Pluto the Creator & Destroyer Pluto Making a Trine to Your Natal Planets

Pluto the Creator & Destroyer Trine thru Your Houses!

Pluto Trines:

Pluto is a neutral planet, and sometimes because of this, we tend not to heed its transitions. When Pluto trines with other planets in our houses, it is bringing us change, & this can come in a very subtle form that we fail to recognize at the time. This means that we sometimes lose out of the opportunities available to us, and if we are not careful, Pluto trines can pass us by before we know it. With this in mind, it is important to pay attention to the trines of Pluto with our natal planets, and to remember that changes that occur at this time are usually long lasting and we will feel their effects for a long time into the future. Trines we have to work for knowing when a Trine is happening with one of our natal planets is very beneficial. Sextiles, automatically fall into our laps!

Pluto trines Sun:

When Pluto trines the Sun, we all get a boost. You may notice around this time that your feelings change, and if you have been worried or unsure of your direction, you will suddenly gain focus. We tend to have a magnetism around us that draws people into our inner circle that may turn out to be significant later on, such as someone who we may work with on a professional collaboration. This is also a time when we might try something new that will become a way of life for us, like a new health regime that completely changes our perspective, or we may finally stop drinking or smoking if this is something we have been struggling with for some time.

Pluto trines Moon:

The time when Pluto trines the Moon is one of deep waters and it affects the way we engage with others. Relationships tend to deepen and this is may be a time when you get engaged or simply take a relationship to the next level. This can apply to platonic or romantic relationships, or it can even refer to a workplace relationship where you are given more responsibility that comes with more recognition or a pay rise. If you have been having trouble with a partner, friend, or family member, then this can be a time when you straighten out any issues and come to a sense of understanding and harmony.

Pluto trines Mercury:

When Pluto trines intellectual Mercury you will often find that you are more focused. If you have been thinking about going back to school or taking a class then this is the time when that might come to fruition. You will also find that you are more analytical in nature and your problem solving abilities are heightened, so this is an opportune moment to look at your life and work through any areas that need to be addressed. There is also a tendency to be more intense, and it is a good idea to make sure that you have projects to channel this. You can get a lot done when Pluto trines Mercury if you put your mind to it.

Pluto trines Venus:

Venus is the planet of love, so when Pluto trines Venus it is natural that this is in the spotlight. If you are in a relationship then things will usually get better. You may take your relationship to the next level, or if you have been experiencing problems then this may be a time when you get closer to your partner and find a way to work things out. On the flipside, if you have been in a toxic relationship, then this is the time when you may find the courage to break up and move on, and you will be able to do so in a harmonious way, without any animosity.

Pluto trines Mars

At the time when Pluto trines Mars our energy levels skyrocket and we will find ourselves feeling more energized, focused, and alert than we have for a long time. If we have been feeling tired and drained, or been battling a health issue, then this is the time when we will shake it all off and feel as if we can take on anything. You will have a lot of strength within you to take on new projects and you can make great strides forward. One word of caution is that with Mars in the loop you also have a tendency to feel more passionate and fiery, which can spill over into aggression if you are not careful.

Pluto trines Jupiter:

Jupiter, planet of abundance and miracles shines on us when Pluto trines Jupiter and makes this a time of breakthroughs. Travel might be on the agenda, or an exciting move to a new job or department. Change is likely to come, and it may do so without any warning whether we like it or not. When Pluto trines Jupiter we need to trust in the changes that happen around us, for they may not seem like positive developments immediately. If we have patience however, we will see that in the long term they were clearing the way for greater breakthroughs.

Pluto trines Saturn:

Serious Saturn is in the picture when Pluto trines Saturn and brings with it issues like focus and determination. You might find that you are naturally more focused and you have the ability to concentrate on projects for far longer than usual. You won’t be blessed with much in the way of creativity at this time, so this is a time to work through mundane but essential tasks like filling in tax forms and paying bills, as you will get a lot done. There is also a focus on responsibility when Pluto trines Saturn, so you need to look at the responsibilities you have in your life and make sure that you are honoring them.

Pluto trines Uranus:

The time when Pluto trines Uranus is one where we are driven to think outside the box and embrace things that are quirky and unique. It is very much a period when it pays to keep your own counsel and when it is prudent to follow your own path. If you are veering towards the unconventional, then this is doubtless because of the influence of the Pluto trine with Uranus, and as such you should follow this intuition. There is no need to follow the crowd at this time; in fact, you would do well not to. It is natural for us to seek freedom, and this may mean that you are less sociable as you want to spend time exploring the world on your own terms, or it might mean that you are a social butterfly and want to spend your time with a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

Pluto trines Neptune:

When Pluto trines Neptune we may not notice many changes in the status quo at all. In order for things to move forward during this trine, we need to look below the surface. Often hidden opportunities are waiting, but if we don’t make an effort to uncover them, then we can’t expect much in the way of change or development. Much of this cycle is about appearances, and how things look on the surface and how they are in reality. This can also apply to the people around you, and you might uncover something about someone in your inner circle that you were not aware of before. Beware anything that seems superficial when Pluto trines Neptune, as this will lead to misfortune.

Pluto trines Pluto:

Don’t discount the time when Pluto trines Pluto. At first glance, it can seem as if nothing much is happening, but actually it is a time of great transformation if you want it to be. When Pluto trines Pluto we can be introspective which is a good thing, as it forces us to confront our inner beliefs and examine if we are on the right or wrong path. If there are negative influences in our life then now is a time when we can get rid of these forever, and in that sense this is an excellent time to clean house and surround ourselves with only things that are positive and bring us joy. As such, we need to do the work when Pluto trines Pluto, but if we do then we will be rewarded for it later on.

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