When many people first take an interest in astrology, they learn about their sun sign and that’s about it. If they are a Taurus then they read up about Taurean personality traits and check their Taurus horoscope, but that is often about as far as it goes. Most people when they read about astrology only look at their sun sign and maybe the planet associated with this (if you are a Taurus, for example, your ruler is Venus) but they don’t look at any of the other planets, least of all Saturn. This is a mistake, as all of the planets influence our personal road-map as well as our character traits, so it is important that we look at all of them as part of our birth chart when we start to use astrology in our lives. Of all of these planets, one we need to keep a careful eye on is Saturn, particularly around the time of the Saturn Return.

 Saturn is known for being one of the most important planets in astrology, the cosmic taskmaster who oversees areas of our life where we need to make progress and also where and how we need to learn important lessons that will keep us on the right path. In this way, Saturn and his position at the time of our birth is all important, as is the Saturn Return in our lives, which will have a huge impact on all of us as it arrives and departs.

 What is the Saturn Return?

 Basically, the planet Saturn orbits the Sun, and it takes 29 years to make a complete orbit as this is one of the slower moving of the planets. Saturn is a symbol of time, of endings, and of limitations, and as such Saturn is here to remind us of our time here on earth and to make sure that this is well spent. As Saturn takes 29 years to make one orbit, his first return occurs when we are on the threshold of our thirties. We can also feel it beginning in our late twenties and even feel the influence into our thirties, and it can feel as if everything is spinning out of control.

 As Saturn returns to the place that it was when you were born, it is like holding a mirror up to your face to ask you what you really want from life and where life is heading. At that moment in time, it may feel as if everything around you is in a state of flux thanks to Saturn’s Return, and you may experience changes in jobs, relationship problems, and even issues with close friends who have been by your side for years. Saturn is also a symbol of a father figure, so you may experience issues either with your own father or with someone who fits into that role into your life.

 Because the first Saturn Return hits between our late twenties and thirties, it arrives at a time when we are leaving childhood and immaturity behind and are entering a more adult world where we are truly on our own. This can feel extremely overwhelming, but it is all part of the Saturn Return, and once it is finished, we will feel as if we have grown up significantly and have matured in ways we would never have thought possible. Saturn Returns are hard, they are stressful, things do change in your life, but always remember you will survive it!

What else can we expect from a Saturn Return?

 The Saturn return is a time when we are forced to reevaluate our lives and look at how things are progressing. It may be that some individuals, for example, get married straight after college and start a family, so when they get to their Saturn Return they already have a family already established, and the return can force them to look at this and see if they rushed into the idea of marriage. Divorce is a common factor when a Saturn Return happens, but not always.  On the flip side, if you always thought that you would be married by the age of thirty, the Saturn Return may cause you to question why this hasn’t happened yet, and you may compare yourself unfavorably to friends and relatives who seem to have everything figured out while you are still struggling to work out what you want your future to look like.

 Saturn Return and the theme of the Adolescent:

Another key aspect of the Saturn Return is the theme of adolescence which often rears its head. When we graduate college, get our first job, or move away from home for the first time, we may feel as if we are now adults. This, however, is a false notion, and one that the Saturn Return is here to put right. What we don’t realize when we go off into the world on our own is that we need time to grow up and learn lessons, and when the Saturn Return hits us we will realize just how little we actually know and just how immature we still are. This is fine, for as the Saturn Return works itself out, we will indeed grow, mature, and come out of the other side with a far wiser head on our shoulders. At least that’s the plan of a Saturn Return, not all people are up for the challenge & thus never go far in life because they refuse to grow up & learn & grow in huge ways that not only make them a much happier, upstanding human being, but ensures their success in life as well. For those who (& let’s not forget…we all have free will,) refuse to learn Saturn’s lessons & grow from them, are the ones again that do not get far in life. Free Will, still exist with all things!

The Saturn Return and Aging:

  One final aspect that we can expect when we go through our Saturn Return is the concept of aging. In our twenties, we may joke that we feel old, but usually, we have little concept of what this really means. When the Saturn Return hits, however, we will suddenly find that we become extremely mindful of the aging process and that we realize that our time on earth is finite. This may be the first time that this has occurred to us to any real degree, and it can be quite demoralizing or upsetting to come to terms with the fact that we are getting older. It can however also have a very positive effect on our lives and can make us aware of the time that we have left and the ways in which we want to use this time to its full advantage.

 What can we learn from a Saturn Return?:

This may make it sound as if a Saturn Return is a negative aspect that is only meant to depress us and remind us of all the things in our life that are going wrong, but actually, this could not be further from the case!

When we go through a Saturn Return, it is an amazing opportunity for us to press the reset button on our lives instead of simply carrying on as we have been before. Saturn shows us many negative aspects about ourselves, such as areas where our relationships may be falling short, or work-related issues where we are not living up to our true potential, but these are all designed to act as breakthroughs for us. Rather than looking at them in a negative light and becoming depressed, we need to look at these shortcomings in our lives and then look at ways that we can improve our lot. In this sense, we need to thank Saturn for giving us the perfect opportunity to look at our lives as a whole and implement ways to grow up and keep moving forward.

 When we are in the middle of a Saturn Return it may feel as if we are going through hell, but actually, this is a chance to look at both the past and at the future and is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and cast a bright new narrative ahead of us. This means that we will be far better placed to leave behind our turbulent twenties and embrace our thirties from a more balanced and more mature outlook in life. We are truly not adults until we have gone thru our first Saturn Return!

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