Predictive Skills Astrology has Amazing Results-Evangeline Adams-Famous Astrologer to the Wealthy!

 Predictive Skills Astrology has Amazing Results-Evangeline Adams-Famous Astrologer to the Wealthy!

 Many people may never have heard the name Evangeline Adams, although she was actually an instrumental figure in the astrology world. Adams lived from 1868 to 1932 and she rose to fame by providing astrology readings to clients such as J.P Morgan and the Prince of Wales.

            Adams is widely looked at as one of the pioneers of using horoscopes to make predictions, and by the end of her life she had over 10,000 clients who flocked to her for astrological advice. Adams firmly believed that it was possible to use a horoscope to better understand yourself and your characteristics, as well as using it to make predictions about the life path of an individual. To this end, she consistently proved this over the course of her life and her work is often still referred to by modern day astrologers.

            J.P Morgan in particular was a huge fan of her work and famously said, ‘Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.’ This quote is widely thought to be a reference to Adams and the way she used astrology to make amazing and accurate predictions for her clients. Adams is known for having used astrology to make predictions involving all aspects of life, but she was also particularly adept at using horoscopes to make accurate predictions about financial matters, which is why prominent figures like J.P Morgan used her incredible skills.

            Another one of Adams’ famous clientele included the tenor Enrico Caruso who is said to have consulted her every time he had to travel by ship. As sea travel was considered far more dangerous and risky than it is in the modern day, Enrico refused to travel until Adams had given him a safe date on which to do so. This was because Adams could accurately predict when would be a safe time to travel using astrology as her guide. Subsequently, Enrico never had trouble at sea and was always safe when he traveled.

            Adams started her career from humble roots, but she rose to fame quickly and in the 1920s she was able to predict the stock market crash that happened in 1929. It is also said that many of her clients worked in the banking industry and came to her for astrology predictions related to the stock market. Within this circle in particular, Adams was considered to have legendary skills in using astrology to make predictions on financial matters.

            Such was Adams’ fame that she was able to command a sum of $50 for a 30 minute reading. As this was in the 1920s that would work out at about $600 in the modern day which was a huge amount of money for clients to part with, and they were happy to do so thanks to Adams’ proven record of accurate predictions. One of the reasons for her success was down to the fact that she was an excellent marketer and she used to work the scene by attending clubs and high society parties where she would read palms while dressed up in a gypsy costume for maximum effect.

            The reason that Adams became so famous is as a result of her amazing skills and her accuracy which was second to none. One example of her gift happened in 1899 when she moved to New York and lodged in the Windsor Hotel. Once there, she met with the owner and told him that she predicted that danger was imminent. The very next day, a vicious fire swept through the hotel claiming several lives. The story was passed on to several newspapers in New York, and as a result Adams became famous as a person who could use astrology to make accurate predictions.

            One thing that is particularly interesting about Adams’ fame is that using astrology to make predictions was illegal in the United States in the 1920s, and Adams was arrested in 1911, 1914, and 1923 as a result. She was not sentenced to jail time however, and her trial in 1914 actually added to her success. The reason for this was that she was able to accurately describe the character of the judge’s son using only his birth date and time to make astrological predictions. As a result, the judge decided not to proceed with the case and declared that Adams was able to make astrological predictions as if they were an exact science.

            As well as blazing a trail for other astrologers using her astrological predictions, Adams was a leading figure in many other ways. She did not marry or have children, but she did live with Emma Viola Fry, a suffragist who was widely believed to be her female companion. Adams also worked as a prolific writer at a time when this a difficult niche for women and published many books related to using astrology to make predictions. Her books are considered so useful and full of insight that they are still used by astrologers to this day as a reference tool.

            Adams also worked with others in her field including Aleister Crowley who helped to ghost write many of her astrology books. Crowley was an occultist and a magician, and it is said that Adams and Crowley conducted a long time love affair, although this ended when they had an argument about the rights to several ghostwriting projects.

            One of the reasons that Adams is so famous is that she genuinely believed in the power of using one’s horoscope as a tool to better understand the self of each individual. She also believed strongly in the way in which planets affect the nature of each person and the way in which planetary activity has an effect on those on earth. One example is a quote attributed to her on the power of the planet Uranus,

 ‘Uranus indicates divine will; and the reason why he is so explosive and violent and upsetting to human affairs is that he represents the real intention, which, lying deeper than the conscientious purpose, often contradicts it. The outer and the inner are then in conflict; and whenever the battle is joined, the inner must win.

To the outer consciousness, this naturally appears as disaster; for the native dies not recognize the force as part of himself, or, if so, he regards it as a disturbing entity, and resents its dominion.

Uranus is, as in Egyptian symbolism, the Royal Uraeus Serpent; slow, yet unseen, Lore of Life and death. It takes a great deal to move him’ but when once in motion, he is irresistible.

            For many astrologers, the path of astrology is not easy, and many may face discrimination as a result of their chosen field. What makes Adams such an inspiration and pioneer is that she refused to cease working as an astrologer and believed wholeheartedly in the benefits of astrology when used as a predictive tool.

            Adams also helped to prove to many that when studied properly, astrology can be accurately used to make predictions using a simple birth chart. She also pioneered the way in which studying a horoscope is now used in modern astrology to help individuals to better understand themselves and their characteristics.

            One of the most important things we can learn from Adams based on her career and her writing is the way in which astrology can provide a key to understanding yourself. For those who are looking for a way to better understand their motivations, gifts, and powers, Adams is a powerful advocate for using horoscopes and astrology in order to make predictions for one’s future.

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