Pluto Oppositions~Are You Ready for Change?

Pluto oppositions can be taxing times, and usually they are ones where we see change even if we don’t want it. Some of the cycles will be felt more acutely than others, and Pluto is a neutral planet, so we need to look carefully at the aspects of the other planets that it is opposing. For some of these, such as Uranus, we will often find that the sign that rules the planet is highlighted further by the oppositions, rather than the house, and so it helps to look at this in more detail.

  It’s important to remember that these oppositions are not absolute, and in that sense they need not be viewed as negative changes. Instead, they may seem challenging at the time but will be leading the way for something better. We will feel more intense, as Pluto is the ruler of obsession, but this can also be transformed into an amazing amount of drive if we put it to good use. That means that Pluto opposition cycles can make us achieve more than we thought possible, and you will probably be thrilled with a lot of the changes that end up coming out of these transits.

Pluto opposition Sun:

The cycle of Pluto opposition Sun can be a forceful one, but, as you would expect from the Sun, it will also be bright and vibrant. You can expect things to blossom around this time and if you have been feeling stuck, then this could provide you with the breakthrough that you have needed. Many of the transformations that will happen now can also happen beneath the surface; at least, they may be linked to aspects of your personality that are buried deep within. This means that it may be more a case of working out what kind of work you would really like to do and what would best suit your temperament, rather than practical actions like immediately moving to a new job.

Pluto opposition Moon:

When we have the Pluto opposition Moon cycle, it will be an intense time when we will be forced to confront our emotional health. We can be moody around this time, and a little obsessive as we feel the pull of Pluto opposing the Moon. We might have irrational fears or emotions, and we may be given to compulsive behavior when we usually don’t behave in this way. Emotionally we will tend to dig deep and we will be more aware of what we are looking for emotionally and how to get it. In close relationships we need to take care, as we can come across a little strong and unreasonable which can push our partner away.

Pluto opposition Mercury:

When Pluto transits opposite Mercury we may find that we start to question everything. We are naturally analytical thanks to Mercury, and we are not afraid to ask questions in the hope of getting to the bottom or everything. If we are already involved in study, or if we want to start a course that requires analytical skills or a huge amount of research, then this is an excellent time to really make some progress. Despite this, we will not be at our most creative, so any kinds of arts related projects will not progress as well. If you are involved in the arts or a creative field, this is a good time to plan rather than create.

Pluto opposition Venus:

When Pluto transits opposite Venus, we are in for some major changes. Relationships are in the picture and it may be that you see a big shift in one close to you. Often when Pluto transits opposite Venus, we see a break up of some kind, so you may finally decided to divorce if you have been in a difficult relationship for a while. That said, sometimes this cycle is about a new relationship starting, and if this is the case then it will be one that brings you a long term commitment. Even if we don’t make a big change in our relationship status physically, such as moving in with a partner, it may be that the way we view those around us changes in a major way. One example of this may be that we realize we have been taking someone for granted and vow to make more of an emotional commitment.

Pluto opposition Mars:

Pluto transit opposition Mars is like a shot of Adrenalin. Suddenly we are focused and clear headed and we are not afraid to go after the things we want. This can mean that we find it difficult to separate work from play, and we may get so serious that we start to alienate those around us. Drive and focus are positive attributes, but we need to make sure that we don’t go too far with this. We also have a tendency to be more emotional at this time and we can fly into a rage for no reason, or be so pushy that we come across as aggressive and hostile. This is the fire that comes from Mars, and we need to remember this and take a deep breath before we speak.

Pluto opposition Jupiter:

When Pluto transits opposition Jupiter, we will be looking at the things that are important to us as well as ways that we want them to change. We may undergo a transformation in the way that we live our life, and we may find that the things that used to be important to us are no longer working as a source of inspiration. Our faith may change or we may become more or less spiritual, and this will be linked to a change we may make. Whatever happens, changes at this time tend to work out very well for us, so if you have been planning something for a while, then now is the time to make a move.

Pluto opposition Saturn:

Pluto opposition Saturn can be a tough time for everyone. The atmosphere is heavy and oppressive, and it may seem as if we are cloaked in responsibility and not allowed to have any fun. Things like financial issues, or responsibility for those under our care may loom big at this time, and we may feel as if something is about to give, as we can’t handle everything. Just when we think we have had enough, more responsibility may be handed to us, but although we think we can’t handle it, we can and we will. Saturn cycles always tend to shift, and during the second half of Pluto transit opposition Saturn, we will see that these responsibilities have actually helped us to get things in order.

Pluto opposition Uranus:

Pluto transit opposition Uranus can be a strange time, as we may not feel as if we are experiencing big changes, but we may also feel unfulfilled at the same time. We will have a kind of restless energy around us and we won’t know what to do with it. We may feel that our freedom is being curtailed, and we long to break out of our situation. Fortunately, we will get our wish, but it may come at a price, and we will have to jump through some hoops before the cycle is over. Often we are presented with a challenge, but it will be one that we can meet head on. In many ways this cycle is about realizing who or what is tying us down or holding us back, and then breaking free from these shackles.

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