Saturn in Each Astrology Sign, What’s it Mean?

Interpretations of Saturn in Each Zodiac Sign~What’s it Mean? 

When we look at an astrology chart, we need to look at the placement of all signs, not just the placements of the Sun and the Moon which are often looked on as some of the most important planets. We also need to look at other planets such as Saturn which is known as the Taskmaster of the planets or ‘Father Time’.

With this in mind, you should make sure to look at the placement of Saturn in your Natal Chart so that you can see the interpretation of the planet in that sign.

Below is a list of the meaning of Saturn in the different zodiac signs…

Saturn in Aries:

Saturn is focused on the process of events and Aries is all about leadership. If you have Saturn in Aries then you will be known for being an effective leader who is in control and is not scared to take charge. You will work as long as you need to in order to get results. You are also inspired by competition with others. You are also highly self-reliant and there is a sense that you feel that you are capable of more than others. This means that you often do more than your share of work or tasks and this can cause friction with other people if you feel that they are not working as hard as they could do.

One of the negative qualities of the planet Saturn is a tendency to be selfish and Aries is also known for interfering in the work of other people. In this case, you can try to steamroll over other people and you tend to push your agenda on others rather than allowing them to work on their own. This makes you a stickler of a boss. You also don’t like to be challenged and people telling you what to do annoys you greatly. You like to be the one who gives the orders but you could find that this causes you to feel frustrated if you find there are limitations to your plans.

More than anything you want to be free but you need to learn the importance of being disciplined and responsible in your life. You have a tendency to get very impatient and this could cause you to lack progress in your work life. You need to learn to cultivate a cautious approach to your work and any plans or projects. A stable and secure life is of great importance to you and these principles drive your work life. There is also a tendency to feel not good enough although this pushes you to work harder so that people notice your true value. This, in turn, can cause stress if you take on too much at one time and you can suffer from headaches as a result of this. If you have Saturn in Aries then you are known for your sense of self-sacrifice.

Saturn in Taurus:

If you have Saturn in Taurus then you are known for your amazing persistence. You are also obsessed with material issues and you like hoarding your money and possession in case you need them one day. This does however mean that you have a tendency to care too much about financial and material matters as this brings you a sense of stability and security. When this happens you may become stingy and unhappy as you worry about the future and how much money you have in the bank. You really need to look at your personal values and find a sense of security in other places other than the material world.

The positive side of Saturn in Taurus is that you are a hard worker and you are patient, determined, focused, disciplined, cautious and well-organized. You will work longer and harder than others around you and you love the feeling that comes from hard work. This also makes you seem overly serious and you like to be in control of things. You don’t like change and you can also struggle with holding a grudge as you never forget anything. You are a very loyal person and you like to work on lasting projects and plans that have a solid foundation.

Saturn in Gemini:

With Saturn in Gemini, you are serious-minded and have a deliberate way of doing things. You have strong organizational skills and the mental clarity and concentration to work on complex tasks. You are also able to focus on matters at hand and you are adept at problem-solving. Another factor in this is that you enjoy learning more about the world, but you can also be cynical at times and prone to depression. You could, however, suffer from nervous disorders which are caused by tension, or have issues with oxygen in your blood. You need to make sure you have enough oxygen in your lungs and monitor your intake of air. This means that you should always sleep in a place with good ventilation.

Saturn allows you to have a calm mind and tempers some of the restless nature associated with Gemini. This is, therefore, a good placement to have but you also need to work on being more positive in the future. The key is making sure that you are disciplined and that you work through problems methodically and clearly. If you can learn to do this then you will be very successful in life.

Saturn in Cancer:

Saturn in Cancer can make you a natural protector and you will always worry about those you love. You have a tendency to have mood swings and you can get insecure if you feel that you are not loved by family members. This also makes you feel protective towards those under your care and you may worry that you will not be a good parent to your children. You may also suffer from emotional depression and you can worry that you will be hurt by people around you. As a result, you tend not to get to close to people so as not to feel any pain if they let you down. You are a very kind person but you could also have trouble empathizing with other people. When you protect yourself from other people you can sometimes not realize that you are also hurting people who want to get close to you.

