Saturn Planet of Fear On a Global Level & Personal

In astrology, Saturn is known as a heavy planet which is also associated with our fears and our insecurities. This is the ‘Taskmaster of the Planets’ and it is also known as ‘Old Father Time’, so it has a slow-moving and weighty energy to it.

Saturn is a planet that astrologers have long associated with loss, disease, poverty and the hard knocks of life. When we see Saturn in a chart it is always about security and making sure that things are protected, including our natural resources, our possessions and even the land we stand on. But Saturn is also known for being a conventional planet, not a revolutionary like other planets such as Uranus. Instead, this planet is narrow-minded and, in a negative sense, can make us only look at things from our own perspective and not the perspective of others. In that sense, Saturn can also make us selfish and make us want to only look out for ourselves at the expense of other people.

Unlike other planets, Saturn is traditional and conservative. This planet rules customs and history. This planet is not an innovator and does not strive to be original or push us to try anything new. It is all about tradition and caution. This also pushes us to hoard our material wealth as this is seen by many of us as a way to attain security – which is what Saturn wants us to do. As a result, the fear that Saturn instills in us has a strong economic component to it. It means that people worry more with Saturn in the mix about things like poverty, disease, loss of jobs and even death.

Saturn is also often linked to government and things such as recessions, lack of public spending and natural disasters. This is also linked to global economics and anything that causes people to spend less or worry about global finances. That is why Saturn pushes us to make changes to our economic outlook so that we no longer fear all the trappings of poverty. To stop us from feeling afraid, Saturn warns us about things such as natural disasters and also puts things in place that can help to keep us safe such as disaster relief efforts and warning signals.

This planet makes us look at the world in a fearful way. It makes us want to plan for the future in case of disaster. It also pushes us to be frugal and raises issues such as conservative governments and political parties. One issue is that this fear can also make people act on impulse and seem short-sighted about the future. When people act through fear as a result of Saturn’s influence, it can make them act in ways that are also irrational. The feelings of uncertainty that Saturn causes, such as being worried about falling into poverty, can also make us cling to a certain way of life, and this extends to everyone such as our leaders, thought-makers, and scientists.

Saturn is also strongly linked to money and the material world. This means that people tend to fixate on the material and discard anything that does not immediately seem to have a fixed value. Saturn only cares about what it can see and nothing else, and has no time for anything other-worldly. This can make this planet seems limiting and stifling. We fail to think outside the box and see all the possibilities around us when Saturn is in the mix.

On a global level Saturn can be linked to work, workers, labor, miners, crops which grow below ground, depression, recession, farming, agriculture, conservation, housing, furniture, estates, death, tax, steel, trade restrictions, recycling, the elderly, panic attacks, pessimism, land, conservative politics, and fundamentalism.

When it comes to the natural world, Saturn is also associated with weather patterns and extreme weather. This can play out through things such as cold periods, dry, ect….  It is also a planet linked to climate change.

This planet is about protection and our sense of security, so it is linked to ways in which we are kept from harm but also restricted. This means Saturn is usually associated with tariffs, immigration, and restrictions. Anything that protects us from harm, such as body armor or even contraceptives that protect us from unsafe sex are all under Saturn’s protection.

When we have Saturn in the mix, it means that we may experience suffering, hard life lessons or the loss of something or someone. This can also extend to things like losing property, or for people who work on the land it may mean a natural disaster that obliterates crops. It can also be linked to things like epidemics that cause mass casualties as a result of disease, or it can cause the economy to feel sluggish and result in loss of funds. All of these things can then provoke fear in others which makes them selfish, scared, greedy, manipulative, shrewd, stingy, pessimistic and unfeeling towards others. This planet can make the economy slow down and then prompt governments to clamp down on austerity. In turn, unemployment goes up and the economy goes down. This makes everyone panic.

When it is linked to money, Saturn is about penny pinching and greed. It makes people try to grab as much as they can as try to do deals that are only in their self-interest. This means that this planet is so highly pessimistic that it always provokes us to be more fearful and then even more greedy and inward-looking as a result. Saturn is about our feelings of self-preservation but those that are born out of fear and often do not reflect reality at all. If we actually look at things objectively, we will often see that there is nothing for us to fear except fear itself – which is not something that Saturn will ever teach us on its own.

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