Pluto Sextile Planets~Sun~Moon~Mars~…….

Pluto is one of the slowest moving planets, taking close to 248 years to complete a full circle. Its transits take time, and they also progress slowly, at times events may unfold with without even noticing, But, nine times out of 10, we will feel Pluto! There is a time of transit followed by a retrograde period, before Pluto then continues forward again, and each part of the cycle has its own effect.

Pluto, when it transits, makes us look at things in more detail. There is nothing fluffy or carefree about this planet, and instead we are forced to look beneath the surface, past the superficial, to get to the bottom of things. In this way we are made to clean house and confront aspects that may be uncomfortable but that really need to be dealt with.

Pluto is also deeply linked with the self and how we view ourselves and others around us. We will get closer when Pluto’s in the picture and this may mean that we develop a better understanding of the things we need in our lives, or we progress in relationships with others. Either way, intimacy and understanding is there if we look for it.

Pluto Sextile Sun:
Relationships are often affected when Pluto transits sextile Sun. This is a time when you could find that you get ahead and take a big step towards a lifelong goal, but usually this will come with the help of someone in a position of power or a teacher/mentor type figure. If you don’t have someone like this in your life then they could materialize around this time. You will be more focused, or at least it will be a case of realizing that you need to work smarter and not harder, and you will be able to see what has become unnecessary in your life.
Pluto Sextile Moon:
Relationships are in the spotlight when Pluto transits sextile Moon, and this can be a time of great growth. Relationships get deeper and will become more profound in meaning, and this does not necessarily always refer to romantic liaisons, but could also apply to other close relationships around you. We tend to find ourselves drawn to others at this time, and it may be that we initiate a deeper relationship by asking for more commitment, or we may find that people are naturally drawn to us and want to take things to the next level.
Pluto Sextile Mercury:
Mercury is the planet of communication, and so it stands to reason that communication deepens around the time when Pluto transits sextile Mercury. This communication can often be intense in nature, and it could lead to conversations that are deeper and more meaningful than we are used to. If we feel that things are superficial, we can become easily irritated at this time, and as such we will often probe issues if we feel we are not getting a clear picture. As a result, secrets can reveal themselves to us as we form closer connections with others and also have the courage to confront anything that leaves us unsatisfied.
Pluto Sextile Venus:
When Pluto transits sextile Venus, this can be a wonderful time when our relationships with other blossom, or at least become more meaningful in nature. We crave intimacy and it is easy to find and we often find ourselves surrounded by good people who have our best interests at heart. You might meet a romantic partner during this cycle, and if you do it is likely to be someone who is a lasting presence in your life rather than just a fling. Financially this is also a good time and you may get a windfall, or you might finally make money as a result of hard work, such as a long term project which finally pays off.
Pluto Sextile Mars:
Our energy levels always soar when Mars is in the picture, and this is also true when Pluto transits sextile Mars. We naturally feel dynamic at this time and we are hyper focused on our goals. This boost will be felt in all aspects of our lives, and we may find that we join a new gym and suddenly have huge levels of energy, or we finally have the drive to start our own business or move to a different country. If we have been sitting on projects, then now is the time when we will want to surge ahead and make progress. At the same time our emotions are heightened and this can mean that we are more intense and fiery, and we need to make sure that passion doesn’t give way to aggression.
Pluto Sextile Saturn:
Saturn is a rather serious planet, so when Pluto transits sextile Saturn things tend to get a bit intense and the party mood disappears. We can also have the tendency to be more stubborn at this time and we have a fixed idea of how we want to live our lives which is not easily shaken. This focus can be good, but it can also make us stick-in-the-muds who are not exactly fun to be around. Saturn also tends to make us want to tighten our belts, and we might find we want to save our money more than usual, or start a strict diet or fitness regime. We will also become introspective and look at every aspect of our lives in a more critical way than usual, trying to get to the foundations of where we can make improvements.
Pluto Sextile Neptune:
When Pluto transits sextile Neptune, we may not feel the effects immediately or it may seem at first as if the effects are low level and fleeting. As this cycle unfolds however, we will see that this is far from the truth. We can be idealistic at this time and we will have a heightened feeling for the spiritual. As such we may feel as if we are tuned in to a different wavelength to others, and it is one where we want to start to make changes. We will feel unsatisfied with superficial aspects of our lives and we will strive to create meaning and harmony in areas that we may have neglected.
Pluto Sextile Uranus:
Pluto is linked in so many ways to our sense of self and our personal identity. It is also linked to recognition and the way other people see us. When Pluto transits sextile Uranus, this is all put in the spotlight and we will find that we are more preoccupied with how we appear to the world. We will want to come across in the best possible light, and we may feel that we want to change our image, or that we are currently not satisfied with the way in which we are being presented or represented by others. Often we will take a class at this time, or go back to school to pursue further study, and again this is all about improving ourselves and the way in which we are seen by the outside world.
Pluto Sextile Pluto:
When Pluto transits sextile Pluto, this is a time when we will break out of shell, metaphorically at least. Often a lot of the changes that are going on at this time happen below the surface, so they may not be obvious to others around us. We want to affect change and we will see things in a different light, but often it will be in the realm of the philosophical or spiritual. We may feel that our perceptions are challenged and ideal we held dear for many years such as religious beliefs may change. We have a tendency to be more confident when Pluto transits sextile Pluto, so we will have the courage to face any fears we have and make changes that are long overdue. This is a great cycle of growth if we allow it to be.

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