You can have problems with your digestive system as the digestive juices in your stomach may be deficient. With that in mind, you should try to avoid liquids with food. You may also want to take a look at your overall appetite as this can cause you to over or under eat. Property issues and land rights could make you feel more secure in your life as you feel that you have something to rely on in the future if other projects don’t work out.

Saturn in Leo:

If you have Saturn in Leo then you will prosper in a leadership or executive role and you have an iron will. You are diplomatic and conservative but you could struggle to express how you feel to other people. At times this can make you seem aloof and standoffish. You crave love but you may not be adept at giving it to people or allowing yourself to be loved by other people. As a result, you could isolate yourself. When you do love others, you are guided by a strong sense of responsibility and you demonstrate your love by taking care of the people under your protection. You also lavish material possessions on the people you care about instead of giving them the love they need from you.

You can also be cruel at times and you may get angry quickly. There is a tendency for you to be jealous and you may have a cut-throat approach to business. You could also suffer from problems related to your heart. More than anything you want people to admire you for your skills and ability at work.

Saturn in Virgo:

If you have Saturn in Virgo then you tend to be hardworking, practical, very organized, efficient, on time, serious and economical. You tend to have a scientific brain and very high standards. You also have a large amount of common sense and you are good at managing people around you. This also manifests in making you a bit of a perfectionist and you love to work with details, facts and figures. In this situation you have huge amounts of focus and you can concentrate for longer than others on very complicated tasks. You have a sharp analytical mind and you are also adept with figures and science-based data.

This strong focus can lead you to feel stressed at times and you can get depressed or come across as a bit of a hypochondriac. In your work and home life you like your environment to be clean and tidy and you hate dirt or clutter. At times you just want to be alone but you also like to stay active mentally as you tend to get more stressed when you don’t have anything to occupy your mind. Sometimes you can also come across as very critical of people around you who do not live up to your high standards.

Saturn in Libra:

Saturn is Libra makes you a natural diplomat and you have a great sense of balance and fairness. When it comes to your health you may suffer from issues related to the kidneys or urinary tract issues as Saturn can sometimes trouble the filtering method of the kidneys. When this happens it can cause a buildup of toxicity which can then enter the blood stream and spread throughout the body. You should try to drink filtered water to flush out the kidneys instead of tap, mineral or bottled water.

You like to cooperate with others and you crave harmony, peace, patience and love when it comes to other people. Relationships and marriage can be difficult for you as they can make you feel as if you have lost your freedom. You will need to work hard to nurture your relationships and find discipline within yourself so that you don’t compete needlessly with others. Marriage and relationships will make you feel secure and you are almost always in a relationship. This could also lead you to get married because of financial reasons or security issues and you often seek out people who are much older or younger than you are. Issues can arise in this situation and you need to find someone with strong moral values that reflect your own. You may also be drawn to marry someone older than you or someone who is not very affectionate and austere. Sometimes you demand a lot from a partner and you have a very traditional idea of what marriage and relationships are supposed to look like.

If Saturn does not have a good aspect then you may look down on the concept of marriage and see it as unnecessary. You could also struggle to find a partner as no one lives up to your old-fashioned ideas of perfection.

Saturn in Scorpio:

If you have Saturn in Scorpio then you have a lot of discipline and you are very good at judging people around you. There is also a feeling that you have a huge amount of natural ability and you may be a very capable worker. You also may have some kind of psychic ability as you are so perceptive. For this reason, however, you can also be difficult to read and you could come across as unnecessarily secretive or reserved. Your brain is wired towards mechanical problems and you are very good at problem-solving, even in very difficult situations. This goes hand in hand with your amazingly patient and focused nature. This can also make you quite intense, however.

On the flipside, you can be stubborn and you always bear a grudge which can come across as vengeful. You may find it hard to forgive and this causes resentment to build up. When you decide to exact your revenge on someone then you can be ruthless in your approach. This can also manifest in business as you can become obsessed with money and power and you will do anything to get it.

