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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 13° Pisces 41' 37"
Moon 15° Sagittarius 32' 45"
Mercury 17° Pisces 39' 40"
Venus 19° Aquarius 57' 14"
Mars 15° Aquarius 05' 00"
Jupiter 11° Taurus 47' 54"
Saturn 10° Pisces 15' 17"
Uranus 19° Taurus 39' 42"
Neptune 26° Pisces 50' 38"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 17' 20"
Chiron 17° Aries 22' 30"
TrueNode 16° Aries 03' 29" R

Progressed Moon Making An Aspect In Your Horoscope – What Does It Mean?

Mar 18, 2017 | Astrology Blog

The Power of the Progressed Moon When Timing Events

TIP: Learn where your progress moon is & what house/sign, plus what is it making an aspect to. I've been practicing astrology for a long time, & whenever I see one's progressed moon go into the 6th house of health there are health issues. Your progressed moon is used in the timing of events coming into your life!! Predictive tool!! 

Know when your progressed moon will come into the 6th house, get health check-ups, and do not start to look when it is in the 6th h, or conjunct the cusp, that will be too late.  I cannot stress this enough. I know there are sites that offer free horoscopes but I'm not sure if they include the progressed moon.  There is only so much free stuff you will get online, so invest in yourself & know where & what aspects are being made to your progressed moon! It's worth investing in to know. I'm absolutely not trying to instill fear, I'm trying to forewarn. The progressed moon moving into different houses in our horoscope chart tells us it's time to focus on that part of our lives, it's saying it's time to clean house! 

Progressed Moon conjunct, Ascendant:

The Moon being conjunct the Ascendant means that your emotions come to the fore and you are driven to say how you feel. There is an emotional honesty now that you can’t hide from but can also make you self-indulgent. By all means, say what you think but beware of wallowing in self-pity.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Ascendant:

You are still led by your emotions but you will be sure of yourself and how you want to express your feelings. You may also develop a thirst for learning and may crave a new creative outlet to go with it.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Ascendant:

You can be introspective now and hesitant when it comes to making decisions. This can make people, fairly or unfairly, feel that you are not being entirely candid with them which can cause tension in close relationships. How you come across to the world is the key to success now so you need to try to promote the best version of yourself that you can.

Progressed Moon conjunct Midheaven:

When the progressed Moon is conjunct Midheaven you will get a boost and will want to make progress in many areas of your life like your career. Often, however, the decisions you make now come from your heart, not your head which means that you might not think things through properly. Any moves you make now could last for a long time so think about that before you take the plunge.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Midheaven:

You have a sense of intuition now which you can trust. Much of this comes from the fact that you will feel more confident than you have in some time and this will help you to see clearly and advance in any areas of your life that may have felt stuck.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Midheaven:

At this time there is a tendency to feel very emotional and therefore changeable. You don’t really know what you want but your strong emotions may still guide you in the wrong direction. All your actions have consequences so you need to make sure you don’t make any false moves. Try not to rise to this emotion as it could hinder you further down the road. Take your time.

Progressed Moon conjunct Sun:

You will feel confident now and you can make great strides in life. Presenting yourself in the best possible light is the key as well as making sure that you are focused on your goals. When you know what you want go for it.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Sun:

Your instincts are heightened and although you are still listening to your heart and not your head, this doesn’t mean that decisions are necessarily bad ones. Things can come together quite nicely at this time if you push in the right spot.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Sun:

You need to check and double-check plans now and think about where you want to go and how you want to achieve it. You are driven by intuition but emotions still run high and can throw you off course if you don’t take the right steps.

Progressed Moon conjunct Moon:

This time is also known as your Lunar Return and you will usually see a milestone happening in your life now. This is a good thing as it means that you are continuing to grow although it can also feel overwhelming. The key is to run with it and use what has worked in the past to kick off your future.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Moon:

At this time you can still count on a great amount of natural intuition. You may find that you can read people around you easily and then play to your strengths as a result. Trust your judgment and don’t waste time worrying that you have made the wrong decision- you probably haven’t if you have listened to your heart.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Moon:

Emotionally you may find that you are pushed a little out of your comfort zone and the old way of dealing with things just won’t cut it anymore. Something unexpected may come your way but you can handle it if you have laid some groundwork first. You can make plans but make sure that you also have other options on the table if things don’t work out.

Progressed Moon conjunct, Mercury:

Intellectual Mercury means that you are now thinking with your heart and your head. As Mercury is also the planet of communication you may find that you are better able to express yourself and you will gain a better sense of perspective when you look at your life.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Mercury:

Now is a good time to say what you really mean as the way you express yourself is clearer but also more honest. By all means, don’t feel like you have to hide your emotions as others will be pleased to finally hear from you. Keep it real and you won’t go wrong.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Mercury:

The energy now can be difficult and you may feel that you second guess yourself and that you are being pulled in two directions. Your heart and your head may be saying two different things which make it hard to keep up and move forward. Make decisions however you can but also keep things flexible.

