Sagittarius July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

Sagittarius July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

“Ace of Swords”, “The Hanged Man”, “Eight of Wands”

For the first two weeks in July, 2016, Sagittarius, we have the Ace of Swords! The power of Air!

The Ace of Swords symbolizes in Astrology all the powers of air! Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The Ace of Swords stands to the season of “Spring”!

I see many of you Sagittarius, wanting satisfaction in regards to your career, some recognition, you are wanting personal satisfaction. I see someone expressing an interest in you Sagittarius, in the work area, yes they love your work, but, they like you to! I see super strong emotions now….I see some of you are married, but, your thinking about leaving due to the new love! Interesting!

For some of you I see very tense conditions surrounding home now. Tension coming in I think this may have to do with you, Sag, wanting more freedom, your significant other isn’t liking this! It’s threatening to them, they feel as if they may lose you if you are wondering to far! I see some of this as justified reasoning to Sagittarius! I see some of you making a decision to move into a less hostile environment in regards to your home & significant other. For the time being anyway. I will tell you I do see tension related to your finances, your edgy, touchy now. I do see some of you saying to hell with it, & engaging in drinking in places other than your home.

Now at the same time I do see things getting lighter for some of you, some of you are going to expand your business now, & your on target to increase you income. Your thinking is clearing up. I also see a clear new career opportunity is coming in. Good fortune is coming! I’m getting could be thru some associates of yours. I see you getting something you want now. you’re on a roll, nothing can defeat you!

“The Hanged Man” Sagittarius coming the middle of July, 2016!

In astrology The Hang Man stands for the planet Neptune!

Neptune is the planet of spiritual & psychic enlightenment! Neither one Neptune nor The Hang Man are very good at establishing boundaries. I see many of you seeking refuge in alcohol & drugs now. I see a time of suspension of everyday cares now, along with concerns. You are retreating Sagittarius, Neptune rules Pisces & the 12th house in Astrology, where astrologers will look for secrets, hidden deep away. Confined, locked away, like one being in a prison, hospital, mental institution, in medicine, Neptune is associated with mysterious illnesses, & neuroses. The Hangman does relate to the element of water. Yes, I see your focus now your life, way of thinking, I see you feel as if your dreams no longer seem real, things are looking hopeless to you, meaningless. I see some of you wondering what your lover is going to do now. the relationship you are in has become a chore. (This is a general reading ! if you are wanting one more personal to “YOU”, please order my 2 card tarot reading) I see sadness, either from a lover, or perhaps a family member? Sad.

Related to your business, work, I do see alot of you having repeat clients, also along with increased money! But yet, your afraid to, your afraid that you will not be able to sustain yourself in the future with this career, work. You are in need Sagittarius of rest now. Get rid of the ones who take your energy, vampires is what they are called! They are taking from you, giving you nothing back, it’s really taking a toll on you Sagittarius! I see someone taking more than their fair share now to. This is related to finances. When you are able to rid yourselves of the vampires Sagittarius, I see a new life emerging for you. I see financial increases for you. I see things coming into frustration for you. I see you reversing a negative trend! I see problems will start to come to an end!

“Eight of Wands” coming toward the end of July Sagittarius!

The Eight of Wands refers to Mercury in Sagittarius! You Sag, you are the sign of long distance travel,  philosophy, & higher education! Sagittarius rules the 9th house, it’s also known as the house of publication! I do see this for some of you! I see many of you traveling for work now, I see a new way is coming into focus for some of you also, meaning, you may travel in something other than what you have been, I see you can expect great fortune in business now, I see a sudden boom for many of you now! I see you in a more positive frame of mind! I see lots of money coming in related to your work, possible from proceeds of some sort. Things are set in motion now Sagittarius!

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