Sagittarius Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Money & Things to take care of!

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Sagittarius Tarot Card Reading September 2016!

Two of Cups, Sept 1st-15th

Sagittarius, you have the two of cups, I see the focus is on relationships, physical unions, assistance, romance, I see many of you right now are wanting to resolve some kind of a problem, some kind of an estrangement. I see you’re having to make a choice right now regarding this! I see the choices are between carrying on with two different relationships, I am seeing that one of these relationships are old, I’m seeing one of these relationships are new, have to make a decision Sagittarius! For most of you the decision is going to be to leave the new!

Also you know a lot of you are wanting make a move into a bigger area…. I’m seeing work area, I’m seeing business, your wanting to get into a larger pond where there’s more of a audience to work with – for example! A larger audience where visibility or public demand is going to ensuring your success at this time! I am also seeing for some of you, and please remember this is a general tarot card reading… this will not fit everyone, if you would like your own tarot card reading please go to the bottom of this page I am offering a special at this time or go to my services and rates and see what I have to offer. Some of you are super concerned right now either about your own well-being, health, or somebody else at this time. I see you talking to doctors, possibly nurses, I know that some of you Sags are contemplating on legal action… on a personal injury case. Also I want to tell you for many of you I see some money coming through possibly through your business, maybe a business partner.  I’m seeing some type of type of the financial problem that has cost you a lot of worry… I want you to know it’s going to be resolved. And also I do see some anxiety for many of you Sagittarius, you have problems right now, you have issues, something to do with business, perhaps a business associate is causing you trouble? I see some issue around a business associate.

I’m also seeing many of you are going to be getting some much needed help from someone, something, some news, that you least expected. I do see you getting some assistance, perhaps an increase in your finances, I see your professional life being assisted with some help that is much needed at this time! I want to say you need to ask for other people’s support at this time in your work or career area. Any fear, lack of faith at this time will turn you away from your chosen path, that’s because you’re not trusting where you’re being led.

Tarot Card Reading, Eight of Cups, Sept 15th -22nd

At this time Sagittarius I do want you to know that some of you that are having some issues they are going to end on a positive note, you’re going to find yourself moving into a different, new direction. A lot of you Sagittarius you’re not understanding the situation I feel that some of you are in at this time. There does come a time where we feel confused, we don’t know which way to go! Sometimes remembered that, a lot of times I feel a lot of you are making mountains out of mole heels at this time. Meditation will do you wonders! Close your eyes see the end result in your mind feel it with your being, don’t worry about the beginning, or the end, the universe will take care of that part! You only job is to meditate and see the end result you are wanting at this time, this is magic!

For some of you I do see your work area, rather thats a business of your own or someone else’s… I do see you expanding now… I do see your skills will be sought after, in demand but you’re going to have to make a decision relating to  something…  I do see for some of you a personal loss at this time. I see some of you making a decision to end a personal relationship, your moving on… you’ll accept the person as a friend, yes, but you do not want this person as  a lover, or a life time partner! I’m getting the feeling  that you are waiting for some type of news… that could cause you to look at alternative places to live. I’m also getting some of you will be having problems with your eyes, I feel either it’s an infection, or perhaps you’re just needing some new reading glasses. I do see that a lot of you are going to be feeling the lack of money at this time I see a lot of expenses, a lot of bills to be paid. I do see you taking care of this Sagittarius with ease! I see many of you making money at some type of a new business. Money is coming, you’re going to get some money… I see something about a financial settlement! You’ll be really lucky with the arrival of money! Also a lot of you are thinking the universe/god is against you now, that is not true! A few of you have simple lost your way! I want to say meditate it is such a simple thing to do and it brings such powerful results!

The Hierophant Sept 22nd-30th

The last tarot card I pulled is the Hieropophant! Right now for many of you Sagittarius your focus is on establishments, organizations, critical figures that you align yourself with, I feel a lot of you are searching for truth, understanding right now… you’re searching for new thinking, some new opportunities. I do see many of you are wanting to get rid of something that is restricting you from having what you want at this time. This is a perfect opportunity for many of you who have not got a significant other, this is a perfect opportunity to meet somebody right now so make sure you get out and enjoy life! I do see some unexpected romance opportunities at this time Sagittarius! I see many of you having to deal with something that needs to be fixed, something in your home, I see that you may be unable to do this kind of work but I want you to know you’re going to get a great deal hiring a contractor! Also Sagittarius some of you are feeling that your work is a pain, I see some of you wanting to give up, but you’re not going to give up…you will push through! I just see you running up against unforeseen obstacles at this time for some of you! I want you to know that you’re going to find a better opportunity. I see a lot of you concentrating right now on a
work! I do see a lot of you coming to the understanding that you’re not going take anymore crap from people! You have had it! You are going to reassess your situation around you at this time anybody that you feel is not inspiring enough, or who is demeaning to you, you’re going to get them out of your life!

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