Pisces New Moon February 23rd/24th ~ Aries Through Pisces, New Beginnings!!

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Pisces is one of the most magical signs of the zodiac! In the Tarot, Pisces rules the moon. Related to the Tarot the Moon card is known to be the Greek goddess Artemis, goddess of the hunt. (Romans called her Diana.) Pisces is emotional energy. Neptune rules Pisces, Jupiter co-rules. Neptune is the planet of mystery, & illusion. Pisces rules the feet. With the Pisces New Moon, it will be a time of releasing especially with Mercury Retrograde Feb 16th, 2020. Not a good time to start anything new, it is time to re-tweak, re-think, go back over what you have already begun prior to. 

A time of releasing fear, Pisces is all about secrets hidden. Sometimes even lies! The New Moon brings into focus what will be on your plate for the next 4 weeks, look to the house that your New Moon is in, & what aspects it makes to your natal chart/cusp, & progressions, you’ll be amazed at the accuracy you will have into peeking at your future! New Moon wishes what to wish for during a Pisces New Moon ~

  1. Imagination
  2. Inner happiness
  3. Psychic sensitivity
  4. Trust/mystic-awareness
  5. Spiritual healing
  6. Compassion
  7. Releasing helplessness

Pisces New Moon Wishes: Courtesy Jan Spiller New Moon Astrology  A revolutionary approach to unlocking the transformative power of astrology

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Aries ~ New Moon in your 12th h ~ The 12th h ~ is your secret self-Aries. I feel you are wanting time alone to reflect, meditate on your dreams. Something hidden needs to come forth now. Take all the time you need Aries, once you come to realize that dreams really do come true, you will be able to move forward. But be careful, you just may get what you’ve been dreaming about lately, make sure you really want it!

Taurus ~ New Moon in your 11th h ~ Your hopes, dreams, wishes. I see your social groups you hang with blossoming now! New friends coming in. Network Taurus that is where your strength lies now! New beginnings in business as well!

Gemini ~ New Moon in your 10th h~ the 10th h, your career house, how the world sees you Gemini. With the Pisces New Moon, I feel you will learn something related to your career house that was once held in secret. And depending on other aspects in your natal chart I feel you will be offered a raise, promotion.

Cancer ~ New Moon in your 9th h ~ the house of long-distance travel, in-laws, book publishing, law-suites, religion. Depending on other aspects made Cancer, I feel some of you are planning a trip to somewhere warm. While many of you are taking a second look at all things related to your religious believes, perhaps a great many of you will start studies related to anything metaphysical.

Leo ~ New Moon in your 8th h ~ the 8th h is the house of death & rebirth, also sex, as well as other people’s money. I see many of you seeking loans at this time, that can mean car loan, mortgage loan, ect.. as well as receiving a favorable tax return (money given due to taxes, other people’s money)

Virgo ~ New Moon in your 7th h ~ I see favorable business-related deals for you. The 7th h is the house of significant others & business you do with others. A new kind of business-related opportunity for you Virgo will have you smiling!

Libra ~ New Moon in your 6th h ~ The 6th h, is related to work services, you to others, as well as others to you. It is also the house of health, pets. Libra you will be offered a new work-related opportunity. It will offer you more money then what you have been accustom to in the past. Also, many of you will switch up your diets & health routines.

Scorpio ~ New Moon in your 5th h ~ The house of speculation, risk-taking, children, hobbies, this is the house where love affairs start. I see you Scorpio with this New Moon beginning something related to a bit of risk, & depending on other aspects made to your natal chart, I see this working out well for you Scorpio.

Sagittarius ~ New Moon in your 4th h ~ the 4th h, is an angular house, more public. Sagittarius, I see something switching up in your home, people leaving, or moving in. Also, the sale of your home, moving to a new home.

Capricorn ~ New Moon in your 3rd h ~ communication, networking, are all on the agenda Capricorn! Many of you are launching new ways to network, making contacts, reaching out! This will solidify your business realm! Go for it!

Aquarius ~ New Moon in your 2nd h ~ You are bringing in a new way to make money Aquarius! New ideas that you have been working on are ready to put into place now.

Pisces ~ New Moon in your 1st h ~ It’s all about you Pisces! The New Moon in your sign! Something you started while the moon was in a fixed sign is sticking now! You are making great strides in your ability to bring in a new you! I feel this is related to heath rather that is exercising, a new diet plan, I feel it is related to health bringing in a new you!

 Love & light, Bree

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Mixing the Tarot & Astrology 

Mixing the Tarot & Astrology is the system through which a reading of the cards in a tarot deck assistance you through struggling times by offering a reflection on your past, future, and present. Tarot is carefully connected with astrology as each card associates with a world, element, or astrological sign.

Tarot cards are utilized for divination, frequently referred to as fortune-telling. Lots of psychologists have utilized them as well, feeling that the cards typically make clients dive into how they feel about themselves. This is done through the subconscious. For instance, let’s say you understand that your present line of work is not working out, however you do not permit yourself to think of it. Getting a tarot card reading that reveals you have to change one’s line of work is not actually telling your future so much as it is making you face what is really going on in your life.

A tarot card deck consists of 78 cards that fall into 2 distinct parts. This part of the deck has 22 cards, 21 suitless cards referred to as trumps and one card called The Fool.

The other 56 cards are in the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits, just like regular playing cards. Each of these cards represents a certain component of the Earth and is associated with particular astrological indications.

The Minor Arcana cards offer more details to the Major Arcana cards. The Major Arcana offers specific instructions and details about their personal life and mental and psychological state. The Minor Arcana cards provide extra guidance in locations such as relationships, successes, failures, and activities. The Major Arcana cards are viewed as more spiritual while the Minor Arcana cards are viewed as a product.

Modern decks of tarot cards are much more expressive than that of earlier version, due in part to the images being more carefully associated with their meaning. Tarot readers reward their cards and typically will not let others touch them as they are seen as spiritual tools of their trade.

Some Astrologers will offer Tarot readings, I am one of them. I am quite proficient in Tarot readings. The tarot card reading needs to not frighten you, however, rather give you a much better understanding of yourself. And guide you onto the path you are wanting to be on in life, it does interact with Astrology very strongly!

Blessings, Bree

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