#Aries ~ #Pisces March 9th/10th 2020 ~ #Predictions Super Full Moon 19 Virgo ~ What Will #Transpire for You?!

The Hermit is also known to be associated with Saturn

The Hermit ~ Tarot
Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

  Virgo Full Moon related to  the Tarot Card “THE HERMIT” 2020-02-24

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Predictions Super Full Moon  19 ͦ  Virgo ~  Aries ~ Pisces March 2020

Did you know Super Full Moons are rare? There are up to 6 each year. Super moons are larger & brighter than full moons.

With a Full Moon in Virgo, it will favor kindly to all that are Taurus, Cancer, Virgos, Capricorns, Pisces. On the flip side, it’s more challenging to Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

The energy will be anxious & finicky.  

The full moon in Virgo is the perfect time for decluttering, & with Mercury going direct on March 10th, I’m sure many of you have taken the time to go over, revisit, tweak, all the things that were needing attention & are ready to put your plans in place. Virgo in the Tarot is the Hermit (Some say Priestess) Virgo is the sign of duty, service to others. Virgo is ruled by Mercury in the Tarot Mercury is ruled by the Magician.

The full moon brings a climax, anything that has been building needs released at the full moon. Time for completion. When you have a full moon in one house it, of course, is opposite the other ~ example ~ the 1st house is opposite the 7th house, for example,  having a full moon in the 1st can mean things related to the 7th house come into focus as well, a balance needs to be considered between both houses. Are you paying too much attention to yourself 1st house, neglecting 7th house issues? Or it could be visa versa, your paying to much attention to 7th house issues, neglecting you which is, of course, 1st house issue. You need to decide! The balance needs to be restored. It’s an emotional time. Something ending a new beginning. Its hard at times to let go of the old so new can come in, scary! Always remember this, “Endings are usually hard, beginning are scary, it’s the middle you need to embrace. Have a beautiful March everyone! And remember “Balance” is the new buzz word.


A good rule of thumb is to remember to be helpful to others, try to find balance by engaging in down to earth things, & do allow yourself to dream!

Don’t forget to read your rising sign as well as your sun sign, at times one’s rising sign fits you so much better than one’s sun sign! Please note, this is a general horoscope forecast, it may hit or miss, you must have your birth time am or pm, place of birth, city/state/country, & the city/state/country you reside now to know what is actually coming in for to you. Invest in you, get your personal horoscope chart completed at least every 6 months. I have come to find having it completed for a full year is too overwhelming, cutting it into bite-size pieces (6-months) is much more manageable. 

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Aries ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 6th h.

Aries,  the 6th house is a Virgo house. Service to others, as well as their service to you. Pets, & health.

A full moon is the time of completion. Many of you are questioning the way you take care of yourself. I see old routines related to health that no longer serve you ending. New ones coming in. It’s time to contemplate how you can better take care of you, Aries. Spring is coming in & you loving the action that it brings will be moving from an inside routine to an outside routine.

Taurus ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 5th h.

The 5th house is the house of procreation, speculation, risk-taking, children, especially your 1st born, the house of fun! I see you’ve been busy Taurus with children, sports. And it is coming to completion this month. You’ve been quite busy driving to all the meets, & games, staying up late tending to the actives that go with it. Time for meditation & relaxation, your children’s winter activities are completed now. In time you will focus on all the new actives your children will be involved in until then relax Taurus you deserve it!

Gemini ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 4th h

The 4th house rules home, the one you came from as well as the one you make for yourself. The 4th house is an angular house it also rules the mother or the father. Many astrologers say the mother because Cancer rules the 4th house, others say it belongs to the parent that is the most nurturing while the 10th belongs to the parent that is the rule maker, the most disciplinary parent. I see issues around a parent. You’ve made a decision regarding a parent, rather move a parent in with you or placing a parent in a retirement home or nursing home. The decision has come full circle & is ending now.

