Sagittarius June 2016 Horoscope Predictions!

Sagittarius, A Time Of Purging & Re-Grouping!

Hi there Sagittarius! Wow! Lets dig in here shall we! For the beginning of the month you will have the Sun, Venus, & the New Moon all in the sign of Gemini in your 7th house of Relationships! What’s it mean? Lets see!

On June 4th, 2016, the Sun & Venus will be conjunct in your 7th house along with the new moon! Do not forget to write down all you wishes as the new moon is all about new beginnings! Keep a vision board in front of you with all your hopes & wishes on it so you are able to see it each day reminding you of what you are wanting to see manifest in your life for the year! Very powerful! With the Sun & Venus conjunct the sun being our source of energy & enlightenment, & Venus is love & money, Venus in your 7th house represents the Empress in the Tarot. she rules the mother. And the Sun in the gift of Light. With both we have the possibility of bringing on a new love interest in your life at this time! Mark this date down as date night & be sure to get out and mingle! You have the New Moon again, bringing new opportunities, new beginnings!! With the new moon in your 7th house of relationships Sagittarius, it will strengthen your relationships with your loved ones more so now. But beware some of you may have confrontations with with women now then ever before being both positive & negative!

Mercury which went direct on May 22nd, 2016, he is in your 6th house June 1st, 2016, Whats it mean regarding the Tarot? Mercury represents the Magician. In astrology Mercury rules Gemini, & Gemini loves to talk! Mercury rules both Gemini & Virgo! It signifies multitasking so Mercury rules the Lovers Card as well regarding the Tarot! The 6th house is where you are busy with things like services to others/work, & your health! This is a excellent time for all mental work! You are wanting everything you do now to be perfect! And at this time you are more then willing to see that it is! Just be careful now not to be criticizing others! Also, regarding your health now as the 6th house also rules health, if your Mercury is afflicted & I cannot see that with-out your Natal Chart,  this will most likely reflect as nervousness or anxious about something going on in your natal chart. Please understand, to honestly know what is going on with you, I do need your natal chart to put with the transits I am blogging on now, I am offering a two questions reading of your most pressing issues for $35, please do see my Services/Rates, or you may purchase at the bottom of this blog via Pay-Pal I have a link. Also, I am not a doctor, if I do see something health wise in your chart I will alert you to go to the doctor!

Mars is retrograde in your 12th house, he was in your 1st, now Mars has retro’d back to your 12th house of Secrets! Pisces rules the 12th house, & Neptune rules Pisces! Mars is wanting to make sure you go back over anything that you have not dealt with & make it good, make it right! At this time I’m sure a whole lot of you are feeling a wee bit cranky! Everything is at a snail crawl! Mars is sleeping, he is our energy! Our push! And he’s taking a vacation on us all now! Mars in the Tarot rules The Tower!! So it goes with-out saying that Mars in the 12th house can be a difficult transit indeed. If not handle with the OT most care that is! Again, I have to say this goes with your natal chart showing any afflictions to Mars! This also can be a time when you Sagittarius will not get credit for the things that you do. This can be a time when you feel irritable & not so good! Remember, this feeling is simply the psychological expression of repressed energies that are in you & are not apparent to you so therefor you are unaware of them at this time!

On June 4th, 2016, also I want to add Jupiter will still be in your 9th house for alot of Sagittarius, depending on if your birthday is early, middle, or later in the month, some of you will have her in your 10th house of careers now! But we will talk about Jupiter in your 9th house Sag, which Jupiter rules you! This is super good! Jupiter expanse & is money! Some of you I do see will travel, or higher education is in focus with some of you, also some of you may find that spirituality may be in focus now. Jupiter is making an aspect to Saturn now, with this you will find yourself working patiently, & slowly (Mars retro) building something up. Now keep in mind with this Jupiter transit you will not feel like being around others! You will want to be by yourselves! And that’s OK! Why? Because this is a time that you will be able to focus more on what you want to do, make a plan that best fits you! The seclusion now is most beneficial for you Sagittarius! Please do remember Saturn is in your 2nd house of finances, Saturn in general, he does rule the material world, Jupiter rules growth, this is not a time to allow for any material expansions!

On June 18th you will have the full moon in your first house. The full moon is a time of endings, something you have been working on is near completion. It is good to let what-ever is ending now end, hanging onto it will not serve you! Let the new in!

Toward the end of the month Venus will have moved into your 8th house & will be making a aspect to Uranus. Uranus in your 4th house, (again, depending on where your birthday falls, beginning, middle, or end of Sagittarius, Uranus may be in your 5th house) This will be a very pleasant day to do something totally different then the norm! At this time you are bored with your daily routine & want to mix it up with stimulating ventures. This is a transit that will bring excitement into your life! Plan on getting out and about at this time you will be more then happy you did so!

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