are a few of you Scorpio’s, that are unhappy… related to your work area, your wanting things to change or improve significantly! I’m seeing that you will be very pleased about a new and promising opportunity, perhaps some of you are getting ready to start your own business. Regarding your prospects, do not worry… business is picking up for you Scorpio and money will be coming in! We all get a little scared now and again when things slow down, but no worries you’re going to be just fine Scorpio! I see many of you getting a sign from the universe that your wishes, your dreams, are possible! A lot of you will be inheriting a new method, talent, that you will be able to bring to the table regarding your career! I see you making great strides in some of your goals that you have made for yourself Scorpio. Your destiny is calling to you, it is motivating you, Scorpio, followed what you know to be true for yourself your world will prosper!

Page of Wands~Dec~12th~24th

At this time Scorpio, many of you are wanting to find a solution to a problem. I’m sensing you are fearful that it’s going to be impossible for you and your significant other to be together, I’m getting snowstorm for those of you that live where you get snow, Spirit is saying due to a snowstorm someone is not going to be able to come home, they will have to make other arrangements for the night. For some of you I am sensing you are feeling there is no real depth to your relationship. For those of you who are single, get out there, you will be meeting someone quite inspiring at this time! Many of you Scorpio, are worried about your finances, even though they are improving in some areas, you’re still worried that something could happen, remember Scorpio, where your thoughts wonder, you are putting energy into them!

 I see a lot of Scorpio’s making a decision and settling for less is coming to an end. You’re tired of it, you’re not going to take it anymore, Spirit , is telling me you are ready to move on. You know you could do better, you’re a Scorpio! You have a lot of power! Settling for less again, will be coming to an end, I see this happening with some of you relating to your significant other, a few of you it is related to your career. Change is in the air Scorpio! You are trying a new approach, and will win!

Seven of Pentacles~Dec~24th~31st

Spirit is telling me Scorpio, many of you are wanting to be more productive, your wanting to make more money, possibly change up your career! For some of you, I do see your very unhappy when it comes to love, many of you will make the decision to carry on by yourself… For now anyway. I see many of you being caught off guard because someone is going to present to you a missing ingredient, something you’ve been searching for but did not know it existed in the way this person will present it to you. I’m feeling this has something to do with career, work, possibly even a missing link that is much needed to reinforce your determination Scorpio and ensure success of what you have been working on. In regards to a few of you out there Scorpio, I’m being told, some of you are discussing a marriage, is this really what you want? That’s the question I am to be asking you, and you are to be analyzing…  is it really what you want or not, you are being asked to come to a conclusion without the aid of the spiritual world. Reason, Spirit is telling me many of you Scorpio’s already have the answer and free will but are wanting reassurance and you are needing to go with~in to find the reassurance you are seeking. You have what it takes Scorpio, remember, when you plant a seed it doesn’t grow overnight, it takes time, cultivating, love, patience, in time the seeds you planted will be at your fingertips! I am receiving this in a puzzling form from my spirit guide. Someone out there, meaning one of you Scorpio, you’re having issues over what I have just stated above, for some reason spirit is guiding me to speak to you. Scorpio’s, because many of you are determined to succeed, you will be applying the energy it takes to ensure your success! I myself, (Bree) know this maybe written in a puzzling way…reason~I was given it in a puzzling way from spirit, I never question. It’s for Scorpio to decide the meaning of message, not me.

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