Cancer ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 3rd h

The 3rd house belongs to Gemini. It is a communication &  transportation house. Short distance, networking, it also rules siblings, relatives, neighbors.  I see many of you purchasing a new vehicle, ending a mode of transportation with an old vehicle. Something ending related to transportation. I also at the same time see many of you dealing with siblings at this time, an emotional issue regarding one of them. At times Cancer no matter what we do it’s never enough. It’s time to understand you’ve made the right decision & move on.

Leo ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 2nd h

The 2nd house rules how you make you money Leo. The assets you own. Property you own. I see emotional outbreaks related to financial security, stability, your questioning your self-worth. Leo, if you’ve been thinking about ending how you make your money now to something new, perhaps starting a business, now is the time.

Virgo ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 1st h

Virgo the full moon is in your sign. I see you’ve made a final decision on your appearance. You’ve been spending to much time focusing on another & the time has come to end that. I see you fixing up yourself now Virgo, something related to a decision regarding your appearance has been made, ending focusing on anther. And that is perfectly ok, it’s time for you Virgo you’ve always been the caretaker, now it’s time to take care of you!

Libra ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 12th h

The 12th h. is related to things hidden, confinement, the 12th h, is a Karmic house.

The 12th house is the house of self-undoing. Confinement. Secret enemies. When one has a full moon in the 12th house one tends to withdraw for the month. And that’s perfectly fine Libra. Gather your thoughts focus on your secret self. Go within. What have you been doing that has a sabotaging effect on you? What needs to be let go now, forgiven, so you are able to move forward. Look deep inside yourself, focus, meditate, once you’ve decided what secret you’ve been keeping deep inside yourself that has had a negative consequence on you, let it go, forgive, so you can move on.

Scorpio ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 11th h

The 11th house is the house of your hopes, dreams, wishes, the social groups you hang with, friends & business. In your business sector, I see you having issues surrounding this. What you once wanted seems no longer viable Scorpio. Something is ending with your social groups related to business friends lost, groups switched up. Your needing to find a balance related to what you give & what you get back. I see this hitting your business world.

Sagittarius ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 10th h

The 10th house in astrology is the house of your career sector, how the world perceives you, your standing in the world. I see a project you’re working on coming to an end, completion. You are needing to decide what to take on next. Also, you are needing to find a balance between your home life & your career. With a full moon in your 10th house that is opposite your 4th house of home. I see you need to balance this area. Are you paying too much attention to one area leaving the other to survive by chance? Also, both the 10th & the 4th houses in astrology rules one of your parents. How are they doing? Are you having to balance between the needs of a parent & the needs of your career?

Capricorn ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 9th h

The full moon in the 9th house rules long-distance travel, book publishing, religion, studying, legal issues. If you’ve been involved in a lawsuit it will be ending now. I see it took a lot out of you. You’ve won. It’s time to stop the focus on it & begin formulating your plans for that getaway vacation.

Aquarius ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 8th h

The 8th house in astrology relates to other people’s money, your business money, your significant other money, government money, bank loans, sex, death, re-birth, taxes, inheritances. I see tax issues coming to an end now. Bringing in more positive issues related to looking at your financial situation related to a significant other. You are being asked to find a balance now related to the purse strings. I feel one is contributing more so than the other. That’s perfectly ok Aquarius, it’s time to find that balance on how to spend money, & on what.

Pisces ~ Super Full Moon will be in your 7th h

The 7th house is an angular house in astrology. The effects are more public. The 7th house in astrology rule your significant other, & those who you do business with. I see you ending a relationship at this time Pisces. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s filled its necessary duties in your life & you’ve come to the realization that it’s time to move on, this is related to business that no longer serves your needs its over, time to build on new wanting to come in. You have to let go of the old in order to let the new come in.


Please remember all of us will have opportune times & it’s up to each of us to take advantage of these times 🙂
Util next time meditate & visualize, see yourself in the place you want to be, I highly recommend using Quartz crystal for it’s purifying effects, also consider wearing Aventurine (Green) it’s known as the “Lucky Tailman” Amethyst is also highly recommended, its a powerhouse for spiritual protection against negative energy. 


Blessings, Bree

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