Recession is coming!! December 2018 USA Predictions by Bree

Slow down coming in, unfortunately!! Tighten your belts we have a rocky road ahead!

In my Oct ~ Nov, 2018, predictions I stated I saw a lot of crazy issues going on, & that I saw a landslide for the Republicans, (Please note: I’m an Independent) the Repubs took the Senate, there has not been anything like it in 100 years. But we also see crazy issues happening in FL. While I will not complete a separate horoscope for FL, (way too much work) I’m seeing this tie in with what I wrote below. Also note, now is the time to cut back on any debt, we have a recession coming in. As always, it will be good for some & not so good for others. Honestly, it depends on one’s own horoscope/astrology chart & what aspect is made in your natal chart to your natal planets. Not trying to drum up business, I’m stating a fact. 

Also, it would be very beneficial to read “Uranus in Taurus”what’s coming!! New: Please see my timeline of Recession/Depression.

1st ~ 2nd

1st ~ Venus enters the sign of Scorpio & Sun square Mars

Venus in Scorpio is a detriment, Venus does not agree with a world ruled by Mars, as Mars is forceful, aggressive, Venus is love. Sun square Mars on the same day will give the flavor of a warlike feeling, disputes, but we need to remember Mars in the sign of Pisces is not well placed. Pisces is a sensitive & psychic sign, Mars is aggressive, fiery, so the dance for power is drowned in Pisces. Look for warlike aggression, disputes….. but, even though there will be warlike aggression, it will not get off the ground.

3rd ~ 9th

Sun square Neptune ~ Feeling tired anyone? Immune system compromised? This is why! Not only that but in  World (Mundane) astrology this square creates misfortune, a downfall, collapse, but do note since the Sun is in the USA 1st house this square will not be a complete collapse or downfall. With that said, look for anything related to news in newspapers, & the like to lose even more than before favoring with the people. Also, the market will turn south on anything related to oil, autos, trains, phones, & the like,  (transportation/communication) but again, not a total collapse! The USA Sun in the 1st house will see that we the people are protected.  (Not a total collapse by any means. But a start none the less.)

6th ~ Mercury direct.

7th ~ New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius in the USA 1st house! Many changes will come to look for lots of activity!

Also, that same day, we have a Mars & Neptune conjunct in the USA 3rd house. Remember Mars in the sign of Pisces weakens it, with that said, look for issues with democratic movements, I’m seeing defeats &/or, the arousing of contention. The 3rd house in Mundane Astrology rules over postal, railroads, communication, newspapers, & stocks & shares related to them. Poisons, secret movements, crime, fraud coming to light.

10th ~ 16th ~

12th ~ I’m looking at a sign change for Mercury, he will enter the sign of Sagittarius, be careful what you say, think before speaking, also watch your pocketbook when it comes to holiday spending! Jupiter rules Sagittarius making one feel their pocketbooks are fuller when indeed they are not! Curb the spending or face the possibility of overspending & not being able to pay bills!! As in the theme every holiday in my household 😊

15th ~ Sun-Moon square! Spirits may need a boost on this day, do something fun!

17th ~ 23rd ~

20th ~ Sun trine Uranus,  which is a good thing, I’m seeing this to be very fortunate for our government, strengthening & promotes reforms, & a passage of legislation. I see power infused in our country. BUT on another note, I want to say I’m seeing the South Node in the sign of Capricorn in the USA 2nd house & the North Node in the sign of Cancer in the USA 8th  house, Uranus squaring them both departing by one degree. This also has an effect on the USA money & other’s money, as well as housing, agriculture, crops, because Uranus is in the USA 4th house in the sign of Aries. This combination is also one of the reasons housing has been declining, mortgages harder to obtain, appraisals coming in low. Saturn demands accountability, structure. Look for more of the same for a while, housing prices going down, & the like. But do note, better structures are coming in. Not all is lost, for every loss, there will be gain. I do see when this area is reconstructed & make no doubt it will be, & it will be favorable for the people, all will have the opportunity to purchase a home within one’s budget & at a “VERY” affordable price well within the margin of profitability. As Saturn demands it be done slowly & carefully, so do expect this to be lasting, but not done quickly. Then & only then will Saturn reward. Give Saturn structure that will last & he’s happy, rewards are forthcoming.

22nd ~ Full Moon (Cold Moon)  0 degrees Cancer in the USA 7th house. Things do ramp up a week before a full moon, this full moon will be no different. We also have Mercury square Neptune. Let’s dissect this into small pieces so we’re able to digest a wee bit better.

Full Moon in the USA’s 7th house (again matters will start a week before) at 0 degrees Cancer. I’m seeing war-like atmosphere due to the angular houses. Either actual war or danger of war. There will definitely be a martial spirit causing unrest. I’m seeing army, navy, troubles, deaths or some kind of a disaster will occur in connection with one of them. 0 & 29 degrees are very critical degrees. I’m seeing disorder, confusion, delay.

Neptune & Mercury square, I’m seeing anything related to communication transportation affected. Blackmail, cases of scandal, mysterious crimes, possible failures of legislative measures.

Also, the weather will be crazy, cold, damp, lots of water, precip, I’m also seeing an earthquake in the USA homeland. How bad, I’m unsure, but because of the angular houses, and critical degrees with this full moon, I am seeing earthquakes & it will bring chaos. One week before.

Everyone, things will get so much better honestly they will remember we have to break a few eggs in order to get there! Nothing worth having is easy, as we all know that! But do know so much better days are coming for us, so much happiness & love will soon replace this chaotic world we live in now! But for now, do look for issues, to ramp up, chaos to infuse us, but with better days ahead, not soon of course, but do know they are coming!

24th ~ 31st ~

24th/25th, Merry Christmas!! I wish everyone the “Merriest of Christmases’” hug each other & wish each other happiness! Smile & rejoice!

As another year comes to a close, & the beginning of a new year approaches, I wish everyone love, peace, & happiness & a most prospers New Year!!

Please do look for my January Newsletter full of vital information regarding our Solar Eclipse on January 5th, 2019, as well as Saturn getting ready to conjunct our USA 2nd house cusp, the end of December 2018, will be the start of a recession, but in all honesty, it really matters how this is playing out in your natal chart! It’s not a one size fits all!

Many blessings, Bree

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