Unlock Your Potential with an Astrologer Life Coach: Why It’s a Game-Changer!

Unlock Your Potential with an Astrologer Life Coach: Why It’s a Game-Changer!

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What you've been doing isn't working, now what? One of the most empowering advantages of having Bree, an Astrologer, as a life coach is that she empowers you with the needed timing for major decisions and events, hidden secrets that could pose as.....


In today's fast-moving world, finding guidance through life's complexity poses challenges. Bree, an astrologer serving as a life coach, can make a major impact, blending spiritual and practical advice rooted in astrology's ancient wisdom. This approach looks beyond immediate concerns and aligns actions with your true essential self, not with robotic movements that everyone in today's world seems to get... a one-size-fits-all approach, so to bypass that monotone, let's discover why using astrologers as life coaches will ensure you're not chasing goals that will not work but, instead, ensuring the goals you do chase are authentic, realistic, to the life path you were born to chase. Balanced, fulfilling, and inspiring, all while using that clever blueprint we astrologers call a natal chart.

Astrology provides personalized insights from your birth chart, mapping not only planetary positions but also asteroids. Remember, there's gold to be found in both. The positions of the planets and asteroids when you were born represent your personality, strengths, weaknesses, your life path, and your personal journey through this maze called life. Bree interprets this unique chart to offer tailored advice resonating with your distinct life journey; no two people are alike; we all are born with our set of unique gifts we travel with; the problem, though, is so many of us haven't found our gifts, & those that have aren't sure how to use them, when to use them, & when to lay low. 

Additionally, one of the most empowering advantages of having Bree, an astrologer, as a life coach is that she not only empowers you but also guides you on the timing for major decision events, like starting projects, changing careers, and divorce (ahh yes, Bree sees that at well.) or making important business decisions. This helps seize opportunities when the planets align favorably and avoid potential pitfalls along the way. Ebb and flow.

  Bree uses her astrological understanding of your emotional condition to more effectively assist with stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues. This support is invaluable for overall well-being and resilience.

Astrology clarifies your purpose in life and the path forward. It enables you to comprehend your true potential and harness it successfully. An astrological guide can help you set meaningful, realistic goals, ensuring your efforts align with the life you, yourself, were meant to live.     

Bree, an astrologer and life coach, combines intuition and analytical thinking. While relying on astrology's mystical aspects, Bree also uses practical coaching methods to help achieve tangible outcomes. This balance of practicality and intuition leads to well-rounded choices that address both spiritual and material needs.

Astrological life coaching is an unfolding process, not a one-time event. It reinforces continuous growth and development, assisting the navigation of different life phases with wisdom. Regularly consulting your astrologer helps you stay aligned with goals and make adjustments as needed to stay on course. 

 Life throws many challenges our way, and working through them can be daunting. This is where my professional skills as an astrologer can provide precious insight. Giving you an understanding of the struggles you may face and the lessons you need to learn. This knowledge empowers you to approach problems with flexibility, resilience, and an openness to growth.

Embrace the wisdom of  Astrology and start a transformative journey toward self-fulfillment and personal success.  Discover your true path, embrace your unique gifts, find out what your hidden secrets are, and live a life that brings you joy, meaning, and purpose.  Take the first step in unlocking your limitless potential. 

Hiring Bree as your Life Coach can help you find your real purpose in life and hidden talents so that you can better achieve the results you want. You won't be stuck on the same track and wondering why it isn't working. 

Questions for Bree before you decide, please email bree@spiritualdesignastrolgy.com 

If you're ready to invest in yourself, change your life, and discover your true path, which holds secrets to achieving your goals and purpose, the strategies needed to get there, and timing as well, guiding you on your journey to where you want to be, click on the Paypal drop-down menu below, choose a 5- or 7-month consult, discovering together your path forward.

Testimonial~ "I Ella Stevanovich have been using Bree for not only my astrology readings and guidance but also for everyday life advice and understanding. Bree is patient, she knows how to help you navigate through complex issues and helps guide you to be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend you sign up and utilize her for all of your life's questions and answers you seek!"  Ella Stevanovich, (please see other testimonials at the top bar on this page!)

Once payment is made, I'll email you to set up Zoom meeting dates for each month or phone calls, your choice. I will try my best to accommodate scheduling. Weekends & holidays will not be an option, however, I will be available for evening appointments throughout the week if needed, as well as daytime hours or mornings.  I'll also email you the following Life Coaching Astrology contract to complete and return to me. It is a basic contract that asks for your birth information and objectives, as well as the itinerary. (Note: there is a no-refund policy once you are booked into my calendar for the first consultation.)

Email Support:

In addition to regular sessions, Bree offers ongoing support through email. This support can be invaluable for clients needing quick advice or motivation between sessions. It typically includes:

Quick Consultations: Emails for urgent issues or questions.

Encouragement and Accountability: Providing encouragement and holding the client accountable for their commitments. 

All sessions are recorded and sent to you within 24 hrs after each monthly meeting.

Ready to commit, change your life, and discover your true path with perfect timing? Let's do this! 

What to expect during our sessions:  (Choose 5 months or 7 months Astrology Coaching by Bree From the Drop-Down Menu Below :

(Both 5 & 7-month consults will include the same itinerary ~ 7-month consults will have an itinerary for #2 additional months.)

The itinerary below is not set in stone; it depends on each individual's objectives.~ If the client's objective relates to other concerns, Bree will send them a different itinerary.                   

