Scorpio Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Possible Loss & Readjusting!

Scorpio Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Possible Loss & Readjusting!

Queen of Swords Sept 1st-15th

Scorpio! Queen of swords! I feel many of you are focusing studying, on research or investigations of some sort at this time. Some kind of development, some kind of research, some of you have a desire to break into a new area, I see some new thinking going on! I feel many of you at this time you’re coming to terms that the past is gone, your feeling that your future at this time looks a little bit uncertain, but you’re not wanting to be fearful your keeping the faith! Some of you at this time, and please remember this is a general tarot card reading it’s not going to fit everyone! If you would like your own tarot card reading please go to the bottom of this page I am offering a special at this time, or please see my services and rates! I feel some of you are going to be separated from somebody that you love… I feel that you feel empty, something important about your life is gone it’s never coming back. I feel that many of you not all of you, you’re going to hear about a death… possibly someone who is preparing to die, or, maybe it has to do with a couple that has separated, because a divorce is like a death!  I see you taking this very much to heart. You’re just feeling alone and separated at this time something, or someone is missing. I feel you know… I drew this card and I don’t know…. I have a very unique way when I choose my cards for my readings, I really hope I can make it through this reading because someone that I think a lot of of is going through this now. I feel a lot of you are going through an emptiness nothing’s going to be able to fill. I want to say this could be due to a death… again remember a divorce does seem like death to many people. I just feel some type of losses is indicated here. I feel that some of you are in the field of finances …you’re having to make some calls because other peopl are not honoring their agreements are not making payments on time you will call them, you may have to take action such as a court action. Some of you are going to have to be a friend to possibly another friend or relative at this time, because I see you having to console somebody over the lost of a loved one or possibly the end of a relationship… for somebody you are being their rock at this time. I do feel something coming in like an opportunity that coming in that will move many of you out of isolation and into the dating game! This is good for you go for it!
Some of you are having anxiety to do with the delay of launching something, you’re wanting to launch something… but you’re going to have to delay it for now. I want you to know that I do see a lot of your accomplishments are not going the way you want them to at this time but I do want you to know success will eventually come to you Scorpio, I feel a lot of you at this time are just going to remain emotionally detached you’re going to remain emotionally detached until you know what way to make a move at this time.

The Lovers Sept 15th-22nd

Lovers! The Lovers personally overpower all the other cards in both impact and effect! After this card I did draw the King of Cups! But we will focus on the lovers! First, I see a lot of you are in a dilemma right now… you’re trying to decide a course of action… you’re trying to make a decision… you’re trying to figure out the best way to go about that, you want to make the right choice! Your being very careful! Many of you are going to be quite surprised because you have a fantastic adjustment coming in you love life now!  Also, I see many of you staying very productive at this time in your work/career area! I see a lot of you now regarding your business, you got several things going on at the same time. I see many of you… your social life is full, you have many business activities to attend to, this is a superb time for you!

I see so many of you having some unexpected gains now in the area of  fiancial prosperity I see this coming into play it will  involve papers. I see some areas for some of you opening up right now… some different avenues that’s going to be offering unexpected gains in a different direction! If any of you have had failures thus far, don’t worry about it something good is coming in to replace that!

I keep getting that some of you are feeling trapped in a dead end marriage… maybe it has grown stale perhaps? You’re ready to do something about that. I feel like a lot of family responsibilities are being dumped on you right now to! I feel the load is creating chaos for some of you. Push through it… what you can take care of now, take care of it, what you cannot leave it on the table walk away there will be a better time. I do see a lot of money that’s coming through the mail for you… perhaps you have  an Internet business? This is very favorable! I want to say I do see some really super good times coming in for you Scorpio! I want to say… I see your best success coming to you through unexpected places, social situations, this is a very exhilarating experience for you! You know I just keep seeing something is changing, your plans are changing… your experiences, I feel… that something did not pan through but will later proved to be a blessing in disguise! You know Scorpio things do not have to go according to plans in order for you to benefit from them! I do feel a lot of you are going to be gaining solutions to whatever issues you have going on at this time.

King of Cups Sept 22nd-30th

The King of Cups! I see a lot of you focusing on financial independence at this time! I see the focus being centered around the home or some kind of a business  you do out of your home. I see a lot of you wanting to make it on your own, you want to  be financially independent, you want to own your own business, you will, I’m going to tell you something is going to transpire….you will get that wish, if you’re not already working out of  your home, you soon will be! I’m seeing some papers, still papers, I’m seeing some of you wanting to put all paperwork off at this time, you just don’t want to deal with it right now. A lot of you at this time… you have very emotional swings, a lot of you are daydreaming about love and romance. News is coming in… something is wanting to be discussed… with  some business projects, possibly a enterprise… this could bring in some new money for you! However I do see some of you deciding to make a move to another location, home, move out of  state at this time,  it’s telling me to say it is relating to money. I’m seeing money… business that is your own, something that’s possibly done at your home maybe? I have a warning for you, be sure to handle any financial negotiations and or business transactions before you get started, or there will be misunderstandings.

Many of you are going to find a new direction right now, possibly a new line of work, something that could possibly advance your position at this time. I do see that. I do want to say you know a lot of good things can happen now for you!  In a business sense, financial area, some of you are in work that even isolates you… alienate you from social involvement at this time, but  know, if you can rise above that.. if you can open up your mind…to the possibilty that you need to work alone at this time, I see a bright new beginnings for you! I’m going to tell you Scorpio, I see many of you,  your businesses are going at take off!  I see some of you meeting somebody special at this time also!

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