February 2018 USA Horoscope Predictions! Let’s Get this Party Started!

We’ve had a preview of what’s to come on January 23rd, 2018, with the earthquake in Alaska. Uranus going into the sign of Taurus will bring not only a changeup in the way we use money, but also

many earth changes are coming!

From earthquakes to floods, to Solar Flares becoming more powerful, as well as volcanos erupting violently. Taurus rules Earth, & Uranus rules sudden unexpected changes good or bad! Violent abrupt happenings! With the Solar Eclipses on August 21, 2017, & Uranus making a significant sign change, hold on to your hats ladies & gentlemen, we’ve only begun to see a small snippet of what will be coming down the pipe for us! More on that as I go into each month’s predictions!
Let’s start with February 1st~
With the Full Super Moon in the sign of Leo to lead off with (on January 31st, 2018) which marks a time to bring things to a close, but easier said than done with the USA’s emotion levels running high thru the 1st week of February.
February 5~11th
 The USA Sun is making a square to Jupiter. Mysterious crimes occur! Look for scandals related to money coming to the forefront at this time.
On the 14th~17th~,  I want to elaborate on the fact that Mars will be crossing over the USA’s Ascendant. (I have Sagittarius rising in the USA Astrology Chart) with Mars rolling over the Ascendant in the sign of Sagittarius square Neptune in the USA 3rd house, not going to be ideal that much I can promise you. I’m seeing arsonist, malicious burning, riots, Mars crossing over the Ascendant is again not ideal for the USA! And Neptune is in the 3rd house, will bring (as we’ve been witnessing) secrets movements, socialistic projects, crime & fraud. Cases of the fraud & let’s not forget swindling will come to light when again Neptune is in the USA 3rd house. Throwing this all together, expect the “MEMO” to come to light. From there that in & of itself will bring fire, riots, along with crime & the swindling that has been happening to the people to come light! #releasethememo“… it will be released at this time. Stay low folks!  (The Democrat Memo was Released on the 24th)
 On the 15th the USA has not only a Partial Solar Eclipse but is also a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius in the USA 3rd house! A Partial Solar Eclipse is not as powerful as a Total Solar Eclipse, but none the less will bring some intense energy! Expect to see high winds & destructive storms. Also, while not as strong as Total Solar Eclipse, do expect to hear the “Downfall” of anything related to News, Newspapers, (Fake News comes to my mind) also, sudden accidents related to railroads, cars, transportation in general & anything communication, ie…phones.
Saturn & Mercury Sextile on the 21st, this will give some power & strength to the USA! Laws will be followed, communication will not be misunderstood.
Also, on this day, Neptune & Venus are conjunct. Both strong in the sign of Pisces, in the USA’s 3rd house, this gives the flavor of positive vibes for anything that deals with communication, transportation. And the USA could stand some sweet vibes on this day! On another level, it may cause the people to go deeper down into the rabbit hole sort to speak, but all in all, a feel-good day!
28th~Mars square Mercury, the USA will have trouble thru democratic movements, I’m seeing them defeated. As well as heated disagreements, coming to light. As well as secret crimes, coming to light, & wrongdoing, will also come to light. & this leads us to March!
In March, is when the real party begins! Well…not party, but some real serious conflicts will be coming & with avenges! Mars & Saturn will be conjunct in the USA 1st house, along with Uranus square Pluto! Yikes! You will not want to miss March 2018 USA Horoscope Predictions!
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