Progressed Moon conjunct Venus:

Now is a good time to reach out to others. You will be in tune with your emotions and you will be confident in asking for the things you need. Even if you don’t approach others, at least be clear with yourself about how you would like to make progress in your life.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Venus:

At this time we tend to feel indulgent but this is not a bad thing when the progressed Moon is sextile or trine Venus. We are in tune with our feelings and we tend to make good decisions so, by all means, forge ahead if you feel that this is the right thing to do.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Venus:

With the Moon square or opposition Venus suddenly things can become unclear. You may feel that you don’t know what the right move is because you aren’t being clear with yourself. If you make decisions you may instantly regret them which can be dangerous as you are in such a changeable mood that they may not necessarily be wrong. As such try not to make big changes in your life like selling a house or moving to a new area.

Progressed Moon conjunct, Mars:

With Mars in the picture, you get a shot of adrenalin and you will want everything to happen immediately. This means that you can be rash or reckless and there is a tendency to say things that you don’t mean. You can also be moving so quickly that you burn out and crash without achieving very much.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Mars:

The pace of life accelerates now which is fine if you can keep up with things. You can still rely on a certain amount of intuition so if you feel like you need to make decisions then you should do so.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Mars:

Now the energy changes and you flip-flop from one idea to the other. You won’t have a strong sense of the right move to make and this can cause analysis paralysis. Despite this, there is a strong push from the heavens that propels you forward so you can’t put off making decisions forever. The key is to make sure that you think things through and have a backup plan.

Progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter:

You will want to move forward and you will be dreaming big now. There is a tendency to be indulgent and this can even mean that you eat and drink too much as you don’t want to say no to anything. This also applies to situations where you could take on too much as you don’t want to turn down any opportunities.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Jupiter:

Things in your life continue to progress and this can manifest in your emotional life. You may feel generous towards others but don’t help expecting something in return. You will naturally feel more sociable so take advantage of this. You could also travel or sign up to further study as your thirst for life will seem limitless.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Jupiter:

You will be feeling generous with your emotions but this means that you can take on everyone’s problems and end up feeling burnt out and exhausted. You will find it hard to make decisions and this can be a time when you say yes to everything and everyone and wind up without any time to yourself. Remember that it is OK to set limits and boundaries with those around you.

Progressed Moon conjunct Saturn:

Sensible Saturn always slows us down and asks us to look at the bigger picture. This means that you might find it harder to make decisions and you may be slow to share how you feel with others. Decisions you do make now will be solid and based on facts and careful thought.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Saturn:

People tend to listen to you know which can be a good thing if you know what to say. Remember that any pronouncements you make can have lasting effects and while your words may not necessarily come across as harsh they may well carry more weight than they would usually. As such use them wisely.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Saturn:

You will be feeling more risk-averse than usual and you will not want to do anything that rocks the boat. While this can be good it can also mean that you tend not to react to situations quickly and this can make you lose out on opportunities.

Progressed Moon conjunct Uranus:

Uranus causes surprises or sudden events and this is linked to your emotions in this case. There is a tendency to do things outside your comfort zone which can be good if you make sure that you really go for it and don’t hold back. Don’t discount an idea or opinion that you previously wouldn’t have considered as it may be the key to your success.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Uranus:

Look at new ways of communicating with others and you may be surprised by the results. People will listen to what you say if you put a new twist on things. This time is all about opening yourself up and doing things differently than you would have done before.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Uranus:

When there is an opposition with Uranus your emotions may get the better of you and you may say something that you can’t take back. It is one thing to be honest with those around you but you may not sugarcoat anything now which can cause bruised feelings and loss of face.

Progressed Moon conjunct Neptune:

With watery Neptune in the mix, you may literally feel as if you are swimming aimlessly, not sure of which direction to turn in. This may not necessarily be a bad thing as you won’t want to settle on anything at the moment. Dreams may become more vivid and you will feel creative without necessarily knowing quite how to channel this.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Neptune:

Your intuition is heightened now and you can use this to guide you for some time. That said, try and limit this to smaller decisions and not rash moves such as moving to a different country or selling a house.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Neptune:

Your emotions are all over the place now and you might feel confused. You may find it hard to get a grip on what you want to say and when and your reactions to others can be overreactions. The best thing to do at this time is ride it out and watch what you say.

Progressed Moon conjunct, Pluto:

A lot of emotions can come to the surface now and you may notice this in those around you. People’s motives may be hidden but you may find that you enjoy the intrigue. This is fine in moderation but beware of getting caught up in someone else’s games as this will only serve as a distraction that you don’t need.

Progressed Moon sextile or trine Pluto:

Stay in control and don’t back down now. You may not be getting all the information so it is best to carve your own path and be sure of your own decisions. People will respect the way in which you quietly take time out from any fraught discussions and they will be more likely to listen to you if you take this approach. Confronting things head on now is not a good choice- you just don’t have all the information you need.

Progressed Moon square or opposition Pluto:

There is a tendency towards emotional honesty now which sounds good but can feed into other people’s games. Arguments can pop up out of nowhere and you need to keep your wits about you. At this time it can be better to withdraw slightly and look after your own interests rather than trying to please others who may actually use your good intentions against you.

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  1. Aneta

    Do you mean, moon in progressed house or natal?

    • Bree

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Current Planetary Positions

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