Scorpio September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipse with a Wicked Twist!

Scorpio September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipse with a Wicked Twist!

Scorpio for the month of September 2016, we have two eclipses and another new moon at the end of September! Let’s start with the new moon on September 1st 2016, the new moon will be in your 11th house Scorpio it’s also a solar eclipse very powerful, there’s only one small hiccup, Mercury went retrograde August 30, 2016.  (That’s why I’m calling this a Wicked Twist) With Mercury retrograde it’s the time to go back over our goals, re-tweak them, so it does contradict the solar eclipse new moon on September 1st! I feel unless you have something extremely pressing to start, or to launch, I would put on hold until after September 22! Or, if at all possible do it for short-term! With that said, your solar eclipse being in your 11th house, I feel a lot of you will be starting new social groups at this time. The 11th house is our hopes, our wishes, and our dreams, ! The 11th house also shows how we deal with groups of people, it does have some relation to business affairs as well. Also in your 11th house you have the sun, Jupiter which is still in the sign of Virgo( but not for long, on September 9th, Jupiter will go into the sign of Libra)!  Mercury which is retrograde, and Venus! Now with the sun in your 11th house (this does depend if it’s not afflicted, which I would only know if I had your natal chart), as this is a general forecast. With your sun in your 11th house, I feel Scorpio a lot of your hopes and wishes will be grand! I feel a lot of you are going to be working very well in groups, changing up groups, out having a good social time. As this also relates to business affairs I see many of you Scorpio wining and dining with a lot of business associates at this time. I see you Scorpio a lot of you re-tweaking your goals, really planning on going for social groups that are different than what you’ve ever been involved with thus far. The solar eclipse is powerful, bringing new beginnings, but as I said Mercury is retrograde. It doesn’t matter on the solar eclipse and what it is making an aspect to in your natal chart, as again, this is a general forecast.

On September 2, we do have a stressful aspect involving the sun, Neptune, and that  will cause some delays, fogginess, and even possibly scandals. This will be primarily in the economy Scorpio, as if we haven’t had enough already! Neptune, which is in the sign of Pisces is very strong! I feel the force of this three-way alignment is because Neptune is opposed your sun in the 11th house square Saturn in your second house it’ll be heightened September 10th, I see slowdowns and obstacles, it’s like a brain fog that makes it harder to see the right path. This will be the second time this year that Saturn is squaring Neptune, which brings conflict between what is real and what is not. With this coming and going on there is a loud warning that this is a time of hidden dangers. Mostly felt in your outer world in the economy, Scorpio your best bet is just to keep calm and stay under the radar.

On September 7, your son is training Pluto, this is fantastic, Scorpio you have the opportunity to successfully manage the details of any projects you have going at this time also your relationships will be strengthened. September 9, Jupiter switches from Virgo and goes into the sign of Libra! Scorpio perfect! With Jupiter in Libra this will bring great fortune and blessings, especially to those born under a Libra sun, Libra moon, or a Libra ascendant! September 11th, 2016, you have a lovely trine with your sun in your 11th house and your moon in the third house in the sign of Capricorn! This is a time Scorpio of inner peace and balance. You will be given the opportunity to look deeper into yourself and understand what you want, what you need also how you should go about getting it. Also, for some of you this may be indicating that you should prepare any area of your life now that is approaching a climax. Friendships and love relationships that may start under this transit will have an important consequences on your future life and possibly may have some strong effect on your attitude towards life in general.

On September 16, 2016, Scorpio you have a lunar eclipse in your fifth house in the sign of Pisces. Lunar eclipses, full moon, usually means endings of something. Leo rules the fifth house and the sun rules Leo, the fifth house has to do with children, possibly a new business, hobbies, creative risk, the fifth house is your way of making your creative mark on the world in a way that only you can do Scorpio! I feel for some of you at this time while summer is ending and fall is beginning will be saying goodbye possibly to children heading off to college! Perhaps, winding up this summer sending children off to school. Something is ending Scorpio, it’s only when we let it something that’s wanting to leave us,  can we begin to let new beginnings into our life!

On September 17, you have a trine with Mars in Sagittarius which is a fire sign, and your Uranus in Aries which is a fire sign, what a power drive that focuses on exploring new possibilities! I feel some of you Scorpio are getting very creative and at this time I feel many of you will be  quite surprised if you decide to go for it and take a risk, there’s something you’re wanting to push foreword I feel this has to do with your money the second house where Mars is located has to do with how you make your money the sixth house where Uranus is has to do with your work area your service to others your health. I feel many of you are going to be bringing in possibly taking a chance on something that has to do with money….taking a risk. Very powerful Scorpio go for it!

September 22nd, 2016 is when Mercury goes direct! Full steam ahead Scorpio! On September 24th, Venus which is now in your 12th house is in the sign of Scorpio, your sign! Which Venus in your 12th house I feel some of you are going to be called upon now to help take care of a loved one who is in need of help, possibly for many of you you will become involved in some charitable activity, like working in a hospital, or some underprivileged area in which you Scorpio can make a difference!

On September 30, 2016, you have a new moon in your 11th house conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter on September 9 when into the sign of Libra! Things are going to start moving for you Scorpio, the Saturn, Neptune square is dissolved, whatever was not coming together for you will slowly come together for you now Scorpio! New beginnings, nothing holding you back, Mercury direct on September 22, Jupiter in the sign of Libra, this is perfect Scorpio your hopes your dreams your wishes new associates, new groups,  spectacular!

Prosperity and Peace Affirmation: I wanted to leave you with a prosperity and peace affirmation, super powerful, you are to do this on Sept, 18, 2016. It is the day of international peace. Please ensure that you have a small piece of tumbled amethyst, lavender scented oil, and neroli oil.
Begin by anointing the amethyst, with the neroli and lavender oil, and then anoint yourself with both oils. The amethyst in your receiving hand. Take a deep and complete breath to center yourself, and then merge with the goddesses and gods of prosperity and peace. Next, say this affirmation out loud: I am at peace with myself and my world, and I am empowered by defined prosperity and abundance, today and every day. Blessed be the Goddess and God!
Repeat this affirmation at least eight times throughout the day on this international day of peace. Continue saying the affirmation for the next 28 days (a moon cycle) for best results.

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