Solar Return Chart Predictive Reading $150.00

Solar Return Chart ~ What Will Happen During My Year?

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$150.00 ~ Detailed description revealing what energies (See example report below) will be your main focus coming into your life for one full year!  A Solar Return chart is a day for a year, & is highly accurate! Clients love this due to its accuracy! Do understand if you do nothing for your entire Solar Return year "FREE WILL" then do not expect anything to progress during your next S.R. year! That goes for your horoscope/astrology chart as well! I use the Placidus system Western astrology, if you'd like the whole system or equal use please tell Bree!

Each year you may have a new ascendant/rising sign, flavoring your year, if your rising ascendant/sign, is let’s say, Virgo, and in your Solar Return chart it may be Aries for the entire year! This Solar Return chart will tell what your new (if not the same as in your birth chart) rising sign/ascendant means and so much other information related to your year ahead!

This is an extremely predictive analysis astrologers use for their clients. It will tell the energies coming in for one year & is from birthday to birthday only, at times there may be a 3-month lapses before & at times after your birthday, meaning if you have any unfinished business from your last Solar Return coming into your new Solar Return, then the new S.R. will start 3 months after your birthday. You’ll definitely know if your new Solar Return has begun because of some event, or opportunities, or maybe an issue to solve will show itself about one month before your new Solar Return Birthday.

This report will go into detail relating to the rising sign/ascendant, & what challenges you may have for the year, as well as opportunities! Please click on Nicolas Cage’s Solar Return for an example of what this report includes!

No refunds on reports! 

Please click on Nicolas Cage link below to sample the FREE Solar Return Report

Nicolas Cage Solar Return Report 

I will need the following: (please allow 24 hrs to receive your Solar Return Report to the email you leave on file!) Nicolas Cage S.R. will be an automatic download when you order, but not your own S.R. chart, I will need to manually send it to you within 24hrs. 

Your birth info,


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City/state/country, you were born

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