Bree will personalize her recommendation related to exercises and tools for each client based on the client’s chart. Recommending, but not limited to, the following: (this is for both 5 or 7-month consults)

  • Mindfulness and Meditation: Tailored exercises and meditation guidance to improve focus and reduce stress.

  • Journaling Prompts: Journaling exercises to encourage self-reflection and track progress.

  • Assessment Tools: Personality assessments, strengths, weaknesses, and other tools can help clients gain deeper insights into their traits and tendencies.

  • Bree reserves the right to change the itinerary~ Other objectives may be used to ensure all of the client's objectives are met.

Monthly-1 Hour  Sessions for 5 months & 7 Months Astrology Coaching Sessions. (Both 5 & 7-month consults will include the same itinerary ~ 7-month consults will have an itinerary for #2 additional months.)

We meet once a month for a one-hour consult for five months or seven, depending on your choice. I understand life happens, so if you need to reschedule, please let me know; there may be times I need to reschedule, so it's workable!

I will schedule a mutual time via Zoom or phone with you. All sessions are recorded and sent to you for your use and future reference. I use your birth chart ~ natal promise as a starting reference, which will also be visible during our sessions, as well as other pertinent charts ~ progression, transits, Solar and lunar returns, and other pertinent related techniques. 

Session #1~ Discuss Goals:

  • Discuss Goals: Discussing with the client the short-term and long-term goals they have ~

    Interests, passions, and desires.

  • Identify Challenges: Explore any obstacles or limiting beliefs that may hinder the client's progress. The client’s chart will show this, and Bree and the client will discuss this in detail. 

  • ~ Overcoming any anxiety you may have, heighten your Manifestation-skills

Session #2 ~ Customizing Clients Plan, achieving goals

Based on the first consultation, Bree will develop a customized plan that outlines the roadmap for the next 5~ months or 7 ~ months. Bree’s plan typically includes:

  • Goal Setting: Detailed goal-setting exercises to define clear, measurable objectives. Client’s Chart/s will be used. 

  • ~ Where you are at now & where you'd like to be & how to get there; Timing it all ~Very detailed, clearly understood.

  • Action Steps: Specific action steps and milestones to achieve these goals. Client’s Chart/s will be used.

  • Timeline: A timeline for achieving each milestone, ensuring the client stays on track. Client’s Chart/s will be used.

  • Timing it all ~Very detailed, clearly understood. Ebb & flow is the key

Session #3. Reviewing Discussing, Progress 

  • Progress Review: This involves reviewing progress toward goals and adjusting action steps as necessary. The client’s Chart will be used.

  • ~ Other techniques may be used to ensure the client's objectives are met.

  • Skill Development: Working on specific skills, such as time management, communication, or leadership. Client’s Chart/s will be used.

  • Mindset Coaching: Addressing mindset and psychological barriers, helping the client develop a growth-oriented mindset. Client’s Chart/s will be used.

  • ~ Opening up & understanding your Healing and Energy Power, where the secrets are in your natal promise, ready to enhance & use at your disposal. 

Session #4. Building Skills, Networking 

  • Skill-Building: focusing on developing specific skills, where the magic is & how to use it, such as public speaking or conflict resolution, etc. Bree will use

    Client’s Chart/s. 

  • Networking Opportunities: Opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and expand professional connections.

    Client’s Chart/s will be used.

    *~ New Challenges: Introducing new challenges to continue growth. Client's chart/s will be used. Looking at new growth potential & timing It all.

Session #5.  Final Review and Future Planning (#5 Month plan only ~ #7 month plan see below)

       * Reflecting on the entire 5-month journey.

  • Future Planning: Discuss new challenges from the previous month and where you are now. Identify the steps you need to take to reach your objective. Reiterate timing.

  • Closure: Providing feedback, any questions you may have, and closing the coaching relationship. (5 month coaching plan ends) 

Session #5 (#7 Month Plan Only) 

Reviews and Adjustments If Needed 

  • Progress Assessment: Assessing progress towards the initial goals. 

  • Feedback: Providing and receiving feedback on the coaching process.

  • Adjusting Plans: Revise the coaching plan based on what’s working and what’s not, and discuss why in detail. 

  • Client chart/s will be used, as well as other pertinent techniques. Detailed discussion.

Session #6 Developing Hidden Skills~ Potent Way/s to Enhance Skills You Were Born With (There's Gold to be Found)

This session will be intense, and last two hours, so please plan accordingly when scheduling. You'll discover secrets about yourself that you never even imagined existed, secrets that lay latin waiting to be acknowledged.

Within those discoveries, we'll discuss how to use them for new growth opportunities and the timing of their implementation.

Session #7 Final Review and Future Planning Related to Above:

      * Reflecting on the entire 7-month journey.

  • Future Planning: Discuss new growth opportunities from the previous month. Identify the steps needed. Reiterate timing.

  • Closure: Providing feedback, any questions you may have, and closing the coaching relationship.

The first sessions will begin within two weeks from the time you signed up. Other agreeable arrangements can be made as well; let Bree know.

$595 5 Months One Hour per Month Consultation     via Zoom or Phone Your Choice! 


The first sessions will begin within two weeks from the time you signed up. Other agreeable arrangements can be made as well; let Bree know.

    Warm wishes, Bree

 For other services Bree offers, see Services Offered/shopnow 


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