Progressed Mercury Making an Aspect in Your Horoscope – What does it mean?

Progressed Mercury conjunct Ascendant:

          Mercury focuses on communication, so when it is conjunct the Ascendant you will suddenly find that your abilities improve greatly. You will be able to make others come round to your way of thinking with ease and so this is a good time to forge ahead with projects.  

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Ascendant:

            This is a good time for your image. You will be more communicative than usual and people will listen to you. This may also mean that you get some kind of image overhaul and you may be tempted to radically change your appearance in line with a new job or role.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Ascendant:

This time is still about your image and you still need to work it. If you have not been paying attention to your appearance then now is a good time to do it. You also need to go back over ideas or plans and make sure that you have covered all your bases.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Sun:

Now is a good time for getting others to see your point of view or for pitching ideas. You will be successful at talking your way into anything now but you need to be careful that you don’t fall into being arrogant about this success. Stay humble and thankful.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Sun:

Communication goes well and you will be able to say a little without saying a whole lot. People will ‘get you’ but you will also find that you ‘get yourself’. This means that you will have a strong sense of self and you will know what you need in order to progress to the next level.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Moon:

People have the gift of the gab at this time and you will find that others flock to you and want to be close to you. Family life will come to the fore and you will make connections with those around you like younger siblings or relatives.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Moon:

Things will run smoothly at this time as communication is so clear. There are precious few misunderstandings with others as a result of communication problems and this can make you feel as if things are sailing smoothly in a positive direction.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Moon:

When progressed Mercury is square or opposite the Moon you can find that choosing the right words to express your feelings does not come easily. The spoken word may seem plagued with issues at this time, but this doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself in other ways, like painting or sculpture.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Venus:

Creativity is heightened at this time. You will have a natural ability to express yourself artistically and you will have a feel for all things aesthetic. The spoken word is highlighted and you can use this to your ability to talk others around to your side.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Venus:

Venus is a charming planet and when it is sextile or trine with Progressed Mercury it makes everything easier and smoother. You will find you have a dazzling array of choices on offer now and this is a golden time when almost anything you touch will come good. Use this wisely.

Progressed Mercury square Venus:

When Progressed Mercury is square to Venus it can make words a little meaningless and fluffy. In this case you may need to make some concrete moves if you want things to work out rather than just talking about it.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Mars:

There is a certain analytical side that will come out now that will help you to be very strategic. You will be able to plan things well and when it’s the right time to make a move you will know exactly what to do. This is a good time to go after what you want.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Mars:

This is a time when you will feel as if you are coasting along. Your feelings are positive and as such this is a good time to take stock of your life and goals. Planning is paramount and now is not the time to make moves but rather review everything you want to achieve.

Progressed Mercury square Mars:

There is a sense of impatience now that can be brought about by unexpected bumps in the road. Use these to plot another way forward rather than kicking against them which will only ramp up the emotional turmoil.

Progressed Mercury opposition Mars:

You are naturally bull-headed now and you want everyone to agree with you on everything. Forging ahead and bulldozing your way to success may look like a good idea but actually it will only alienate those around you. Instead try and make this a planning period and don’t rise to the heightened emotions brought about by Mars.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Jupiter:

If you have had some plans in the works for a while then now is the time to think about putting them into action. Plan and prepare and visualize the things that you would like to manifest in your future.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Jupiter:

Think big at this time, this is not the moment to reign in your dreams. Instead look at everything you want to achieve and then make solid plans of how you are going to get there. Your instincts are especially good now so listen to your gut.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Jupiter:

If you have a lot of things that you want to achieve then avoid getting bogged down in the minutiae of how you are going to make this happen. The path to your dreams could be a lot easier than you think and you may just need to simplify the process.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Saturn:

Set a slow and steady pace now. You need to learn to use the energy of wise Saturn and think before you speak or make any sudden moves. Make plans for the future and get your things in order like financial planning, debt repayments, and any other obligations.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Saturn:

Now is the perfect time to weed through your life and look at what needs to stay and what really needs to go. You will have a firm air about you and people will trust what you say so be aware that your words count and use them wisely.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Saturn:

Saturn pushes us to see our obligations and responsibilities clearly. This is about sifting through the noise and learning what you need to focus on.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Uranus:

Uranus brings its offbeat energy at this time and you will feel inspired and imaginative. You may have a wealth of ideas bubbling up inside you just waiting to come out, although not everyone may share your vision.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Uranus:

You will find that you are inspired and that you have lots of good ideas to share with others. The trick is learning how to sell these and how to make sure that you get the credit you deserve.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Uranus:

Good ideas can be hard to come by now and you may find that your inspirational energy is blocked. You might have a great idea one minute, only to realize later that it wasn’t such a brilliant insight after all.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Neptune:

Don’t force the energy at this time, as you are likely to come away frustrated. You will feel that you have some interesting ideas floating around but you may not know how to make them a reality.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Neptune:

You will feel more intuitive and you can follow your heart safe in the knowledge that it will lead you to the right place. This doesn’t mean that you should take any big risks, but you will find that your instincts are on point and will take you to some big rewards.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Neptune:

The energy can be confusing at this time and you may lose your sense of instinct. This can mean that decision making is hard and that projects and plans don’t work out as they should.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Pluto:

You may feel blocked as if you can’t make the right decisions to keep moving forward. Times will feel challenging and you may find that you have to reassess the way you live your life and make some changes.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Pluto:

Your ideas will solidify and you may find that for the first time in a while you have a plan. People will rally around you and there will be a supportive feeling that will give you a much-needed confidence boost.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Pluto:

This time can feel challenging but much of this comes down to how you think about your situation. In this way your struggle is in the mind and you may need to re-think your way of doing things before you can make progress.

Progressed Mercury conjunct Midheaven:

At this time you may find that you get a career boost. This will only happen however if you work for it and learn how to ‘sell yourself’. The way people perceive you is highlighted and this can mean that your image gets a makeover.

Progressed Mercury sextile or trine Midheaven:

Praise will come your way and success will be easy attained. The key is to remember the formula that you used to get there for when times are not so easy.

Progressed Mercury square or opposition Midheaven:

You need to make sure that you are in control of the way people see you. If not, your image could take a hit and you may suffer as a result, such as being passed over for a promotion.

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