Scorpio June 2016 Horoscope Predictions!

Scorpio Time To RE-Think & Come To Terms Now! Money Is Also Key!!

For the beginning of the month Scorpio you have the Sun, Venus, & the New Moon! The 8th house represents your sign, & its meaning regarding the tarot is Death, the ruler of the underworld. (Not Literally Scorpio) the 8th house rules sex, transformation, & other peoples money.  With the Sun lighting it all up & the new moon bringing you 10 wishes, be sure to write those wishes down Scorpio! And have a vision board in-front of you so you are able to see it each day & remind yourself what you are wanting for the rest of the year! Very Powerful!

The Sun & Venus in your 8th house conjunct on June 4th & 5th, the sun being our source of energy & enlightenment, & Venus is love & money, also rules The Empress in the Tarot, wife & mother, will bring you Scorpio, a time of creativity, or love, you may find yourself wanting to express yourself in as many ways as possible! You will feel sociable, affectionate, this is a time you will feel super good! Take full advantage Scorpio! On June 15th, Mercury will move into your 8th house in the sign of Gemini! Mercury in Tarot represents the Magician! Mercury being the ruler of Gemini, the master of communication, & cosmic energy, is proof that our perception of (how we use our minds) changes our world, Mercury proofs our mind is truly more powerful that matter! With Mercury in your 8th house you maybe discussing finances with your partner, business partner, negotiations on contracts, property, either with your spouse, partner, business partner. This aspect can be quite beneficial for you Scorpio unless there is a negative aspect afflicting this & unfortunately there is! June 20th, Mercury will opposition Saturn. Saturn is in your 2nd house of finances. Saturn wants to cement things, it wants discipline. During this time it is conveying to you that some of you maybe concerned very highly with your practical needs now. With this transit you tend to dwell on your personal isolation, some of you may feel lonely, some of you maybe having some difficulty in your relationships, you are having some depressing thoughts. Try to focus on positive thinking, reflect on all you have now that will help ease any depressing thoughts! The problems you think you have could be a product of your negative thinking Scorpio! Change your thinking & change your life! (not sure who to give the credit to for that saying) This is a good transit to get into some heavy metal work that will require of you a great deal of discipline now! Go for it! It will pay off Scorpio! Also, Mars is still retrograde until June 29th! Mars is retro in your first house in your sign Scorpio. Mars represents The Tower in Tarot Cards. Mars is the planet of energy, war, aggression! Mars is your co-ruler Scorpio! At this time you maybe feeling drained, low energy, everything is moving so slow! And it is for us all! Everything is at a crawl! Mars will go direct on June 29th, 2016! But for now while it is at a snail crawl be patience Scorpio! All good things will come in time! Saturn in your 2nd house again wants discipline, cement your goals. You maybe already accepting of this as Saturn has been in your second house for quite some time. You are being ask what is really important to you Scorpio? What is it you honestly value in life? And Saturn doesn’t necessarily mean material things either Scorpio! It’s meaning also focuses on psychological as well! Spiritual, also, moral values. Many of you may have already, or beginning a time of financial loss & poverty. But for many of you this is not necessarily true. What this transit Saturn is trying to convey is if for some of you material wealth is keeping you from discovering your true values in life, then yes, some of you are no doubt feeling a financial loss. Other then that your circumstances will be in good standing. Saturn is making an aspect for some of you depending if you are an early birthday, or middle, or later, to Neptune, for some of you Neptune is in your 5th house of children. (later birthdays Neptune will be in your 4th house) confusing I know! If you’d like a more personal reading please see my Services/Rates, I am offering a 3 question reading for $35 & Please be sure & sign up for my free news-letter & become a part of my community & maybe you will a free one hour reading via audio on your two most pressing issues you are having now in your life! Now we will focus on Neptune in your 5th house squaring Saturn in your 2nd house. With this aspect some of  you I do see will be having problems with insecurity, & anxiety issues that seem to have no real value, no apparent cause. Your grasp on reality seems to be slipping making you feel disoriented and confused. Now please understand this, It does not matter your material circumstances now for this transit is nothing more then a psychological transit at best. Simply put this transit will affect your moods, your views of the world to change. Any issues you are having now is in your head! Neptune being dreamy, it will cause life to be unclear, confusing. This is the first principle to grasp with this transit. Let me tell you Scorpio, if you are able to grasp what I just stated, meaning, if you are able to handle this transit messing with your consciousness, you my dear Scorpio will be able to handle anything!

On June 16th, 2016, Jupiter the planet of expansion, & money will move into your 11th, house! You will find yourselves more involved in group activities! You understand the importance of group goals now. The value of this house simply means if your actions now do not benefit the group/others, as a whole, (so this is not a time to be selfish) the changes again simply put will not be long lasting, or meaningful for that matter. What-ever you put out  now Scorpio, will come back in an even greater quantity.

On June 25th, 2016, Jupiter will be trining Pluto in your 3rd house. Get ready Scorpio! I see you on a more mundane level, this signifies with professional success, maybe for some of you political power, or I want to say a tremendous gains in your personal wealth, and or, resources! Now then again for some of you I do see this transit may give you the chance to straighten situations in your life that may have become a source of trouble for you.

On June 20th you have a full moon in your second house. The full moon represents endings of some sort. Its always best to let the old out so the new can come in! I know its hard at times, but if you fight what is trying to leave, it only makes it harder! Also, be careful with money at this time, it is not a good idea to spend period! The reason for this is your attitudes are directed more toward possessions, & that is being conditioned by your unconscious drives at this time. You at this time are not likely to make intelligent decisions about buying something  based on your real needs!

The end of the month Scorpio you will be gearing up for July which is most promising for you! Please do look for my July prediction horoscope Scorpio!

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