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If you want to know what the year ahead has in store for you, then read on Pisces for your 2019 horoscope predictions!

The year 2019:

You are one of the dreamiest signs of the zodiac Pisces and you always have ideas and plans for how you want to move forward in your life. Now you get the chance to start to put some of these plans into action throughout 2019. You are also known for being a giver and it seems as if your own personal plans and wants may have been put to one side over the last few years. Finally, however, you get the chance to focus on Number One, which may seem selfish, but is actually very important. You need to take care of yourself if you want to take care of other people after all Pisces! If you feel as if you have had to turn down opportunities that came your way in order to take care of others first, then now is the time when you can start to embrace everything around you and make some progress of your own. In other words, this is really your time to shine Pisces, so you need to make the most of it. Others will also be inspired by the new you and you will empower them to make their own progress as a result of your actions.

Career 2019:

You are a dreamer Pisces but this year you will get more serious about your career and will make big strides forward at work as a result. There is a lot at stake with your career this year and you will grow in ways you didn’t think possible, or you will find that you finally push past something that has been blocking you for some time now. There is also a sense that you may have been experiencing some kind of identity crisis in your work, such as trying to pick between two different career paths, without being sure of which one is really right for you. Now, however, you will start to figure out your true path in life and you will find that there are people who want to help you with this. There will, of course, be some bumps in the road, but these will come around the middle of the year and they will not be anything you can’t handle Pisces, but they will also bring valuable lessons with them. One key component of the year ahead is that you need to learn to trust yourself and your own voice and identity. This could have become lost over the years, and now you get the chance to follow your own intuition. If people around you seem as if they don’t have your best interests at heart, then you need to trust your gut and continue to follow your own path instead Pisces. This is the best way forward with your career this year and you will reap the rewards if you can learn to do this.

Love 2019:

Love has been a tricky issue for you for some years now Pisces and the good news is that you get a kind of cosmic break in 2019. This part of your life will now start to feel a little easier and you will have more room to breathe and enjoy yourself, both alone or with a partner. The key to this year is learning to find your own voice and if you can do that in your relationships then you stand to gain and improve communication with those close to you. If you are in a relationship but have been hiding who you really are, or if you have been trying to stay quiet in order to please someone else, then now is the time when you need to break that habit for good. This is a time of honest communication and it doesn’t matter if this is with a new partner or someone you have been with for years. If romance is rocky at certain points during the years, then you really need to be sensitive in how you handle this and keep the lines of communication open.

Finance 2019:

You will do well financially this year Pisces and you will find that this is linked to both good luck and your career. You could find that your career soars now and as it does it brings with it a promotion or a raise that brings in more money. If you have been overspending lately, then now is the time for you to pull on the purse strings and start to figure out a serious budget that will allow you to put some money away for a rainy day. If you got into debt in the past, then you need to focus on paying this off as it will hinder your financial prospects in the future if you don’t. As long as you keep an eye on your budget, however, you should find that you have a good year financially and could get something like a raise at work as long as you speak up and make a case for what you are worth Pisces.

Health 2019:

If your health has suffered in recent years then this is probably because you have made some lifestyle choices which could have seen you neglecting things such as your overall diet. You may start off the year in good spirits and this will mean that you have a huge amount of energy that you need to use in a productive way. There could be some bumps in the road in the middle of the year however which will mean that you feel rather down emotionally and if that happens then you need to take care about how you deal with these. If you find that you feel a little frazzled then you need to find ways to manage this stress such as meditation or yoga which will take your mind off some of the issues that you may be facing. If you want to be alone, then carve out the time to make this happen, but also remember to stay away from things like drink and drugs as a way of coping.

Family 2019:

Family life will be positive in 2019 Pisces but you may also have to put in a decent amount of work with some of your family members, especially if there have been issues that go back several years. Also, make sure that you are not too quick to dismiss and important family relationship or let it flounder as you could live to regret this in the future. There is also a sense this year however that you may have some issues that crop up throughout the year which you will need your family’s help and support with so, knowing that now, you may want to make sure that you are on good terms with the key people around you. There is a feeling that you need to nurture these relationships now as they will be crucial towards the end of the year and will give you a lot of stability and support.

Travel 2019:

The chance of you traveling to another country is high this year Pisces and you may find that any journeys you take in 2019 bring your great emotional and spiritual rewards. If you are feeling down or have health concerns, then you may travel to deal with these issues, and it seems that you will gain a lot from these kinds of trips.

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