Progressed Venus Making An Aspect In Your Horoscope- What Does It Mean?

Progressed Venus Making An Aspect In Your Horoscope- What Does It Mean?

 Progressed Venus Stationary Direct:

        When progressed Venus is stationary direct you will be ready to make some decisions. If you have been unclear about what to do or when to make a move then this is the time to do it. This is particularly true of things that are no longer working for you and you will be able to cut them out of your life with clarity.

Progressed Venus conjunct Ascendant:

        You may find that your personal image gets a boost and you can pour on the charm. You will look at your best and people will start to take notice. The only thing to look out for is that you don’t let this go to your head and use it to charm people into doing things they don’t want to do.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Ascendant:   

        When progressed Venus is sextile or trine with the Ascendant you will radiate with an inner glow. People will flock to you because you seem attractive both inside and out. In turn, this will make you feel content in many aspects of your life.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Ascendant:

        There is a tendency now towards feelings of dissatisfaction. This will often manifest in your physical appearance and you may become very critical of yourself. If others make comments you may take these to heart more than you would usually and this can cause you to lose confidence in yourself. The worst thing to do at this time is to listen to others and allow this to dictate how you live your life. Only you know the right path forward.

Progressed Venus conjunct Sun:

        This is a time when you will naturally learn to be kind to yourself. People around you will be attracted to your infectious spirit and this in turn will make you confident in your own abilities. You need to believe in yourself in order for others to feel the same way and the satisfied glow you get from progressed Venus conjunct the Sun will be just the ticket.

Progressed Venus sextile Sun:

        When progressed Venus is sextile with the Sun we will feel happy with ourselves. We are comfortable in our own skin and this will show to others. You will also likely be feeling satisfied in your life and this will be a time when you learn to enjoy all that you have instead of feeling like there is more you need to achieve.

Progressed Venus conjunct Moon:

        This period is a time when you are able to control your emotions and in turn the world around you. You will feel that you know exactly the right way to steer your ship and you will have natural confidence that you are making the best decisions for yourself.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Moon:

        This is a time when you will be in control of your emotions and this will influence those around you. We tend to talk the talk and walk the walk when progressed Venus is sextile or trine Moon and you won’t have to make your feelings clear twice. Instead, others will heed what you say the first time around.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Moon:

        Your emotions are going to be front and center now and you may feel more sensitive than usual. Fears about money or the way you live your life may loom large and you will also be worried about keeping up appearances. Others may seem overly picky, especially anyone that you have an intimate relationship with. The best strategy is to stay calm and understand that this time will pass.

Progressed Venus conjunct Mercury:

        When progressed Venus is conjunct with intellectual Mercury we tend to have a thirst for knowledge. This is a great time to rethink any aspects of your life that aren’t working and to make decisions. It’s also a good time to work on your communication strategies with others and if you have had a hard time saying how you feel then you may suddenly find that you can say exactly what you mean.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Mercury:

        You will not only put plans in place but you will also watch them prosper. Your decision making skills are on point now and you will find success in many areas of your life. Part of this is down to the fact that you will be in control of you wants and needs and knowing who you are will mean that you are strategic and successful.

Progressed Venus square Mercury:

        This is a time when self-doubt can start to creep in. You may think you know what you want but then feel unclear on how you can achieve this. In fact your decision making skills will keep you afloat but you need to trust yourself. You also need to make sure you check everything and look before you leap. Don’t make rash decisions but also don’t be held back by analysis paralysis.

Progressed Venus sextile Venus:

        This will be a time when you are calm and clear. You know what you want in life and how to achieve it. You will be galvanized and will make great strides forward, even if some things don’t work out exactly as you had planned. Now is a time to move forward and go after what you desire.

Progressed Venus square Venus:     

        Making up your mind can be hard now and you are pickier about the projects you take on. It can be a frustrating time when you are not satisfied by anything, even when all seems to be going well. This is about finding different ways of doing things, not necessarily being dissatisfied with the plans you have put in place.

Progressed Venus conjunct Mars:

        There is a fiery energy now which benefits you. You will have a huge amount of drive and focus that means that you can get a lot done. You will naturally gravitate towards projects that make you feel good and you will pounce on anything that looks like an opportunity. The trick is to harness this energy while it lasts.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Mars:           

        Everything is propelling you forward now and you will achieve much of what you set out to do. This can cause you to be the envy of others and may mean that there is some tension with those around you. At this time you may go after things simply because you enjoy the thrill of the chase, so take the time to think about whether this is what you really want.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Mars:   

        There is a tendency to lose your way at this time. This means that you may set unrealistic goals, or lose your drive and go after something else instead. If you do this you will achieve little, so it is best to sit down and think about what you really want and then make a solid plan that will help you to achieve it.

