Progressed Jupiter Making An Aspect In Your Horoscope- What Does It Mean?

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Ascendant:

We usually see results of this conjunct in about a year. You will feel as if a fog has lifted and your confidence can soar. Everything you touch may seem like an immediate success and you will be blessed with natural good luck. At this time we can spot opportunities easily and these will lead to an image boost and praise. It’s also a great time for partnerships and collaborative projects. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Ascendant:

The year following this sextile or trine will be full of good things. This is a time to grow and prosper and you will see progress in your career. You feel happier, more optimistic about the future, and more driven than you have in a while. People will be ready and willing to help you achieve success and you may get the opportunity to travel, often somewhere far away that you haven’t been to before.

Progressed Jupiter square Ascendant:

The effects of this tricky aspect can last for up to one year. This is a time of change and this can manifest in your relationships or in your career. This is not a good moment to make any reckless decisions or make any moves without thinking them through properly. There is also a tendency to become arrogant that you need to guard against to avoid alienating others.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Jupiter 

Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter This brings some improvement into one’s life. It brings in a higher vibration. One may take a long journey, literally or have more to do with foreign dealings, also one will feel more success, & an increased love of freedom, independence. To the unawakened ones this will cause a rebellious spirit.

Progressed Jupiter inconjunct the Ascendant:

Around one year of this date you will need to be flexible when it comes to life. There will be seemingly endless disruptions, delays, and reasons to change plans and this can make you feel run down and irritable. There may be challenges on the financial front and there will be stressful times ahead. You may also butt heads with relatives and turn to unhealthy pursuits to deal with this such as excessive drinking.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Ascendant:

This aspect often comes with a change in status such as a marriage or a job. This is usually positive however so those who are single may marry and you may also receive a promotion.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Sun:

Good luck abounds now and you will meet with much success. There is a lot of positivity in the air both from you and others and you may feel more optimistic about the future than you have in a long time. You need to make sure however that you think everything through and don’t take on projects that are overambitious and unrealistic.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Sun:

Within a year of this aspect you will make great strides forward. If you have been struggling financially then the fog will lift and you will find that money starts to come to you. There is also a lot of help around you from those in prestigious positions which you can benefit from. Everything now will be outward facing so you can expand and increase your revenue.

Progressed Jupiter square Sun:

This will be a significant period for you and there is much progress to be made if you want it. The trick is to make sure that you don’t agree to things that are overambitious as this can mean that you face burning out and achieving less than you imagined.

Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Sun:

Now is a time when you will need to be patient. Delays will cause frustration and you may have to change plans several times. This is also a period when we often see changes in relationships, usually break-ups either in romantic, familial, or work relationships. You will also be feeling indulgent and this can lead to weight gain and financial stress.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Sun:

Around a year from this date there is a feeling of opportunity. You must not however let this go to your head as this means that you will often make promises that you can’t keep.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Moon:

Around a year both before and after this conjunct there will be luck in the air for you. Opportunities will come your way without you having to seek them out and people in influential positions may be eager to help you prosper. Big changes can come now such as marriage or a baby. You may also find however that there is some tension where family members are involved and you may be dragged into legal disputes.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Moon:

Both a year before and after Jupiter is sextile or trine the moon there will be a great feeling of optimism in your life. Female figures can be highlighted and you may get some kind of help from a woman in your life that accelerates your career. Self-image is very important now and people will flock to you and want to help you to succeed. Financially things will be easier and sometimes this will come as a lucky break or windfall rather than through hard work.

Progressed Jupiter square Moon:

Around one year of this date things can get a little tricky. There will have been a tendency to overindulge which may lead to money troubles and unwise spending. We are feeling optimistic now which can cloud our judgment and cause us to take unnecessary risks which will not pay off. Drinking to excess or not taking care of our health can end in health issues and sudden hidden expenses can pop up out of nowhere.

Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Moon:

At the time around this date you will find that financial and health issues become difficult. Stress will be common place and you may find that you have too many competing demands which leave you feeling drained. Organization is key now if you want to avoid feeling completely overwhelmed.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Moon:

There can be sudden costs now which leave you in a difficult situation financially. Things like moving house may be plagued with difficulties and cost more than you originally thought. There can be a tendency to make unwise decisions regarding money such as investing in something without properly checking it out, only to make a loss later on. If you need to travel either for work or a holiday then it may end up being very expensive.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Mercury:

Around this time you will see progress in areas such as writing, publishing, travel, or entrepreneurial pursuits. Communication will be easier than before and opportunities will come from your ability to express yourself clearly.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Mercury:

Mercury rules communication so anything involving this is highlighted. Publishing and writing in particular will be successful so if you want to write and publish a book then this would be the perfect time to do so. It is also the ideal moment to pursue educational opportunities.

