Recession/Depression/Stock Market Crash!! Buckle Down! 2019 ~ 2022!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

For the USA/Global predictions for March 2020 please click: March 2020 

December 2020, early 2021, that is when I’m seeing a depression coming in, a total Stock Market Crash! Miss for me…read on down to answer why! “Massive… Huge… Largest Ever”: Fed Will Flood Market With Gargantuan $500 Billion In Liquidity To Avoid Year-End Repo Crisis

What’s coming in & what’s being taken when it leaves…you will want to be prepared!! Please see the dates below of what’s to come beforehand!

Always remember out of the chaos comes sweetness!! We just have to get there, until that happens, being prepared means your smart!!

If you take a closer look at the economic happenings in the world and compare the planetary aspects, there is a strong correlation between them. Astrologers believe that whatever movements on the planet, the trends in the economy could also be affected. When there is planetary harmony, expect the economy to improve and stabilize; while planets that are positioned at an angle brings disturbance, chaos, and doubts, could in effect result in social unrest, discord that may affect the economic trend and the stock market.

ADDED: Neptune went retrograde on June 21st, 2019, until November 27th, 2019, Things hidden will come to light.

The planet Neptune rules our fantasy, our creative side. Dreamworld. Neptune also has a darker side that comes out to play, which produces deceptions, denial, & delusions. Look for issues in yourself & surroundings, one’s refusal for taking care of business, financial & relationships, closing your eyes, ignoring portentous issues that need one’s attention. 
Neptune is not of this earth. It is known to loom in the background, in the shadows, like a termite destroying wood only to discover the damage after the fact.
Neptune is one of the strongest planets related to cancer, sometimes hidden, until too late.  
Tip: If you have a natal Neptune or transiting Neptune in your 6th house of health, always, always. seek more than one opinion on health-related issues, always! Also, if Neptune (Pisces) in on your 6th house cusp. (Coronavirus came to light)

NOTE: If you are looking for June/July 2016 please scroll way down ~ I moved them to the bottom of the post.

December 26, 2019, Solar Annular Eclipse  

For the USA/Global predictions for March 2020 please click: March 2020 

Solar Annular Eclipse in the USA first house, 4° of Capricorn. And so, the parties kick into high gear, I mean the real agonizing, gut-wrenching, declining, obstruction, unhappy people, there will be. Everyone has had a very long time to get ready for what the energies are bringing in, the only reason people would not be ready is that they’re not paying attention, or they think it will not happen! Look at you & the world, it’s happening. 

I’m seeing national issues at this time, I’m seeing government suffering, this is very, very, unfortunate for national health, & success of the USA.  The Eclipse in a cardinal sign, Capricorn, Saturn rules, Saturn respects obedience, hard work, and not receiving something for nothing. Saturn does not like change. Saturn loves tradition! Jupiter is 1° separating from this Eclipse, this eclipse will take on the flavor of Jupiter. Pluto known as the destroyer is helping tear down & will build up to fit the people. Uranus demands what is taking place, I’ve put links below so you can read on what Uranus in Taurus means, (I highly suggest you do) this same set up happened in 1929 (The Great Depression.) History repeats itself now. Although I feel we have so many safety nets in place now, I do not look for it to get anywhere near what it was like in 1929 ~ 1939. (December 2020, early 2021, that is when I’m seeing a depression coming in, a total Stock Market Crash!) Markets are being held up: (Read here on the REPO window very telling on the USA stock market, economy.)

For the USA/Global predictions for March 2020 please click: March 2020 

“Massive… Huge… Largest Ever”: Fed Will Flood Market With Gargantuan $500 Billion In Liquidity To Avoid Year-End Repo Crisis

Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is in its fall in Capricorn, Jupiter’s expansiveness will be held down by Saturn’s cautiousness. So I’m not looking for money to be printed at this time. What should have happened in the 2008/2009, USA economy will now happen.

