6 Months Astrology/Horoscope Reading/Consultation

 6 Months ~ Consultation ~ Astrology/Horoscope Consult/reading ~ What energies are coming in for you & the precise timing to take either lay low or advance, ebb & flow.





 6-Months ~ Consult/reading ~ I do not offer any type of surgery dates. 

 Learn how to harness positive energies and navigate potential pitfalls. Whether you're looking to advance in your career, improve your relationships, or embark on a new personal project, Bree's consultation offers valuable insights tailored specifically to you. By understanding the unique astrological influences at play, you can maximize your potential and achieve your goals with greater ease. In the consult/reading, Bree will use your natal birth chart with the progressed planets, transits, and asteroids.

You will have a choice to meet via Zoom or have a PDF file or MP4 with me, Bree, and your chart up as I record, explaining what I see unfolding, sent to the email you have on file. 

If you choose Zoom, I will record the session. It will also be recorded if you choose an MP4. If you choose PDF, you will receive your chart with transits, progressed planets, and asteroids and the PDF, but it will not be on video.

Your privacy is my number one priority. The information you provide and what we discuss is NEVER shared!

Terms & Conditions: There are no refunds on consultations/readings. You must give 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule. You must email first if you need an evening appointment past 5 p.m. Bree schedules Monday through Friday, 10 am—5 pm. After-hours may be available; please email Bree if needed.

I will need the following:

Your birth info,


Time of birth: please include am or pm ~ If birth time is unknown, please state that!

City/state/country, you were born

City/state/country you reside in now

As well as your concerns/questions (please include when you send birth info)

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There is a notes bar to the right to leave all the info I will need, if not, please email the required info. (please see above for info needed)

      Warm wishes, Bree

Email Bree: bree@spiritualdesignastrology.com





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