Sagittarius Tarot Card Reading~December~2016~Let Go of the Past~New is Coming in!

Sagittarius Tarot Card Reading~December~2016~Let Go of the Past~New is Coming in!

The Moon~Dec~1st~12th

Sagittarius, your mood, for this month is changeable, a lot of you are feeling something is not as it should be. Your wanting your dreams to go smoothly, you have a feeling that’s not going to be happening! For many of you, I feel you are very disappointed in a relationship you thought would work out but it hasn’t. Many of you are going to be having altercations at work! Spirit is telling me, you are looking for answers, don’t give up Sagittarius, you are closer than you think in getting those answers. However not without some difficulty! You are going to have to horn in on your emotions at this time, they are out of sync. Sagittarius, many of you are going to be crushed… I’m seeing huge disappointments. Something you counted on is going to fall thru, I see you completely devastated. Many of you are going to have your sleeping patterns disrupted. I feel a lot of you Sagittarius, are not allowing something to end. This is causing you problems. Once you figure out what the issue is… I see you breaking into the light of a new day! As the saying goes, endings are usually sad, beginning are usually scary, it’s the middle we all need to enjoy. Sagittarius, at this time your best success will come when you put your pessimism or insecurities behind you! You will emerge into a much happier and stronger person! Because Sagittarius, you are a happy go lucky individual by nature!

King of Pentacles~Dec~12th~Dec~24th

Sagittarius, I feel at this time many of you will be making money, you’re freeing up your subconscious mind and letting go of the old, this is in enabling you to bring in the new! You will be more successful! I do see many of you reuniting with an old flame! For those of you who are already in a relationship I feel the give-and-take is lacking, all of your efforts to communicate is to no avail. Many of you will be getting positive news on your work this will be from a very influential person!


I do feel Sagittarius, you’ve been under the weather, expect a strong comeback! Many of you are going to be involved with the public and it will be successful! I do see regrets, pain, something that’s caused a lot of sorrow is coming to an end. Sagittarius, you are beginning to let the past go. Many of you, although not all of you, are completing something very important, you will be closing that door you will begin new in a positive direction! Many of you will be surrounded by very influential friends you will be getting commissions, new business assignments, money will begin to flow in for you Sagittarius! Again, it’s only when you let go of the old, and let the new come in, will you begin new!


The Eight of Wands~Dec~24th~Dec~31st

Get ready Sagittarius! For many of you, you will be so surprised by a romantic introduction this will take you completely by surprise… very positive! If you are single make sure you get out there and mingle! I see lots of phone calls coming in, lots of messages, you are out and about! Your business, or the business you work for can expect a great boom and sudden progress profitable returns at this time. Many of you are in a very positive frame of mind! I see for many of you Sagittarius you’re going to be getting a sudden improvement in your finances, tremendous amounts of activity, I see many of you very happy at this time! For many of you, new ideas, opportunities concerning your business, are coming into the forefront! You are moving back into the flow of life Sagittarius! I see many of you coming close to obtaining your goals, no need to be anxious at this time Sagittarius! At this point in time many of you Sagittarius have set the ball in motion & will reap the rewards!

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