Capricorn (Saturn) is known for a sign that deals with economic power structures, political, leadership, ambition, and status, agriculture, land. & cold! (Especially when Saturn goes into the sign of Aquarius) 

The election-year; 2019/2020,

We will begin to feel the USA declining. (election year) Be careful of deception, things hidden, dig for the truth! I realize in between all that I’ve said there are opportune times to start great things, I will of course in my monthly horoscope tell of such times. I just wanted to complete the “Meat” of what I see transpiring in the United States of America.
Remember we have to break a few eggs to make an omelet! The stock market needs to work for the people! It must represent the people; it does not as it stands now. Housing prices are too high, food is too high, student loan debt to high, utilities are too high, all that I’ve stated will have a reset. The planets lining up demand it. 

 The USA will have a Pluto return in 2022. Before that happens, I’m afraid we are all in for a crazy ride!! This may last (with periods of opportunity) through 2026, I will update as needed.

On January 5th/6th, 2020,

Saturn will conjunct Pluto in the USA 2nd house. If you haven’t already positioned yourself, you will want to do so now, actually one should have back in 2016! But starting now is better than not at all 🙂 
 Moving forward,  (Please take note: It does not matter who our President is, this energy coming in didn’t wake up and say “OH” ~ I see a Republican President or “OH,” I see a Democrat President” it does not work that way!! It does not matter Republican or Democrat, we all bleed, our blood is red. The energies coming in would come in no matter if one is Republican or Democrat, or, who the President of the USA would be, doesn’t matter!! One needs to learn how to work with the energies & in kind, the energies will work for you!)

For the USA/Global predictions for March 2020 please click: March 2020 

January 10, 2020, Lunar Eclipse 

we have a lunar eclipse 20° in the sign of Cancer, in the USA 8th house. Unemployment on the rise, crops fail, banks, stocks, and anything of the like is troubling. The government will be embarrassed. This will bring sudden chaos (I’m talking to the brink of destruction…but not a total collapse) to the stock market. As always, this may happen one week to a week and a half before the Lunar Eclipse.

 It did not help the USA when money was printed out of thin air! Saturn does not appreciate that, nor is Saturn going to reward the USA for it. Saturn demands structure, follow rules, no short cuts! (Read here on Saturn) While the money was printed out of nothing, our cities/states, we’re getting funded as well, watch now for heavy, sneaky, underhanded ways of increasing our taxes in your cities/states, because they are not getting fed any longer, the phony money has dried up! Saturn is coming & he is expecting payment! Saturn is strong in its own sign, & on the USA 2nd house cusp is Capricorn (Saturn rules Capricorn) I’m in no way blaming any administration for printing money out of nothing, I feel each administration did what they felt best at any & all times money was printed to keep our economy afloat. But do understand the energies are coming in demanding payment, restructuring if one does not learn from history one will repeat it, that includes the USA. 

When Saturn moves thru the USA 2nd  House      

And is meant with another Malefic planet, Pluto, (Pluto & Saturn Conjunct) plus we add Jupiter to the mix, you can bet it’s time to pay the piper! (Do understand,  It matters STRONGLY on how the planets (Secondary as well as Transits) are making an aspect to your natal planets/cusp, to see how these energies will affect you. Do not fool yourself, it matters! Some will fair far better than others!)

For the USA/Global predictions for March 2020 please click: March 2020 

Dates of the Last Saturn–Pluto Conjunctions (The one coming up December 2019, January 12th, 2020, (the energies are the strongest before they actually perfect, June 2019, we will see this)

  • October 5, 1914 at 2° Cancer (recurrence on May 20, 1915)

  • August 11, 1947 at 13° Leo

  • November 8, 1982 at 27° Libra


From January 17, 2020, through January 24, 2020, Mars will roll over the USA ascendant, something of significance will transpire, it will be very rememberable for the USA. You will feel this & you will remember! Coronavirus Live Updates: Alarm Grows as Death Toll Rises and Markets Tumble

Mars square Neptune = Sickness abroad, possibly an epidemic. Was coming into orb as Mars rolled over the USA ascendant. Mars 1st h, Neptune 3rd h.


March/April/May 2020,

 Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, all in the USA second house, I do look for the Stock Market to decline further, when Saturn goes into the sign of Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus, December 2020, early 2021, that is when I’m seeing a depression coming in, a total Stock Market Crash!!

