925 Sterling Silver Ring New Trendy Multilayer Leaf open Ring for Women Silver Ring Jewelry Gift


This magical Moonstone ring brings fresh startsthe promise of brand-new beginnings



Raise your energy power with this Moonstone 925 Sterling Silver Ring!

This magical Moonstone ring brings fresh startsthe promise of brand-new beginnings, and the opportunity to promote inspiration and success.

Your Moonstone ring is a stone of inner strength & growth.  It is also known to soothe emotional instability and stress, as well as stabilize emotions, providing calmness. It brings good fortune in love and business matters and enhances intuition.

Did you know Silver is the metal of emotions and the psychic mind, including both loving and healing? It’s true!  It is used to grant the owner patience and persistence. It can also be utilized as a soul mirror. Silver amplifies the moon’s abilities, especially during the full and new moon boosting serenity and strength.

 This beautiful ring is designed for combining good-looking and healing properties.

Moonstone is a super alluring gemstone with ethereal visual effects. Moonstone boosts internal energy and improves and restores emotional stability and harmony. It has mystical and astounding powers that promote serenity and positivity. By targeting the feminine side, moonstone instill and nurture gentleness, intuition, and compassion.

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