Sagittarius September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipses with a Wicked Twist!

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Sagittarius September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipses with a Wicked Twist!

Sagittarius, September is a happening month for you! We’ve got two eclipses in the month of September, and an extra new moon at the end of September! A solar eclipse new moon will be in your 10th house Sagittarius, the 10th house is Capricorn, Saturn rules that house! A new moon is usually new beginnings, however, Mercury is retrograde until September 22, 2016. Very confusing Sagittarius! With Mercury retrograde from August 30, until September 22, it’s a time to go back over our goals, redo things, take a second peak at where we’ve been. And we have a solar eclipse on September 1st, screaming new beginnings! Confusing! If you can possibly hold off anything new, launching anything new, until after September 22, I feel you will be better off. But if you have a burning desire with this Solar Eclipse on September 1st, 2016, as it is a very powerful one, then by all means go for it very carefully. Get a second pair of eyes, and a second pair of ears, if you absolutely have to begin anything new at this time. With that said, I feel that this new solar eclipse in your 10th house Sagittarius with Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus, all in your 10th house, Sagittarius, a lot of you are putting your main focus on your career at this time. I feel this is a time Sagittarius your attention will turn toward your profession, career, social status, and reputation. It’s a time when you are going to be working very hard to move ahead in your area of expertise. With this transit I feel many of you will get recognized for what you have accomplished! I feel many of you will get a promotion at work, public recognition, or possibly the admirabilities of your peers at this time. It does depend on what Jupiter is transiting in your natal chart. I feel many of you will feel more confident about yourself and where you’re going in life. Some of you I’m getting the feeling , will change your career at this time, you’ll change it to something that more works with Jupiter, medicine and healing, the law, higher education, and travel. Please be aware this is a general forecast for all Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising, I say invest in yourself and get your own horoscope reading to know how the transits that I am explaining will affect your natal birth chart. What do the eclipses hold in store for you? What will the Solar Eclipses be making an aspect to in your chart?

September 2, will be somewhat stressful because the sun and Neptune and Saturn are in hard aspects to each other causing delays, mix-ups, and even scandals. The driving force of this three-way alignment is Neptune, Neptune is strong right now as it’s in the sign of Pisces. This is a three-part alignment and they’re all problematic. We have Saturn square to the sun, that signals slowdowns and obstacles. Neptune is opposed your sun so that will leave you in a brain fog that makes it hard to see the correct path at this time. And Saturn is squaring Neptune for the second time this year that’s another indication of conflict between what is real and what is not. With all of this, it adds up to a huge loud warning that this is a time with hidden dangers. Sagittarius the best thing is to stay calm and stay under the radar. While a lot of this may be happening in your outer world meaning, in our economy, Sagittarius you’re the sign of digging in learning more, do be careful when trying to take any source of information from television newscast, what they say is not necessarily always true. More times than not it is false. Get on the Internet and find a reliable source for your news that is happening in our economy.

Sagittarius you do have a trine on September 7 between the
Sun and Pluto, this is an awesome opportunity to successfully manage details of any project you have going, or, for relationships. On September 9, Jupiter goes into the sign of Libra, Jupiter will be in Libra for a year! Jupiter in Libra, for the next year will bring good fortune and blessings to you Sagittarius! Especially if you’re born with a Libra sun, a Libra moon, or a Libra ascendant.

On September 16, you will have a lunar eclipse in your fourth house in the sign of Pisces. The fourth house is our home, the home we came from, and the home we make for ourselves. It represents a time when we settle back into ourselves. The lunar eclipse the full moon, is all about endings Sagittarius I do feel some project that you have been working on in your home or around your home is ending now. So something new can come in! It could also be children moving out of your home, going off to collage, something related to your home 4th house is going to end. I also see Real Estate issues for many of you now. New beginnings will be coming in!

September 22nd Mercury goes direct! Mercury makes a trine with Pluto on September 20th while it is still retrograde, then again September 23rd, it’s trine Pluto when it is direct. This is rare and has a twofold effect on sharpening our wits and energizing our brainpower. I feel for you Sagittarius many of you are going to be possessed by some kind of an idea that crowds every other thought out of your mind at this time! On September 22 you have Jupiter conjunct your sun in the sign of Libra in your 10th house of career! This is a superb combination of power and luck it only happens once a year and it’s an all clear for growth and expansion in all areas of your life Sagittarius! On September 23, Venus is entering the sign of Scorpio in your 11th house Sagittarius 11th house is our hopes our wishes and our dreams, our friends. But beyond that the 11th house is also the house that shows how we deal with groups of people. So it does have some relation to business affairs as well. Also if you didn’t know this since it is the second house from the 10th, it can indicate money directly earn from career matters. But, what I see for you Sagittarius with Venus in that 11th house, I see your taste will tend to center around anything that is pleasant! You’re in the mood for beauty now! We have a new Libra moon on September 30 new beginning Sagittarius! No stop signs, Mercury went direct September 22! Sagittarius, you have the sun, the new moon, Jupiter, Mercury, all in your 10th house with career this new moon will bring balance and harmony! Whatever plan you made during Mercury retrograde go for it now Sagittarius you have the green light!

Prosperity and Peace Affirmation: I wanted to leave you with a prosperity and peace affirmation, super powerful, you are to do this on Sept, 18, 2016. It is the day of international peace. Please ensure that you have a small piece of tumbled amethyst, lavender-scented oil, and neroli oil.
Begin by anointing the amethyst, with the neroli and lavender oil, and then anoint yourself with both oils. The amethyst in your receiving hand. Take a deep and complete breath to center yourself, and then merge with the goddesses and gods of prosperity and peace. Next, say this affirmation out loud: I am at peace with myself and my world, and I am empowered by defined prosperity and abundance, today and every day. Blessed be the Goddess and God!
Repeat this affirmation at least eight times throughout the day on this international day of peace. Continue saying the affirmation for the next 28 days (a moon cycle) for best results.

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