Pluto Conjuncts thru The House! Are You Ready?

Pluto Conjuncts thru The House! Are You Ready?

When Pluto conjuncts with other planets it usually brings with it change. The way in which this change manifests differs according to which planet conjuncts with Pluto, and so these changes can be both abrupt and long lasting, or subtle and slow moving. Pluto rules intensity, so when it conjuncts with other planets it shines a light on the more intense aspects of these planets’ rulers, whatever they may be. Obsession is common when Pluto conjuncts with other planets and this often is tied to relationships and how we deal with those close to us. That said, the change that Pluto brings is not only inevitable, but it usually paves the way for something better in the future.

Pluto conjuncts Sun:

When Pluto conjuncts the Sun it is like holding a mirror up to your face. You will need to confront who you are and if you have been struggling under the weight of expectations for some time then this will be your moment to finally break free. As a result, you may see some big changes going on in your life. As part of facing up to reality, some people may leave a bad relationship, or you may quit a job that has been unfulfilling for some time. This means that this can be a time of shake ups and break ups, but they will all be brought on by your own desires for change, and so even though they may be disruptive, they will also be timely. This is a cycle of growth and it is a confrontational one, so use it as an opportunity to take a good hard look at yourself.

Pluto conjuncts Moon:

The mood deepens when Pluto conjuncts the Moon and so will your feelings. The atmosphere around you will be intense during this cycle and so will your attachments to others. Still, Pluto challenges us to look at things in depth, and this will all come to the surface at this time. The way you live your life and the people you surround yourself with will be in the spotlight and you will be forced to do some soul searching. It won’t be easy though, as your mood, deepened by the Pluto conjunct with the Moon, will make you prone to more obsessive emotions. Jealousy, suspicion, obsession, basically all our darkest qualities will be on the agenda at this time, and we need to be mindful of this if we are to confront reality with a clear head.

Pluto conjuncts Mercury:

When Pluto conjuncts Mercury you are in for an intense time of things. Mercury rules the intellectual, but at this time it may seem like you have too much to think about. We have a tendency to want to dive deeply into problems and projects at this time, meaning that we can take a lot on and focus on it more intensely than we need to. You might become obsessed with solving a mystery or with either keeping a secret or uncovering one that someone else is hiding from you. You may become interested in further study, but it will be something you have never tried before and it could be something that changes your life, like a political or philosophy course. Expect deep waters at this time, as nothing is what it seems, and you will need to explore everything to find its hidden meaning.

Pluto conjuncts Venus:

As Venus rules romance, it’s natural that when Pluto conjuncts Venus our romantic life comes to the fore. At this time however, we are interested in a deeper kind of love and we will not crave superficial unions. We may want to take a relationship to the next level, but only if we feel that it is worth our time and is the real deal. We often meet people around this cycle who change our lives, or at least change our perspective and shake up our belief systems. We also need to be careful around this time of coming across as clingy or needy, which is a product of obsessive Pluto and its influence. When Pluto conjuncts Venus we can often be more sensitive when it comes to love and relationships and we may imagine problems where they don’t actually exist. This can put a strain on those close to us, and we need to guard against this during this cycle.

Pluto conjuncts Mars:

When Pluto conjuncts Mars you can expect things to get intense. All the darker sides of our personality can come to the surface at this time, including emotions like possessiveness and jealousy. If you have been struggling with anger management issues, this is a time when these may spin out of control, so you need to watch your temper. We also have a tendency to be more obsessive at this time, but this can also be linked, positively, to our drive and determination. We may feel that we are more focused than we have been in a long time, and this gives us a boost to complete projects or even take on new ones.

Pluto conjuncts Jupiter:

When Pluto conjuncts Jupiter it is a lucky time, as Jupiter is the planet of luck and miracles. If you have been struggling or if you feel that you have been swimming against the tide, then now is the time when the tide will turn and you may feel that things become easier. This is especially true if you have been plugging away, working at something that has yet to bear fruit but which will benefit a lot of people. You may also find that you have been following a path that did not feel entirely comfortable, such as a job that conflicted with your core values but which you didn’t feel you could leave due to financial worries. If this is the case, Jupiter will often shine a light to help you, such as a new job opportunity in another company for which you are better suited.

Pluto conjuncts Saturn:

This cycle, when Pluto conjuncts Saturn, can be a tricky one. Often, we start this cycle feeling secure in our lives, only for something to come to shake us out of our feeling of security and stability. As such, the beginning of this cycle is a challenge, but one of the things to remember is that it doesn’t last forever and it is paving the way for something even better. By the end of the Pluto conjunct with Saturn, we will find that our situations have often changed dramatically, but that these changes turn out for the better and actually paved the way for great breakthroughs in our lives. As such we need patience when serious Saturn is in the picture, as this is a cycle of two halves, and both are necessary for us to make progress.

Pluto conjuncts Uranus:

Changes are coming when Pluto conjuncts Uranus but we often don’t see them until they happen. What does change at this time however will be long lasting, so we need to embrace the transformations as they come. Sometimes things can come to an end that we weren’t ready for, but we need to grieve these and then move on rather than looking backwards and hoping things will be different. You will often be pushed out of your comfort zone at this time, but trust that it will work out for the best in the end.

Pluto conjuncts Neptune:

When Pluto conjuncts Neptune, it can often be almost imperceptible. We may not notice many changes around us, and it may seem as if it is business as usual. Big shake ups at this time are rare, but subtle areas of our lives that could do with change are often highlighted. Often these are to do with our faults or weaknesses, and this cycle has a way of making us more introspective.

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