When you have health problems these tend to manifest as hemorrhoids or issues with constipation. This comes from your stress levels and your inability to let things go which affects your bodily functions. If you are unable to let go of your inner rage then may find you suffer from gallstones and kidney stones.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

If you have Saturn in Sagittarius then this makes you kind, philanthropic and charitable. You want to help others and lift them up in life. You are disciplined and systematic and believe in justice, and fairness. You also prize concepts such as trust, loyalty, respect, and honor and try to use these principles in your work life. There is also a sense that you are an independent thinker and amazingly persistent when it comes to work and life. You have a philosophical outlook and are interested in religious and spiritual concepts. It could be that you grow up a little later than some of your peers but when you reach full maturity you will become amazingly successful. In many ways you often feel responsible for others and you can be very generous with your time and resources. You have a great ability when it comes to science or any administrative tasks but to relax you may want to try meditation or yoga. There is also a sense that you need to look inside yourself for answers.

Health issues tend to be linked to your circulatory system, particularly in your legs and hip area. To combat this you need to walk regularly and make sure you get plenty of physical exercise. Also, make sure that you sleep in a well-ventilated room.

On the flip side, you tend to be selfish at times and you could be a pessimist. You are dogmatic in your beliefs sometimes but could also come across as rude, sarcastic and insincere. You have to see things before you can truly believe in them which clashes with your interest in philosophical ideas, religion, and spirituality.

Saturn in Capricorn:

Saturn in Capricorn makes you ambitious and controlled. You also have a great ability to organize your life. You are very disciplined and you are patient and not afraid to work hard to achieve your goals. There is a feeling that you have a very serious approach to your life and you prize concepts such as responsibility and duty to others under your care. This is linked to your belief that you may have to suffer a little in life in order to achieve your goals and you do not see happiness as the most important part of your end goal. This also means that you find it tricky to have a good work-life balance.

At work you are good at working on concrete tasks that you have adapted from an abstract idea. This also makes you feel lonely at times however and you could feel inadequate at work which is why you tend to work longer and harder than those around you.

Praise, prestige and social status are all very important to you and you may be ruthless in how you acquire these. This could cause you to act in negative ways which you feel are justified if you get what you want. This makes you selfish and your overriding desire for power and prestige will be a big theme in your life.

Saturn in Aquarius:

Saturn in Aquarius gives you a good dose of common sense. You are also a disciplined individual and you have a great inner strength which you can rely on. You are a natural humanitarian and you come across as friendly and sympathetic to others. That said you may find it hard to truly empathize with others close to you. One of your life lessons will be becoming more tolerant to people around you and you need to learn to forgive people who may have wronged you.

In your work life you are adept at organization and are incredibly disciplined. You are also able to think about and work with abstract and concrete ideas. In this sense, you have a lot of vision and are good at thinking up new ways of doing things. You see things in a different light to many other people which is why your ideas are often in great demand.

You can also be incredibly serious however and lack good social skills. You often come across as impersonal and aloof and you can be cold towards others. There is also a tendency for you to push your opinions onto others and you can be vindictive and uncaring when you feel that people don’t share your values. If people don’t support your wacky ideas and dreams then you can get stressed and become frustrated or even angry.

Saturn in Pisces:

With Saturn in Pisces, you struggle with boundaries and you lack organizational skills and discipline. You could lose sight of the big picture in your life and you could also lose your grip on projects and plans. You spend a lot of time in a dream world and this means that you often feel a little lost in life. There could be a sense that you don’t have a clear eye on your goals although you are also highly intuitive. With others you come across as sensitive, sympathetic and imaginative and you often put the needs of others before your own. There is a strong idealistic streak in you and this means that you often take things too seriously. You also often believe in the concept of karma and you could see struggles in your life as a sign that you are reaping the punishments of misdeeds in the past. This could well be the case as Saturn has a way of asking you to atone for anything you may have done in a past life. In some ways you are prone to melancholy more than the average person.

You also prefer to be in the background rather than in the limelight so jobs such as research are a good fit for you. On the flipside you can also be prone to mood swings and you lack the ability to make solid decisions. When you are annoyed you can be very emotional and take this out on people close to you. This sometimes also causes you to feel depressed and you can suffer for long periods of time if you feel that people have not been fair to you. There is a sense in your life that you need to have closure when it comes to the past and focus on a bright future. You need to try not to take on the burdens of others as this will actually mean that you are in a better place to help them. One of your missions in life will be to learn from your past and pass on this wisdom to others.

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