Pisces July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

Pisces July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

“Four of Pentacles”, “Ten of Cups”, “Six of Pentacles”, Pisces in your Tarot Card Reading for the month of July, 2016!

For the first two weeks in July, you will have the Four of Pentacles Pisces! What’s it mean? Let’s take a peek!

In Astrology, the Four of Pentacles is referring to the Sun in Capricorn! “Lord of Earthly Power”.  I see many of you are savvy when it comes to business Pisces! You are in control of your material & spiritual resources! I also see some of you may have a tendency to hoard now because of a past issue with some kind of injury…perhaps this maybe related to an unknown future you see in the world now? I see many of you with you eye on success , financial security, a safe place. You are wanting success! I do see many of you being surprised with a sudden boom in either a of business of your own, or the company you work for! Profit is now being shown! I see some of you working from home, & I do see that picking up shortly.  I see some of you buying a home, but it may have to be delayed for a bit, but it will go thru. (This is a general reading)

I see many of you unhappy over a relationship now, you are unable to concentrate on work, but you are making yourself do so anyway. Your unhappy because you’re not sure where you stand now regarding a relationship you are in, or were in. I also see you will not commit now either until you are sure you will not be hurt….for some of you this means again, hurt again.

The Middle part of July, 2016 for your tarot card reading Pisces I pulled the Ten of Cups!

Ten of Cup in Astrology Pisces refers to Mars in Pisces! Mars is our energy, its aggression, it goes after what it wants! I see many of you enjoying a happy home life with children now! You have the power to turn your dreams into reality now Pisces! I see so many of you focusing on home, I also see many of you in a somewhat unusual relationship now to! Or even an old flame returning! I see for many of you a new, promising romance beginning now! I also see marriage now to! Many of you are out now enjoying friends, family, freeing yourselves from the cares of the world!

Money for some of you will be not so hot now, but then I see it picking up some to! I see alot of you will really start to relax because something is coming in…something very pleasurable! I will tell you to get out there Pisces, travel, go on those fun trips, something wonderful is about to happen!

I also see for some of you someone you love has been sick, I see them recovering now!

You will meet with success Pisces, your ability to visualize what you want will meet with a super successful outcome!


Six of Pentacles will come in the last half of July 2016, Pisces!

In Astrology, the Six of Pentacles is referring to Moon in Taurus! “Lord of Material Success”  I understand it’s not often that we associate wealth with what looks like in this card people begging for money, BUT, money, like the moon often does come & go in cycles. Like the tide! Income & expenses can ebb & flow to! The coin you see the man sharing here in this card represents wisdom, charity, or possible karmic reward. I see prosperity, power, & influence for you Pisces! I see some of you who have had business success will be giving back! Or possible maybe some of you will be the receiver. (This is a general reading)

I see your main focus Pisces will be on your business, career opportunities, investments. I see some of you want back what has been taken from you. This could be related to position that was taken, raise, job loss. I see now some of you will have money issues, someone who owes you will be unable to pay at this time. I see in time for many of you soon, money will flow into you, you need to be patience. Some of you will again get this money thru some kind of financial assistance.  Some of you will be granted blessing now to. I see you having an opportunity to make money thru a business or development of a new kind of work. Answers are coming in now, if you are able to follow through with your original decision & delay instance gratification, success will come.

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