Progressed Jupiter square Mercury:

Communication issues can happen now and you may say something that you regret. People may misunderstand your words and anything written or spoken can be fraught with risk. Anything such as signing a lease or other legal document should be checked several times to avoid errors.

Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Mercury:

There may be the need to rethink plans several times and this can cause stress. The key to this difficult time is riding it out until it has passed and maintaining a positive attitude.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Mercury:

This can be an indulgent time when you take on too much or make promises that you can’t keep. Spending money is common now as is eating too much or agreeing to too many plans and projects.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Venus:

Relationships will be in the spotlight now and will be bathed in positivity. You may get married or hear news of a baby. Money matters will improve and money may appear from nowhere such as a lottery win or an inheritance.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Venus:

Social enterprises are highlighted now and you will spend time with family and friends, enjoying their company. This is a good time for relationships and romance will be blooming.

Progressed Jupiter square Venus:

Venus is the planet of pleasure and you may want to indulge yourself now. This means that you may drain your pocketbook in the process and you may also put yourself out on a limb emotionally.

Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Venus:

Around this time you will struggle with areas such as health and finances. Relationships can be challenging or you may enter into a union without getting the full picture first which can lead to problems down the road.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Venus:

This is an indulgent period when you want to do everything to excess. This includes things like eating and sleeping and you can get lazy and gain weight. Relationships may end before you are ready to let go which can also cause a blow to your self-esteem.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Mars:

You will get a big energy boost now thanks to Mars being in the picture. That said, we still need to make sure that we don’t overdo it and end up burning out too soon.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Mars:

With Mars bringing you focus and drive you will see that projects go well. You will have confidence in your ideas and others will listen to you .This is a time of action and moving forward.

Progressed Jupiter square Mars:

When Jupiter is square Mars there is the risk of recklessness and an arrogant attitude. You may start to believe your own hype which will alienate those around you. You will have drive but it may take you in the wrong direction if you fail to do your homework first. This is also a period when sexual relationships are heightened but these can be unhealthy or destructive.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Mars:

There is a tendency to be rash and reckless now and you lack clear boundaries with others. With Mars in the mix you want everything right now which means that you are prone to mistakes and errors of judgment from not thinking things through correctly.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Saturn:

You will find success now but you will also have to work for it. The energy now is slow and steady and you have good judgment and clear objectives. Financially things will be stable and if you work hard then money will come from your endeavors.

Progress Jupiter conjunct Uranus:

Uranus is the planet of surprises so things will come at you that you never expected. These can come in the form of sudden opportunities to study or travel. New ideas will come to you easily and you will want to stay away from traditional forms of thinking and invent fresh ways of doing things.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Neptune:

Spirituality is highlighted now and you will probably feel more creative and in tune with yourself. You might feel more intuitive than usual and this will lead you to have innovative ideas

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Pluto:

This is a time of extreme change that you will not be able to go back to. Something will end and this will be for good, although this will be a breakthrough that frees you from outdated ways of living your life. At the time however this may seem stressful but trust that it is paving the way for something better.

Progressed Jupiter conjunct Midheaven:

There will be forward motion in your career which will also bring financial prosperity your way. Your image gets a boost and you will feel like you are making great strides in your life. Relationships can also expand and this can mean marriage or a pregnancy.

Progressed Jupiter sextile or trine Midheaven:

Education and work will go well and will be linked to how others see you. You will be confident in promoting yourself and this will pay off as your image improves. Those in education will receive praise and objectives will be easily attainable now if you work hard.

Progressed Jupiter opposition Midheaven:

This time will be all about domestic life. This could mean moving or upgrading your house or it could be linked to a marriage or baby.

Progressed Jupiter square Midheaven:

You will naturally have a boost of confidence now but make sure that this does not become arrogance. There is also a chance of making rash decisions as a result of this energy which you could end up paying for dearly. Money matters are highlighted as you could be tempted to spend above your means.

Progressed Jupiter inconjunct Midheaven:

Delays and wrong turns are common now, leaving you in a state of flux. Constantly having to rearrange plans may make you tired and ill and there is stress when it comes to finances. You may still be in a cheerful mood throughout this however but it will mean that you may be foolhardy and overly optimistic.

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  1. Jendo says:

    What about prog. Jupiter conjunct ( most likely retrograde ) natal jupiter?

    • Bree says:

      @Jendo ~ Sorry about that! I will answer here as well as include it in my post. Please do know it will take a transit or eclipse aspect to one’s natal planet, in this case, natal Jupiter to set this off or it will stay dormant thru out one’s life. With that said,
      Progressed Jupiter conjunct natal Jupiter This brings some improvement into one’s life. It brings in a higher vibration. One may take a long journey, literally or have more to do with foreign dealings, also one will feel more success, & an increased love of freedom, independence. To the unawakened ones, this will cause a rebellious spirit.

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