Progressed Venus conjunct Jupiter:

        You will want to expand your horizons and go after things that may have been elusive in the past. At this time we are very ambitious but can lose sight of what is realistic. You will want to have fun, pursue your dreams, and live a better life than before, but this may lead to reckless behavior.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Jupiter:

        There is a good feeling now and you will be driven and successful. You know what you want and also what you don’t want so you won’t make mistakes. Those close to you could try and follow in your footsteps though and may not be as clear headed as you are, so be wary of the ensuing tension this might bring.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Jupiter:

        You want more of everything now and this can lead to mistakes. We naturally want to say yes to anything that comes our way but be careful that this doesn’t leave you overwhelmed and with far more than you bargained for.

Progressed Venus conjunct Saturn:

        Serious Saturn brings a dose of reality to fluffy and loveable Venus. Relationships may hit bumps in the road or they may even end whether you are ready for this or not. Those older than you will be important now and you may look to a mentor-like figure for guidance. Venus is usually about pleasure but with Saturn in the mix you will slow down and not be so driven by desire.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Saturn:

        At this time you will curb your appetite for anything extravagant and will get back to the things that are most important to you. You have a naturally stripped back outlook that lets you appreciate what is truly important rather than what simply looks good.

Progress Venus square or opposition Saturn:

        You can be a little picky and critical now which can cause problems. Instead of saying ‘yes’ to things you will rush to say ‘no’ to those that you don’t like. In focusing on avoiding the negative you might miss much of the positive and make the wrong decisions.

Progressed Venus conjunct Uranus:

        With quirky Uranus in the mix you will want to branch out. Now is the time to explore things that usually you would never dream of pursuing. You will probably find that the more offbeat the pursuit, the more you enjoy it.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Uranus:

        You will want to enjoy new things, but do so while keeping in mind everything else that already exists in your life. Don’t turn your back on things that have worked perfectly well just so that you can have a new and exciting experience. Try to find a balance between the familiar and the unusual.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Uranus:

        You may feel unsatisfied now and nothing keeps your attention for very long. You change your mind constantly and it can be difficult for those close to you. There is a tendency to be critical and picky when you don’t like something but you are in such a changeable mood that it is best to keep your options open.

Progressed Venus conjunct Neptune:

        When progressed Venus is conjunct with Neptune you will find yourself more in tune with the subconscious. You will feel spiritual and creative and dreams may be vivid and telling. That said, you can be sensitive and emotional and there is a danger of being too unrealistic in your choices which leads to bad decisions.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Neptune:

        Your imagination and creative side is on fire, so you can run with it know, safe in the knowledge that you are heading in the right direction. Neptune means that you will know just the right thing to do and your ideas will be adventurous yet successful.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Neptune:     

        This is not a good time to make lasting changes or decisions. You are in a changeable mood and what you like today may not be what pleases you tomorrow. As a result the key is flexibility. By all means explore your options, but don’t set anything in stone.

Progressed Venus conjunct Pluto:

        The feeling now is ‘all or nothing’. You will pursue your desires with reckless abandon and ignore anything that seems remotely off putting. This means that you might not recognize opportunities for what they are and you may miss something in the process.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Pluto:

        This is a good time to go after what you want. You know your own mind and people will reward you if you speak up. This is the moment to stand up and be counted and you will find that people rarely stand in your way if you make your feelings clear.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Pluto:

        There is a tendency now to fight for the sake of fighting. You may think you know what you want but you may just be going after something because you think you need to pursue it. This is about picking your moment and identifying the things that are really important in your life. If they are not truly worth fighting for then let them go.

Progressed Venus conjunct Midheaven:

        We crave attention when progressed Venus is conjunct Midheaven and we are not shy about it. This can rub some people up the wrong way, especially if we start to believe our own hype. There is such a thing as too much shameless self-promotion and you need to walk the line very carefully.

Progressed Venus sextile or trine Midheaven:

        Your star is on the rise, probably without you having to do too much to get it there. This means that you can afford to be a little humble and enjoy the limelight. Just make sure you don’t become conceited.

Progressed Venus square or opposition Midheaven:

        People want you to step into the limelight but you may have other plans. This is not necessarily the best strategy because if you change your mind later you might find that you are no longer the center of attention. It is best to let things run their course now and neither resist or encourage what it going on around you.

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