Sagittarius exhibits fiery quality in the sense that he is quite impatient with the details and considerably more concerned with the big picture. His optimistic energy is contagious and he spreads warmth most easily by teaching others to believe and hope. He requires freedom to explore the world and himself.

Sagittarius is fun and fun loving. They have an open heart and enthusiastic, he/she has much to offer the world and exudes a charisma that is much larger than life. He will find deep understandings of life's truth once he learns to show compassion with charisma.

Sagittarius, a mutable sign, is the most adaptable of the fire signs. Mutable signs are responsible for finishing up what the cardinal sign begins and what the fixed sign maintains. Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, he's constantly on a hunt for expansive and new experiences and horizons that will lead to this fulfillment and knowledge of who he is.

My father was a Sagittarius, & loved traveling  & exploring new ventures! We moved a lot when I was growing up & I now realize that is why I am a well rounded, diverse individual,  I make friends easily, & can strike up a conversation with others on almost any topic! I get that from my father who was not only a free spirit but also at the same time while discovering his own place in this world, made sure his children had the same opportunity of discovering who they were as well! More so this happened as we progressed into adults. While still at home, he did rule with a heavy hand! While now looking back, I realize if he had only more resources to discover himself & who he could have become in life, (ie...the internet) he'd of not been so deeply into his ridged thinking as he was.

I love him so deeply to this day, & I miss him more then my words can express. May he find in the universe whatever he seemed to be missing here on earth. Rest in peace my beloved father, I miss you & will always love you.


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