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The Rising Signs or astrological ascendants of individuals are hard to locate if there is not enough information as to the time, day, year and month of birth, their location and time zone. In astrology, it is important to know a person’s astrological ascendants as your guide in astrological reading. By having a bit of information about the rising sign, you will have an idea of what your astrologer is saying. Like in the Catholic faith where they believe in the Trinity, there is also a trinity in astrology, which is made of the Sun sign, Moon sign and the Ascendant, or the Rising Sign. If you love reading and are inquisitive about horoscopes, keep reading:

The astrological Ascendants are determined by the degree to which your astrological sign is located on the horizon within a 2-hour window of your birth. They serve as your outer most tendencies that lurk behind your face. It is how the people interpret your personality based on your looks & what you want the world to see and not on your true self. By having knowledge of your Rising Sun, you will know at once how your horoscope reading is very similar to what you are in real life.

The ascendant is right on the cusp of the first house of the horoscope, where it can give information on your appearance including your skin color, height, weight, and handicap. The ascendant at work is the first impression that people see you when you meet, so take a peek at how your rising sign/ascendant & see what you are showing the world! There are many times than not, you will find your rising sign/ascendant, fits you so much better than your sun-sign!

Aries Rising

People with this sign are good conversationalists and initiate the talk at first meeting. Although they are temperamental, they easily forget and forgive those who wronged them. They love to flatter you with their complements, which maybe often misunderstood by your friend because you say and do things without thinking.  Aries Rising people are generally friendly, outgoing, impulsive and restless. They want to be leaders instead of followers. Most of them have rosy complexions and have a scar on their faces or head, Mars rules Aries.

Taurus Rising

Taurus ascendant people are calm even in times of trouble. This is because they hide their real feelings. Generally, they are kindhearted, gentle and would love to give an unsolicited advice.  They are good listeners and talk when they are sure of what they want to say. As a reliable and trusted person, Taurus ascendants see to it that everything is alright even in the worst situation. Their kissable lips are their distinguishing mark aside from their short to middle height. Venus rules Taurus.

Gemini Rising

They are curious, inquisitive and they love to experiment and investigate anything they want to discover. As smart people, they are not easily distracted when they are focused on their work. However, they can be upset with people who have low IQs.  They become fidgety, easily get bored and want to be busy at all times. They have good communication skills and smart. Most of these people have pretty fingers and hands; they are slim, tall and, fast moving.

Cancer Rising

Cancer ascendants are caring people, as they are the mothers of the horoscope. They easily adapt to changes and new environs. They love to see the world by traveling and always in the front despite their retiring personality. They are gifted with psychic ability, strong emotions, cheerful, and pleasant disposition. Their life is focused on their family, have a good memory and they seem shy.  They are charming and tend to be obese. They have to be watchful of their diet. Their faces are round in shape.

Leo Rising

People with this ascendant are generous, good-natured, frank and forceful. They are the source of inspiration and goodwill. They live on their own and they are good leaders. They are passionate, sunny and showy when it comes to their charitable work. They tend to be philosophical and follow their ideals. As a charismatic leader, they carry themselves with grace despite pressure. They are also active in sports and love to splurge in high- end fashion and luxurious jewelry.

Virgo Rising

People with Virgo ascendants have a high IQ, talkative, and they don’t stop learning. Because they are voracious readers, they have worries about their health, and so concerned about their hygiene and diet. As hard workers and meticulous, they are organized in all aspects. They are thoughtful, modest, and cautious of their actions.  They are diplomatic, trustworthy and do not splurge on luxurious things. They think first before they do. They are medium in height, & will look slim, also they look 10 years younger then they are.

Libra Rising

These people tend to be dramatic and attention- getter. As social butterflies and outgoing, people love them because they are easy to deal with. They appreciate music, the arts, beauty, culture, fashion, makeup, literature, and DIY. They want to live a peaceful life, away from trouble and they want spic and span.  They are naturally ambitious people and want to become leaders without stepping on another’s shoes. They look charming because of their pretty dimples on their face. They want to share a task with a partner.

Scorpio Rising

They seem to be mysterious people. They are difficult to read as they can hide their own feelings. They are serious, sensitive and they are gifted with psychic abilities.  As a friend, Scorpio Rising are loyal, sincere and sentimental. Sometimes they become suspicious and sarcasm is not new to them. As strong-willed people, they are achievers in their chosen field. They want to win in every endeavor. When it comes to literature and movies, they love detective and mysteries. They can make use of their ability in machinery and science as engineers, chemists, doctors, and nurses. They sport long dark hair, lots of hair for blonde and can have facial hair.


Sagittarius Rising

As independent-minded people, Sagittarius Rising is jolly and easy to get along with. They are not judgmental. They love to surf the net to increase their knowledge about culture, religion, and history of different countries. This is why they love traveling and want to indulge in business and pursue their professional career as lawyers, prosecutors or judges. They could be frank, impulsive and outspoken, but they treat everyone fairly. They also love the outdoors. They are tall and slim. Sometimes they tend to hurt their own selves.

Capricorn Rising

They are dignified, serious, mature and contemplative. They think first before talking and taking an action as they are very cautious. As ambitious people, they will succeed in any business enterprises. They are very patient, organized, and persistent and always plan their schedule to finish what they have started. Although they are not showy, they are loving and caring people. They are independent, strong-willed and they are interested in religion and science. The Capricorn rising people can experience disappointments and delays in some part of their lives, but will never give up. For their health, they have to eat foods high in calcium because of joint and knee problems.

Aquarius Rising

They are advocates of peace and order. They are smart and have good reasoning abilities. They rally against defects in society. Often they are thought of as eccentrics, but full of ideas.  Aquarius rising people are sometimes called universal friends because they are not choosy as to who they befriend. As ambassadors of goodwill, they like to make reforms in other people’s lives. They are known for their generosity and pleasant disposition. They are gifted with flawless skin and wear clothes differently.

Pisces Rising

They love to daydream and turn them into reality.  As psychics, they can read minds and sensitive to other’s feelings.  They are shy, modest and reluctant. They are also into the arts and music and most of them are known, artists and musicians. They easily get tired, so they need to have more time to sleep and relax, like swimming, boating or water sports.  They love to work where they can help other people, like social services.  Their eyes are sea green or soulful blue. Since they are mysterious and sensitive, they can be an excellent book author or narrator.

This blog post was created by JOYCELYN CHAN YAP! Thank you!! If you have a love of Astrology & would like to write a post for Bree, please email Bree!

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