6 Months Astrology/Horoscope Reading/Consultation

 6 Months ~ Consultation ~ Astrology/Horoscope Consult/reading ~ What is coming in for you & the timing of it all!





 6-Months ~ Consult/reading ~ I do not offer any type of surgery dates. 

Your natal birth chart with the progressed planets & transits will be used in this consult/reading. You will be given the timing of the planet's energy that I see coming into play for you, so you're able to take full advantage, of the energies at the most opportune time!

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Do note, if I see any unfortunate energy coming in, I will tell you, as well as tell you how to handle that energy so the best possible outcome is achieved. Please remember we all have free will.

You will have a choice to meet via Zoom or have a PDF file or MP4 with me Bree & your chart up as I record, explaining what I am seeing for you,  sent to the email you have on file. Your choice, in the above, please do let me know along with the needed info below!

I will record the session if you choose Zoom. It will also be recorded if you choose an MP4, your chart with progressed planets & transits with me Bree telling you what I see & the timing. If PDF you will receive your chart with transits & progressed planets, & the PDF, but it will not be on video.

Your privacy is my number one priority, the info you provide as well as what we discuss is NEVER shared!

Terms & conditions ~ No refunds on consultations/readings. 24-hour notice is needed if need to reschedule. Must email 1st if needing an evening appointment past 6 pm on my scheduled days of operation. 

I will need the following:

Your birth info,


Time of birth, please include am or pm

City/state/country, you were born

City/state/country you reside in now

And what are your concerns/questions (please include when you send birth info)

Please email me 1st to see how far out I am! 

There is a notes bar to the right to leave all info I will need (please see above for info needed)

      Warm wishes, Bree

Email Bree: bree@spiritualdesignastrology.com





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