Saturn & Uranus Trine in Your Natal Chart & Transiting Saturn Trine Uranus

From 2016 to 2017 Saturn trine Uranus exactly three times. The last exact trine was on November 11, 2017, but Saturn is still trine Uranus until December 25, 2017. Saturn will then enter a Uranus trine again on May 30, 2018, and leave on November 11, 2018.

Saturn trine Uranus is important in astrology when it is both in natal aspect and also when it is transiting Saturn trine Uranus, both of which will be discussed in this article.

Natal Saturn Trine Uranus:

When Saturn is trine Uranus in a Natal Chart it will cause both change and a period of security and these will mix together perfectly, even though it sounds counter-intuitive. You will find that it is easy to follow rules and regulations but you will also feel free in your personal life and you will be able to focus on cultivating your own sense of personal style. This is also a good time to mix the old with the new, so you may look to tradition but add in your own modern touches. People around you will be impressed by your ability to innovate but you also won’t push people too far out of their comfort zone.

You will also find that people in a position of authority will allow you to stand on your own two feet and they will give you a lot of freedom in your current role. If you have found your job or responsibilities dull then you will regain your sense of interest now and you will have the freedom to experiment with different ways of doing things. You could also innovate or invent changes when it comes to your job or in other areas of your life.

If you have Natal Saturn trine Uranus then you are a natural leader as you are able to inspire people under your command, even if the work they are doing is fairly dull. You are exceptionally adept at working with a group as you have the ability to inspire and create harmony within groups of people who may come from different walks of life. You are also skilled at recognizing the unique talents of people within the group.

You are also able to explain very complicated concepts to other people and describe all the different parts of complex processes. You also have the ability to explain the bigger picture to anyone who works with you. For this reason, you would do well working in a job that involves an element of teaching, particularly if this relates to technical fields like computer sciences or engineering. You also like to study various different subjects at the same time and find ways to put them together to compliment the overall learning experience. You would also work well in a job in government as you can easily get an overview of complicated systems with multiple levels of complexity.

If you face change in your life then you will be able to deal with this easily thanks to your reserves of patience and inner calm. You are a steady and solid presence when you have to make a change and people will admire your ability to remain unruffled. If you are facing a chaotic period in your life then you will be able to carve out peace and harmony.

Some celebrities who have Saturn Trine Uranus in their Natal Charts include:

Joan Sutherland

Alexander Fleming

Bob Fosse

William Henry Ireland

Barbara Hutton

Tony Abbott

Kevin Rudd

Tori Spelling

Sir Jack Brabham


Jon-Erik Hexum


Saturn Trine Uranus Transit:

Transiting Saturn trine Uranus points to a period of change in your life. This means that this is a good moment to make some changes that will help you to lead a better life and these will work out well. This kind of change will be smooth and will not cause too much chaos or upheaval in your life. You will also know just how to manage this change and will be calm and steady throughout. You will also take a methodical approach to all the changes and plans that need to happen now.

This is also a great moment to try to experiment and be creative when it comes to how you express yourself. You will easily be able to find a fresh approach to outdated ways of doing things without upsetting others who are not used to change. This could mean that you make some changes to your working life and others in your industry will sit up and take notice. You could also find that you are now awarded more responsibility for your job and yet there will be a lot of personal freedom within this so that you can really make it your own. There will be a host of tasks that you need to deal with but you will be able to compartmentalize them and then build them back up into the bigger picture. This will also allow you to teach these skills to others and you will excel as a mentor when it comes to technical subjects in particular. Group activities are also favored at this time and you will have a knack for finding the right people and blending them together to form a harmonious group.

Saturn Trine Uranus 2017:

When Saturn is trine Uranus until the end of 2017, there will be a sense of order amidst all the chaos which reigned at the beginning of the year. This was a throwback to the Uranus-Pluto squares that we saw over the past five years. More changes will come in the future but these will be less dramatic and won’t cause widespread changes. When changes happen, they will be positive in nature and they will take issues from the previous years and then make them better. Saturn trine Uranus will help to heal some of the wounds that have developed in previous years and institutions such as government departments and politicians will find more harmony and balance with others.

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