Pisces June 2016 Horoscope Predictions!

Maybe A Time For A New Job, Possibly A New Love Pisces!

Pisces, you will begin the Month of June with the New Moon & Sun, Venus, all gathered in your third house! It does depend though as the above maybe in your 4th house, if you are a early birthday, middle, or later in the month! We will talk about June 4th placements for now! If you would like to know your precise transits & where they are making aspects to your natal chart, I will need your natal chart, birth-time & day! But the 4th house placements.  What I talk about now will more then hit all Pisces! The New Moon is all about New Beginnings! Don’t forget to write down you 10 wishes Pisces, & have a vision board with all you are wanting to see come in for you for the year, keep it close so you are able to see it each day! Very Powerful! Venus (regarding the Tarot) is the Empress, the mother. Both Venus & the Empress share a love of beauty! The 4th house represents our foundation, the beginning & end of all things. The home we came from & the home you set up for yourself, our roots! All things Real Estate, property, is also in our 4th house! The Sun in your 4th house is lighting it all up! And when Venus, & the Sun conjunct as they are for you now, it is a day for creativity Pisces! I see you wanting to express yourselves now not necessarily with yourselves, but with others! This is a great time for you indeed! Entertaining is highly recommended now, or go out & enjoy! Love & beauty can be found anywhere you go now!

Also, on June 4th, 2016, you have Saturn & Neptune trining! Saturn in your 9th house, (again…depending on your birthday…beginning, middle, or, end) The 9th house is Sagittarius, & Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Neptune is in your first house of self. Neptune rules you Pisces. Saturn in your 9th house (& he’s been in there awhile now) & due to cross into your 10th house of careers on November 19th, 2016. But for now we will talk about your 9th house with him still there! Saturn wants to cement things, it wants us to have our goals in order! Neptune in this 1st house wants us to change the way we interact with others. Meaning, it is essential that you get to know yourself during this transit. Reason, others will not know you clearly. You are being asked now to know yourself on your own terms. Lets say the changes you are going thru now may confuse even you as well as others. This is however a extremely fantastic time to become involved in spiritual, psychic, & occult studies. At this time your sense of reality is much more sound to withstand the disorienting shock that others may have when they begin to study these types of subjects. Also note, that other people will feel more comfortable depending on you now, because you do not get lost in problems that many people do when faced with this transit.

On June 20th, 2016, you will have your full moon starting in your 10th house then moves on into your 11th house, the 11th house represents our house of friends, or groups, organizations, social groups as well as professional groups. The activities we take on in these groups to make a difference, there are strength in numbers is what we learn here. The full moon here is about possible endings, maybe some of you are ending something with a group, to begin new with another. Some project some of you have been working on is now complete, & its time to move on. Endings are sad indeed, but its only thru them we grow, & learn to let new beginnings in.

June 22nd, 2016, you also will have a trine with Pluto & Jupiter. Jupiter in your 7th house of relationships, & Pluto in your 11th house of friends. Pluto which has been in your 11th house for some time now, shows us changes we make regarding our long term goals. Also, the type of people we hold as friends will change. What you used to enjoy will also change . Pluto is all about tearing down & building back up! In the Tarot, Pluto represents “Judgment” card. Pluto may-have been written off by scientist, but not with astrology! Pluto is the planet of transformation! Also, its known as the planet of death & destruction.  Jupiter in your 11th house enhances all your dreams, hopes, & wishes for the future! Jupiter in the Tarot means, “The Wheel Of Fortune” The great benefit! It brings us luck & fortune! With Jupiter & Pluto Trine, You are moving to make more positive changes both in your personal & social world. This can bring some of you professional success!

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