Also, very cold weather, so cold, (2020/2021) it will resemble more & more the Ice-age, & people will be screaming where’s that global warming? Bring it back! But it will not come back, also look for food, & energy to climb higher, it will be a challenge to keep up with heating expenses, high food cost, because of the cold & all the flooding we’ve seen thru out the world, I feel we will have shortages & cost will rise. Oil & the like will (Propane) continue to climb. Weather will continue to be more & more bizarre, more flooding, earthquakes, snow, ice, & the likes. 

 As the months’ approach I will be more accurate on dates, as of now I’m only wanting to get this to everyone!

If you haven’t already please take a peek at the following links below. I myself feel President Trump was put in place to help tear down what is not working for the people, & tear down he will with the help of the energies coming in! Make no mistake, I am an Independent, I think for myself, the notion of Republican/Democrat, needs to die, we all are one, let us work together & use our minds in a positive way & change our world to fit the people, not TPTB!!
Use the energies coming in positively, or they will use you! The choice is there!! See links below 🙂

Many blessings, Bree (If you’d like a consultation with Bree please click Services offered/rates 

Uranus in Taurus

Important Astrological Dates From 2018 – 2020,

Uranus in Taurus- What does it mean for 2018-2026?

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June 2019

In the month of June 2019, I’m seeing with the Full Moon on June 17th, 2019, (time line~ week before/ week after,) with Mars in the USA eighth house and Pluto and Saturn in the USA second house,  upheaval taking root. This will be related to the tariffs, national trade, which in turn will affect the Stock Market. Look for the stock market to decline, other people’s money is also the eighth house, look for real estate loans, to be harder to obtain, anything to do with others money to be at risk, banks, & the likes. Student loan debt is also being pulled in.

The Eclipse on July 2nd, 2019,

July 2, 2019,

the USA will have a Solar Total Eclipse in the 7th house. 10° in the sign of Cancer 1st decan. The seventh house governs all things related to foreign countries, war, disputes, including international affairs, plus any and all matters that may arise with dealing of one country and another. There is also a danger of some enemy, rival, gaining some type of advantage. There will be changes in international relations that will cause difficult problems. Anything related to other’s money will affect the USA, speculation, education, Stock Market will decline.

The Eclipse will be in a water sign, which will make this a very emotional time, this Eclipse will be in the 1st decanate of Cancer.  And in the Western Hemisphere, we will see the results of this Eclipse 8 to 12 months following, So I’m predicting March of 2020, for this to kick into full throttle! Make no mistake, you need to get ready now!!

(In astrology, a decan is the subdivision of an astrological sign (zodiac sign). … Each sign is allocated a triplicity, consisting of three of the four classical elements air, water, earth or fire, and is therefore subdivided into three equal parts of 10 degrees each; these parts are referred to as decans or decanates.)

July 16, 2019,

Lunar Partial Eclipse ~ there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in the USA 2nd house. 24° of Capricorn. Look for the business world, corporations, to be depressed, or disturbed, also agriculture will suffer. Stock market declining. Look for a mild drought, (although not a prolonged drought) 


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  1. Dee says:

    Dear thank you
    Could you please do such a analysis for 2021?

    What dou you think about the upcoming saturn – Uranus square which showed 1929 till 1931 and saturn opposition Uranus 2009 a financial crises?

    Do you think stock market will crash again in December and January. Not only corona is a factor, also us election.

    Best regards

  2. Tran says:

    Thank you Bree, I hope you’re doing well. Will the huge crash predicted coming in Dec 2020/Jan 2021 be bigger than Mar lows Covid (-38%) crash? Do you have a prediction as in how low DJIA/Nasdaq/S&P500 will hit? Will DJIA be about 15k, Nasdaq 6000, and S&P500 2000? Be well!

  3. Mary C. says:

    Thank you so much for all of the work you put into this. I’ve been reading up on this for several years now regarding the astrology of the US and the economy. Your articles are very insightful. If you do personal reading I would be very interested.

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      @Mary ~ Thank you for your kind words! My hopes are all people meditate on a beneficial outcome & it materializes for the greater good of all, as above so below.
      Many blessings, Bree

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