Progressed Ascendant in Cancer

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The interpretations for the progressed ascendant in Cancer on this page are from The Progressed Horoscope by Alan Leo (1906).

While I’ve been practicing astrology for what seems like a lifetime, I’ve come to acknowledge that Alan Leo’s interpretation of the progressed  ascendant is more so accurate.  I find it remarkably profound in meaning as one’s life progresses.  The progressed ascendant as it changes thru the decanate’s  adds an extreme amount of influence/energy in one’s life, more then one would ever imagine! Find out what your progressed ascendant is & what decanate it is in & I promise you will be absolutely astonished at the accuracy of the interpretations Alan Leo has written & what will unfold in your life!

Progressed Ascendant in Cancer

This new sign ascending will bring into the life a keener interest in all domestic and home affairs. It will open up a softer side of the nature so that it will become receptive and sensitive, more keenly alive in fact to feelings and sensations, and the general psychic (or internal) conditions of the environment and surroundings.

The native will find himself feeling vibrations that he was not conscious of before, and a new world will open up within him—of which he may or may not be physically conscious, according to the progress he has made in evolution.

To those who can fully respond to this progressed ascendant a psychic centre will awaken, and a greater interest will be taken in all occult and mystical things. But with the ordinary individual, carried blindly along by the tide of evolution, the sensational side of the nature merely will be touched, and the feelings will thus have opportunities to expand; either through personal attachments, or through ties and engagements of one kind or another which will draw out the personal feeling and so evolve sensitiveness.

To all it will bring a firmer grip on life, and give that persistence and tenacity which bring keener experiences to the personality.

Progressed Ascendant in 1st Decanate of Cancer

If the progressed ascendant is in the first decanate of Cancer (0 degrees to 9 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation I’ve stated above applies.

Progressed Ascendant in 2nd Decanate of Cancer

If the progressed ascendant is in the second decanate of Cancer (10 degrees to 19 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation I’ve stated above for Progressed Ascendant in Cancer applies, as well as the following:

This progressed ascendant brings the native to a critical stage in his evolution; and as the influence of each decanate extends over a period of about ten years, he will feel the effects of its influence more or less during the whole of that time.

It will bring deaths into the family circle, and sorrow through the feelings and emotions; it also marks a critical stage for the personality, giving liability to infection and to come into contact with some very disagreeable conditions. It will accentuate the passional side of the nature, giving subtler and keener feelings than have hitherto been experienced.

To those who are progressing, and advancing their individual growth, it will cause a far deeper interest to be taken in occult and mystical matters, with an ardent desire to understand the mystic side of nature. To the ordinary slowly developing person it will bring more curiosity, a greater love of secrecy, and some secret transactions which will be related to the feeling and emotional side of the nature.

To all it will bring an acquisition of dignity, with some danger of jealously and pride. It will stir up all that is latent in the feeling side of the character and cause the native to undergo some striking experiences.

Progressed Ascendant in 3rd Decanate of Cancer

If the progressed ascendant is in the third decanate of Cancer (20 degrees to 29 degrees and 59 minutes), the general interpretation I’ve stated above for Progressed Ascendant in Cancer applies, as well as the following:

This will bring an opportunity to ultimately close the account of the sign Cancer. The effect of this influence upon the life may be unmanifested in its external physical expression, for it is more likely to be felt internally and psychically than outwardly.

The native will become very receptive and far more negative than usual under its influence, so that he will receive vibrations from without to such an extent as to make him painfully sensitive to his environment and general surroundings. He will thus be able to feel the conditions of others and to sense them in a peculiar way, so that he will find himself more than usually hospitable, kind and sympathetic.

It will bring some connection with hospitals or institutions into the life, probably for the first time, perhaps some temporary confinement, either through ill-health or other unavoidable causes.

To the very progressive this gives the opportunity to taste of that universal love which is free from personal taint; but only to the very advanced comes this touch of the “universal solvent.” To the ordinary slowly progressing individual it awakens a fuller sympathy, and brings the feelings to a stage wherein that deeper emotion is experienced which is rather silent than inclined to seek expression.

Warm wishes, Bree

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