Scorpio July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

Scorpio July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

“The Sun”, “Two of Cups”, “Six of Cups”.

Scorpio, for the first two weeks in July you have The Sun! 

The Sun in Astrology represents Leo! I see so many of you having so much fun now! The Sun music, divination, truth & light! In your Astrology chart the Sun can highlight areas of fame, public recognition, also the Sun does represent a male, as it is masculine! The Sun represents the element of fire! I see some of you Scorpio’s, focusing spiritual quests, keeping up appearances, marriages, in business, unions, merges. I see you wanting some kind of union, recognition in your area of work, while some of you are really focusing on marriage.

In your day-to-day contact something is not right, even though you are putting up an illusion of being happy, you’re not. Your missing someone/thing. It’s as if your heart now is hurting, but you hide it! I also see some of you having problems with papers….legal forms, documents, possibly this maybe related to contracts. Your not sure about what it is you need to do regarding them. In work area, it’s slow, but for some of you that’s ok, you really don’t feel like working anyway now. I see you feeling tired, run down, could it be you have been pushing yourselves to hard Scorpio? I see many of you changing your appearance now, buying new clothes, redoing your hair…possible cutting it now.

I see you coming out of the fog a bit as Mars starts to fully awake now! Ideas for…possible a new area of work are being focused on now. I see many of you getting a business offer also, partnerships being proposed to. Some of you will be celebrating now, an opportunity is coming that involves being taped…media…something I see related to that is coming.

“Two of Cups” Scorpio I see coming in more toward the middle of July 2016!

Two of Cups relates to Venus in Cancer in Astrology!

I see love now!! You need to mark this in your calendar Scorpio! Your focus is on relationships! Also, for some of you I need to point out, before one can begin, you really need to get straight in your own heart what you want! I do see some confusion for some you! I so see many of you spending alot of tender moments with someone now, someone you care deeply about! But, hold on, you seemed torn, between someone/thing, I see you leaving the new…perhaps a new relationship, because you have decided the one you have been with is indeed the one for you!

I want to also mention for some of you I see you wanting to move into a larger area now, regarding your work, you are wanting to reach a larger group of people now, you are wanting to be visible, you are wanting to ensure success! I see money coming related to your work, you are happy! You will get from an unexpected source some assistance of some kind, something to with advancing your finances, perhaps, professionally, social life expanding to! This is a time Scorpio I see you supported in your affairs!

“Six of Cups” coming in toward the end of July Scorpio! 

Six of Cups in Astrology is referring to “Sun in Scorpio”!

This will bring you a sunny reminder of brighter days to come Scorpio! Scorpio, you are known to have a tendency to obsess silently over emotional  relationships. I feel many of you now are nostalgia, you’re going over memories of childhood, lasting connections with siblings, a few of you reunions with friends you’ve had forever, I feel you are reconciliation after an insult an argument or a separation. This must be the theme for a-lot of sun-signs this month as I’ve drown this card a-lot! I feel as it some of you are wanting a new life style! Possibly a new project! I do see alot of you doing something more fun now, your moving away for a bit regarding work, your into something pleasurable. I see many of you that are not going along to well with someone who is wanting to be with you, it’s telling me because this person seems to be younger than you. I see a great possibility of this working out though! Your going to good Scorpio, I see renewal, things coming together, your success will come & soon!

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