Pisces Tarot Card Reading Predictions! September 2016! Mystical Adventure for you Pisces!

Tarot Card Reading for Pisces September 2016!

Pisces, September 2016, Tarot Reading will be quite a mystical adventure for you!

The first Tarot Card I pull was “The Chariot”

The Chariot in this reading I feel has many of you asking the question should I do this Or shouldn’t I? Will it work, or won’t it? I feel many of you Are trying to decide on which way to move right now!  It’s like I feel you just don’t know which way to go and you’re afraid if you make the wrong decision you’ll be in too deep to turn back. I feel your wanting to share your deepest feelings with someone but again you’re to afraid that it won’t be reciprocated.Many of you are trying to force a resolution, it’s just that you cannot figure out how to do so. I feel many of you are going through the motions at this time not really knowing, when/ what, it is you’re after, because it’s confusing right now and you’re just really actually going through the motions but not really meaning it.

I’m also seeing many of you having some unexpected problems around your home now. I’m seeing that you’re going to be able to overcome them… but still I’m seeing some type of problem,  and it has to do with you… inside the home or around the whole the issues of the home. I also see in that it could be related to real estate, property, perhaps a new home? I feel it’s good. Something Surprising… like a surprising twist.

I also see some of you are going to be wondering if perhaps you should continue on a path, perhaps continue a project, you will complete this, but however you have mixed feelings on it. I’m also seeing some opportunity that has to do with being taped, perhaps some of you are working on a film? I just keep seeing frustration, you being upset, confused, when you step back and let go you will find some peace, calm ,in this area that you’re having an issue with.

I see many of you out enjoying yourselves, your partying… your out with your friends! I also see something unexpected happening and I’m thinking this have to do with a business opportunity or perhaps increased income! I’m seeing a lot of you discussing schedules right now I feel many of you are being pressured… there is not enough time as you have other commitments to attend to. I want to say you have to slow down when you feel you need to take a break… you need to take a break! I see many of you getting sick, catching a cold, perhaps you are suffering from mental strain or physical exhaustion. Slow down Pisces! Meditate!

I’m also seeing you having to confront somebody, somebody owes you money you will be successful… the money will be paid back to you. I’m going to go back to the situations regarding plans and/or schedules that are being discussed with many of you at this time… I feel you had an argument with someone rather that be a … relative, or a friend, I want to tell you not to worry about it, it will work out!

Something is upsetting some of you though, a condition, some conversation with somebody else is going to trouble you a great deal, you’re not feeling that you are getting the comfort that you need at this time. It’s like I see you disappointed in the sudden disappearance of an idea, delusional mental, spiritual, or emotional pursuits, something about past failures. I see you wanting to give up everything at this time. Please remember, this is a general forecast Tarot reading for Pisces, Pisces rising, & if your moon is in Pisces, this will not manifest for all Pisces. Please go below if you are wanting your own personal tarot reading, I am having a special now! Or, please see my services & rates at www.spiritualdesignastrology.com

I’m going to say your best success will be going for it Pisces, and taking a rest when you need to take a rest. Also I see many of you you’re going to be presented to do something exciting… some type of exciting opportunity, this will have something to do with your home or your place of business, this may increase your income substantially. You will have a choice to make!

Eight Of Wands Sept, 15th-22nd!
I feel for a lot of you, your focus is on romance, meetings… and gatherings, perhaps even new opportunities! I know a lot of you are wanting to speed things up right now! I’m seeing some romance & it is a positive time now Pisces! I’m not saying it’s going to be a forever romance… but it certainly is going to be a good one! I’m seeing some of you are having some type of a romantic introduction…it will  be a complete surprise!  I’m getting the feeling a lot of you want to move by water, I see many of you making plans to relocate at this time! You know, I’m going to say this is going to lead to a new way of life for many of you that are planning on making a move! In your business area… I want to say I see you being very outgoing, I want to say many of you can expect good fortune, perhaps even a sudden surge in business! You know I do want to say I see a few of you… you’re not able to get what you want out of some kind of relationship, whether that be romantic, friend, relative, I see you not getting back what you are giving. I also see for some of you a business loss now, I’m getting you may have to revamp your approach, and and you do this as a win, win, situation for all involved. I’m seeing family, some of you are involved in court cases… some of your family members are going to hear some good news, it’s going to be a good outcome!

Now with some of you… I’m being told to convey, you can expect a sudden improvement in your financial affairs, something about some good money coming from a new source. Yes some of you are to get some very good messages concerning your finances and possibly business opportunities, also, I’m saying for some of you this could be related to a long-distance phone call perhaps? A lot of you are setting things in motion right now, I see many of you succeeding.

The next Tarot card I pulled is The Magician, Middle of Sept, to Sept 30th!
This is a  fantastic card! My goodness we’ve got new big things related to anything that has to do with love, houses, property, new beginnings! For a lot of you I do see you began something new! Things are going to work out! I see many of you becoming more motivated more goal oriented, many of you are going to receive an increase in any area you consider a business area, work area. Also, I do see for some of you, you may be postponing or perhaps cutting a trip or vacation short. Something is not right…perhaps you feel this is not the best time to go now?

I see a lot of happy people in the area of money right now, starting something new, a fresh start!  And, again some of you do not like the relationship you are in now… it’s not what you want… big decisions need to be made now regarding this. For those of you that have no significant other, I do feel you will be meeting someone at this time. Those of you who do have a partner, are married, I see you strengthening that relationship. Many of you can expect a great change in your love life I feel this so strongly, rather your strengthening the relationship, or you’re going to meet someone fantastic! And again I do see a lot of you getting a new job, a new employment opportunity, many of you are going to begin a new business, I see you so happy! Many of you are going to be starting over, new beginnings, I see this as a positive!

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