Saturn Transits thru the Houses!

Transits of Saturn Dad’s Here! Rules will be Followed!

  The planet Saturn is one of the slow-moving planets and it can spend an amazing two and a half years to 3 years (depends on how big your house is) in each sign. When Saturn is in transit it illuminates the parts of our life that we need to work on. In this way imagine Saturn as forcing us to hold a mirror up to our faces and confront any issues we are dealing with. Saturn also shows us where we will face adversity in different areas of our life, and when it begins its transit in each house we can often feel stuck or blocked. As the transit progresses, things usually become smoother in the area of our life that we have been forced to confront. Saturn is a Malefic planet!

Saturn transiting the First House

When Saturn is transiting the First House it illuminates who we really are. As such, you can expect a healthy dose of realism at the time, and you won’t be able to sweep issues under the carpet anymore. If you need to change an aspect of your life then this transit is a good time to do it, as you will be able to see exactly where any issues lie and will be able to tackle them head-on. You can look at this time as a way of getting back on track in any areas where things have gone awry.

Saturn transiting the Second House

Saturn transiting the Second House is associated with our finances, and this is a good time to look at your spending and see where you can cut back and make some savings. Even if you are not facing financial pressures, Saturn can make you worry about your finances, and it is always a good idea to go through everything to make sure that you haven’t missed paying a big bill. This is not, however, a time when you need to panic about losing money, and as long as you are sensible in your spending then you should see your finances continuing to grow at a slow but steady pace.

Saturn transiting the Third House

When Saturn is transiting the Third House you may feel more serious than usual and you will internalize a lot of your issues. You will tend to be introspective at this time and you could find yourself more prone to anxiety of even depression as you are so much in your head. To rectify this you need to spend the time looking at your life and finding areas where you can improve become healthier and more efficient. You need to cut out any toxic elements in your life and really take the time to do the work while Saturn is transiting the Third House.

Saturn transiting the Fourth House

It is all about family when Saturn is transiting the Fourth House and you need to spend the time cleaning up and looking at the world around you. It is common to move house at this time or to take on a project like decorating or painting. These should be avoided at the beginning of the transit however; as you will find that any project you take on will be fraught with problems. Family relationships will also take center stage at this time and you need to work on how you interact with those around you. It may be that a difficult relationship with someone closely related to you becomes a focal point, and it may be that you need to accept that it won’t be resolved. In the end, as with all things during a Saturn transit, it could work out for the best.

Saturn transiting the Fifth House

You may start a Saturn transit in the Fifth House feeling low on energy and lacking in confidence. You won’t want to go out and will naturally feel like a homebody. If you work in an artistic field then you will lack inspiration and you won’t want to create around this time. You will have to work harder than usual to find the positive aspects in life, but these are there if you seek them out. The way you amuse yourself and find pleasure may need to be looked at and you may find you come up with a very different version of what ‘fun’ means to you now.

Saturn transiting the Sixth House

When the Saturn transit in the Sixth House begins, we can feel as if we are stagnating. Something or a few things in our daily routine may not be working well and may mean that we are not reaching our full potential. As the transit continues, we need to work on finding ways to clear our own path and streamline our daily life, workload, and even the way we approach our body. This change of lifestyle may seem challenging rather than freeing at first, but once you take the first steps you will be amazed by what you achieve, and a new way of doing things will be exactly what you need to unblock your path. Also note, Saturn thru this house may cause health issues! Depending on what Saturn is afflicting. 

Saturn transiting the Seventh House

Relationships will be in the spotlight when Saturn transits in the Seventh House. A relationship will be tested and it will either end up becoming stronger as a result, or it may finish. If it is the latter, it means that this is for the best, and that this relationship may have been hindering you in some way. This may also be a time when a new relationship starts, but make sure that you check your facts before taking the leap, especially if this is a working collaboration or similar. Some relationships may take time to get off the ground, but the ones that do could end up being very successful and rewarding.

Saturn transiting the Eighth House

When Saturn is transiting the Eighth House, we need to focus on change. This is very much about letting go of things that are no longer good for us, and realizing if we have been holding on to something for longer than necessary. If you have been faced with challenges like addiction, then this is a time to surrender and ask for help. This can apply to any toxic areas of our lives, and can be a great time to change aspects of our daily routines. Like any change however, this will not be without its challenges, but in the long term it will usher in a new and more positive way of doing things.

Saturn transiting the Ninth House

When Saturn is transiting the Ninth House our belief system is challenged and we need to look at the things we truly believe in, and whether they are still worth our faith. We can turn our backs on things that previously mattered to us during this transit and we may feel a strong sense of pessimism about the world. This is a time to dig deep and look at what you really enjoy and what really inspires you, and it’s a good moment to return to study if you think this is something you would enjoy.

Saturn transiting the Tenth House

Saturn transiting the Tenth House turns the focus to our career and if you have been looking to make improvements in this area then this is the time to do it. You need to take an analytical approach to your work around this time, and look at the things that you are doing well and the areas where you could improve. It’s also a time to look seriously at whether you are in the right job or whether you should make a move into a different field, and you could find a lot of job success at this time, if you do the work first.

Saturn transiting the Eleventh House

When Saturn is transiting the Eleventh House it is also time to clean house. You will become tired of the relationships around you that are no longer enriching your life, and you will be more than willing to let any go that are dragging you down. As a result you may find that you lose several people from your life, although you won’t mourn this loss, as these people will be those who have outstayed their welcome. This is also an excellent time to plan for the future and to set any plans you have had into motion. You could have a lot of success if you work towards your goals in a slow and steady way.

Saturn transiting the Twelfth House

Saturn transiting the Twelfth House illuminates things that have previously been in the shadows, or at least things that we would like to stay hidden. Unfortunately, there is no hiding during this transit, and we need to face issues that have accumulated head on. If we have been struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle, toxic relationships, or issues with addiction, this is the time to clean up and sort everything out properly. It will not be an easy period, as we will be forced to confront any demons we have, but by the end of the transit, we should find that our lives have improved and that we are living in a cleaner and healthier way that we have done in years.

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